The Mogolympics has begun!

If you’ve been following the Mogolympics, then you’ve already seen the Opening Ceremonies and the Cycling competition.  If not, you should go take a look, and start following it.   I’m a contestant, and after each event is completed, I’m going to be posting my submission here, with some thoughts I had while creating it, and also pictures and a gear list. I’m up against some tough competitors, and I’m very new to the mogging scene, so I honestly don’t expect to take any gold home. Heck, I’ll be happy with just one bronze!

But the medals are not the spirit of the games, it’s the competition. Giving your best. I didn’t enter all 9 events, because I didn’t want to just slap things together. Each of my sets was thought through and futzed over.  But, without further adieu, here is my standard bearer:

Representing the Stormpike

Here’s Breige. I chose Breige over Gurdrid as the standard bearer because her hair went with the outfit better. Also, I wanted to do a hunter, because I wanted to use a polearm for the weapon, and since this will be the last of her non-bow weapon chances, she was really up for it. Besides, she doesn’t get out of Stormwind much this days, spending so much time in the Auction House.

Stormpike Ho!

The required piece for this was the Stormpike Battle Tabard. I wanted to play heavily on the red and yellow, and I used the golden hues, as well as the black and white to accentuate the outfit.  I particularly like the way the polearm echoes the Stormpike arms.  To show their honor, I chose not to show the cloak, and a low-profile gauntlet would be used under the larger gloves to hide them as well.

Chestguard of Rampant Fury
Stormpike Battle Tabard
Conveniently, Breige already owns the Longrifle, and much of the gear is from soloable content. Since she won’t be able to wield the ranseur in Mists, there’s no worry about farming that out of Firelands.
You can see my entry into the Cycling event tomorrow!

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