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Visiting Whisperwind

About the same time as my post about possibly leaving Higher Authority, I had a little conversation with Matty about a guild called Reloaded. They’re on Whisperwind, they’re pretty good sized, she’s in the guild with one of her toons, and there’s this other blogger there too, whom I’ve been connected to via RealID for some time thanks to Blog Azeroth.

So, I thought I’d take a gander over there and see what I could see, and created Grianna, a dwarf mage. I spent an hour or so playing while Matty looked for someone who could get me in the guild, but no one with the right authority was available. The next time I logged in, I’d just missed Logtar, but another guild member was able to give me the guild invite. I played for a while and watched the conversation in guild. It was a lovely mixture of congratulations as various people earned achievements (as well as brief snippets about them, and even some gentle ribbing) and a real honest to goodness conversation about the weather (really, what else is there to talk about right now?) Everyone was friendly and decent, and used complete words and understandable sentence fragments. Even though I was soloing as I leveled, and not talking much, I felt connected. And that felt nice.

Last night, they were doing a Flex raid. Having not been able to connect with Logtar, I signed up for the raid on Grianna, knowing full well that I’d be playing Breige. But I wanted to let him know that I wanted to attend, and this was my best way of doing so at the time. Besides, it amused me to sign up for Seige of Orgrimmar on a level 17 toon.  Shortly before raid time, I dinged 20. That in itself says something about how much I was enjoying playing on Whisperwind. While I was busy leveling, someone put out a call for the Timeless Isle weekly stuffs, though chatting was a little quieter.

Once I connected with Logtar before raid, I switched over to Breige, and the invite was sent. Vent information was found, after something having to do with Bogota, Columbia (that wasn’t the vent info). We started in Wing 1 just to check out how our makeup was going to work, and it went smoothly, except for the trash right before the Sha of Pride, which sounded like a strategic error, and we were quickly dispatching the Sha.  So then we headed to the 3rd wing, and things were a little rough around the edges there.

In a way, since I’m looking at this guild as a possible good fit, it was nice to see how they handled the wipes. Adjustments were made, mechanics explained. Everyone sounded patient, and no one seemed particularly worried that we couldn’t do what we had set out for. Many successes were had and some gear was acquired. For my own part, I picked up two upgrades to Seige LFR gear, and two upgrades to 502 gear, included in those four pieces were two tier tokens, so now I have a two-piece set.

All in all, I really enjoyed the experience, and am seriously considering Reloaded as a new home for at least Breige.

As These Things Go

It’s been a quite a while since I blogged, and then only briefly to apologize because exciting life events had been taking much of my time. During that time, my WoW life has consisted of a little bit of farming, the weekly guild runs, and some puttering about. Nothing post-worthy, so I didn’t post.

A quick stop in Stormwind to take a picture with their early mentor

A quick stop in Stormwind to take a picture with their early mentor

I am now a happily married woman, and since I promised someone I’d actually post about it, here’s the short and sweet. My dearest and I were married by a friend of my sister’s in a lovely park near our home. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect – the high for the day was about 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and we had vivid blue skies and coloring-book style clouds floating past. The humidity was also quite low for the day.
In attendance were our two witnesses, my sister and father, and a few additional friends. After the ceremony, we went to one of our favorite restaurant/bars, and had a happy hour with a group of primarily co-workers. We ordered a whole chocolate cake from the restaurant’s renowned bakery, and had it not been for Sona’s Man of Honor, we would have had exactly one slice left at the end of the evening. Since we had to work on the 2nd, we made an early night of it.

But, back to WoW…

Shoryl and Sonaira finally made it to level 90. Shoryl immediately set off to join the Order of the Cloud Serpents – unsurprising given her father’s stables. Her aim, though, was not the cloud serpents themselves. It was a certain magic that they have for bringing gems to life.
Between her natural tendency for diplomacy, a letter of recommendation from Briege, her guild’s overall reputable nature, and a few lucky finds of Onyx dragon eggs, it took a matter of days for her to convince the quartermaster to give her the scrolls from which she could learn the secrets she desired. While Jackoby had been quite kind – pleased, even – to make the basic mounts for her, she was looking forward to making the penultimate Jeweled Onyx Panther herself.

Spoiled for Choice

Now that I have 4 level 90 toons, though, I am discovering a new difficulty to the World of Choices that is the current expansion. I’m going to talk about that in another post, though.
The guild runs on Wednesday night continue to be a high point in our activity – right now we’re working on the two raiding with leashes achievements. We hit one or two raids each week, and cycle through. A couple of the pets have already been obtained by all of us, while others we haven’t even seen drop yet. We’re adding in the raids from vanilla and BC that don’t include pets for the purposes of switching it up a bit, as well.
I’m getting back ‘round to LFR raiding as well and I’m debating whether I’m going to try to actually complete the Legendary quest line. It’s hard to consider it because I’ve never been able to understand PvP, but there are achievements, mounts, and pets to be had inPvP as well, so it’s probably a worthwhile endeavor to get into anyhow.
I also decided to make another attempt at leveling a horde character, and to this end, I’ve found myself a spot in a certain well-known guild. Shoryl the Tauren has crossed the level 20 threshold, and is making slow but steady progress – mostly on weekend mornings when the late-night Frostwolves are awake. (a 15-hour time difference from the server to my real time zone is pretty wild.)

Outside Azeroth

I’ve shared with several of you over the past 48 hours, but I haven’t seen everyone online to share. Yesterday, Minnesota officially became the 12th state to legally recognize same-sex marriages.

That means that Sona and I are getting married on August 1st of this year.   While we will not be having an in-game wedding (I’ve got things to plan outside Azeroth, and a mere 10 weeks to do it in); we will likely be having an in-game something to commemorate the event.  I’ll certainly keep you all posted.


We Are Mighty!

Last night while I was busily running an LFR that was quickly falling apart, my guildies were busy trying to get enough ghost iron and/or trillium to provide to the alchemists for Living Steel – specifically to get Yawondergirl a couple of crafted gear upgrades.

And in the process, they completed Mighty Miners.

In that LFR, however, Breige ended up saving the day against the Sha of Fear. At 1% (probably less) health, there were 5 raid members still alive. Breige and 4 healers. I popped Sionnach’s taunt on and went to town, blowing every  single unblown cooldown I had. I know I saw a couple of Smite/Holy shock type spells go off on the sha, and I did have to use Sionnach’s Heart of the Phoenix, but the Sha died, and we got our goody bags (for me, it turned out to be cash).  It was amazing fun.  I just need to figure out if there’s any way I can do a better job of getting Lei Shi while she’s hiding. As far as I can tell, as a hunter, it’s a crap shoot whether I put down my traps in the right place.

To Have or Not To Have

Some of my fellow bloggers have posted about the sha touched weapon (or weapons in general this expansion). In particular, hunters, and the utter lack of weapons available to us as upgrades from the blue 463 ilvl drops. I’ll admit I haven’t looked much into any other class than hunter, but I will say that across 5 LFRs, there are what feels like a dozen options to get a belt, but only two weapons, and an equally abysmal opportunity for rings and trinkets.  

Can we have a little balance here, Blizz?  I have but one waist. Yet two hands and two… ears? (I’m not sure what that empty slot image is supposed to represent.) Certainly, I have more need of options for trinkets and rings than I do for belts. Really now.

But anyway…

Breige got 5 belts running LFR over the last two resets (an average of nearly one per queue). And one trinket. No rings. To be fair, she did also get two tier pieces, and her sha touched weapon. I find it interesting that my first seven extra rolls all yielded cash. My 8th provided me with the weapon, and the 9th the trinket.  And I’ve gotten several other new pieces of gear, even when I was only rolling for slots that were seriously lacking.

I’m at ilvl 476 already, but still need to gem, enchant, and balanced all the gear (And figured out which darned belt I actually want to use, I have three to choose from) again. Raiding is expensive. Especially since I don’t like listening to guns, so even if I mog nothing else, I gotsta be carrying a bow.

I also find it interesting that I have a total of 7 of the 20 required sigils to move on in the legendary quest line. I’m not particularly worked up about that, though, as it means I’ll have to PvP, and potentially get good at it.  I’m sure the folks who PvP a whole lot aren’t all that excited about those raiders who are just after their legendary in the queues. Unless, of course, they’re on the opposing faction. Although, from what Navi says, winning a hair-raising battleground seems to be much more enjoyable than face-rolling the opponent. But again, I digress…

In a big way, I’m relieved that I got the weapon; but at the same time, I realize that I’m missing out on a certain amount of excitement that comes from finally getting something after weeks of attempting it without fruition. On the other hand, Attumen still owes me a pony, darn it.

And looking at my profile on the armory, I realize that the very first thing I’m going to do when I get home tonight is move my trinket to the other slot, so I can have myself not one but three achievements.

127 and Counting

I have been a mount collector since they took up bag slots. To be fair, at that point, I didn’t “collect” easily acquired mounts like the faction mounts. Instead, I would have one favorite that I would purchase to show the world I had done whatever it was that needed doing.  Then, thankfully, Blizzard gave us our mounts on a tab instead of in our bags. And I started collecting mounts in earnest. It didn’t matter to me how easy they were to acquire. They didn’t take up precious bag space, and so were worthwhile. The first mount that I ever pursued heavily was Rivendare’s deathcharger. It just felt right to have taken that mount as a trophy.  It wasn’t until Sona and Shoryl were pursuing Argent Dawn rep that I acquired it. Sometime late in Wrath, I believe.

When I first started writing this blog, I gave Shoryl a bit more backstory. She’s from a long line of paladins on her father’s side and priests on her mothers. Her parents both urged her to go into the priesthood after her sister’s strange disappearance (transferring to the Horde).  Her father has retired from his active role in the Argent Dawn and now runs a stable for both Paladins and teaching folks to ride. Shoryl keeps her vast selection of mounts in her father’s stable, allowing him to use them to amuse the children or teach others to ride flying mounts.

And she keeps adding to her collection.  When I completed the Tushui rep, I immediately bought the twelve turtles available. And realized I was starting to get within spitting distance of 150 mounts, which would make me the proud owner of a jade kite. I covet the kites, and sometimes regret that I’m currently splitting my primary time with two toons, instead of one in Pandaria. But while the tank is fun to play, and a paladin; my hunter has been a blast to play (finally), and ranged DPS is easier for me in the new movement significant combat style of Pandaria. Add to that, Phinkbunny collected everything I needed for the Geosynchronus World Spinner except the mysterious orbs, I was bit by the mount collecting bug again.

At 125 mounts, I started looking for easy ways to pump my numbers. Three obvious things came immediately to mind:

  1. Purchasable mounts I haven’t picked up yet.
  2. Crafted Mounts I haven’t crafted yet. Almost all of my professoions are at 600 (waiting on Tailoring and probably First Aid)
  3. Argent Tournament.
  4. Netherwing.

There’s a reason why I haven’t picked up most of the purchasable mounts I don’t have. They’re expensive. Yeah, I know, except the Grand Expedition Yak, none of them beat the 54k I dropped on the World Spinner. But that wasn’t just about being able to get it, that was also about a guildy doing something sweet for me. Living Steel and Spirits of Harmony aren’t “cheap”, either.

There’s a few crafted mounts I haven’t either made or acquired. The jeweled panthers will be the hardest, since my jewelcrafter is not yet 90, so cannot yet get cloud serpent rep to get those patterns. But I’ve missed two of the tailoring patterns and one engineering schematic.  Those should be easy to pull together, they don’t use Pandaria mats…  Yeah, ok. the list of raw materials is, um. Extensive. Though not impossible to acquire.  Then, of course, there’s also acquiring a raptor (Stupid RNG), an Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank, and Sandstone Drake from archaeology, and the Sea Turtle from fishing.

I’ve only got Shoryl up beyond the Valiant stage of the Argent Tournament, but I do have characters in four of the five races that I could pretty easily get up to split that work up some… and that’s 11 mounts (14, really, but I’ve already bought the Swift Grey Steed and Argent Hippogryph.)

And Kerridwen was already well into friendly with the Netherwing, making them ripe for the picking. Especially since she’s a dual gatherer, and so can save time by gathering both nethercite ore and nethercite dust while she’s out and about. I’ve learned that she generally has a full turn-in of one or the other by the time she’s done with the dailies.

So, let’s see… That’s 7 through professions that don’t require Mists materials; 12 from the Argent Tournament and 6 from the Netherwing. 25 mounts would, in fact, be enough!

Winter Veil Present!

Sometimes it’s so very humbling to receive a gift. Most often, for me, it’s because I never expected it.   This particular gift came from someone who has an enormous heart, but whom I have known for a scant handful of months. That he went out of the way to get it for me, even having forgotten the email I’d given him when we’d connected via real ID (so he had to check).  So, of course, I had to name the darling appropriately after one of his druids.  Don’t mind the backdrop. I was hunting dragons at the time.

Not the mount, silly, the hatchling!

Not the mount, silly, the hatchling!

I have only one thing to say: Thank you, JD.

Goodnight Terokk

I’ve spent the last couple of evenings somewhat brain-dead, for reasons related mostly to other people being on vacation.   My WoW time has, therefore, been limited to easy, grindy things. In particular, hunting Terokk and his minions.   I should have known that tonight was going to be serendipitous when I managed to pull off one of those annoying “do this weird thing really fast” achievements.

The trick is to find your next target while your bombs are on cooldown.

Thanks to CRZ (have I mentioned that “crazy” is an unfortunately fitting pronunciation of that acronym?) I didn’t have the area all to myself. In fact, at one point, I counted 6 different level 90 players all fighting for the same mobs. This meant that I didn’t even try for a Terokk spawn. I simply went about killing his enemies and his minions.  Thanks to the 8th anniversary buff, I estimate that I cut my grinding by a few hundred mobs over the past few days (give or take, due to quest turn ins).  8% may not seem like much, but when you need it, it’s very worthwhile.  Anyway, it became pretty apparent after about 20 minutes of the grind this evening that I was going to finish. That excited me a great deal, and sure enough, about an hour later, I was rewarded with not one, but two  achievements related to reputations:

No smack talk about my rep grinds.

With those in hand, I headed for the quartermaster to get rid of junk and buy the mounts and pet. No, I never did get around to doing this grind previously. I had other things to do, like getting talbuks.  along with my Nether Rays came another achievement…

I don’t suspect I can ride this instead, sir?

Real Life Fun and a pause in the Laid Back Dungeons

Yesterday, we closed on our condo.  While this is absolutely exciting news, it means that the next few weeks (in between holidays) are going to be very up in the air, and full of things not related to WoW.

Because of this, I’m putting a hold on my organized play time; so there won’t be any LBDs or Dwarven Dungeon Crawls until after the new year.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t be playing WoW, nor that I won’t be able to come and hang out with you lovely people – just that I need to have more flexibility than I currently have.


The Light, the Dark, and Lady Vashj

Laid Back

Laid Back Dungeons ended up being a laid back raid instead last week. I wasn’t in the mood for current content; and am looking for only a few more pieces for my sword set for Gurdrid. Since she’s carrying a sword right now, it seems to be a good one to work on.

So Tyledres and Gurdrid stormed Serpentshrine Cavern. Hydross went down with almost no sploosh.  The Lurker Below was dead fish pretty easily. Leotheras the Blind became Leotheras the dead.  And then there was Fathom-Lord Karathas. Who killed Gurdrid, but not Tyledres. Much like the last time I was in SSC, where the raid killed him, but the tank died.  After the Fathom-Lord, Morogrim Tidewalker was a walk in the pond. I don’t think we really needed to clear out his murloc minions first.

We were then at Lady Vashj, who has an annoying mechanic in phase two, where you have to pick things up off of mobs that have to be killed really fast.  But we were one-shotting mobs, shouldn’t be a problem, right? Until the fear-masters (Coilfang Striders) came along and feared us all over the place. We attempted twice, the second time trying to ignore one side of the room so that we could get to the tainted cores faster; to no avail. Lady Vashj may have won, but next time I’m bringing a shadow priest with me.

Site Update

I think the site update is pretty well completed. Widgets are in, and I’m pretty happy. I have a page to write for the guild; but otherwise, I’m pretty satisfied with my new look.  The blog name got shortened because of spacing issues. Now that little grey bar makes so much more sense. Also, the subtitle is more readable.

I’ll be trying to continue to work on my blogroll. I added both the Amateur and the Godmother to the page this evening.

I know I haven’t been the best at blogging recently; this is due in varying degrees to the site redesign; being at once too busy and not busy enough at work (it’s odd, I know); and an utter and complete adoration of Mists of Pandaria – so much so that I want to be playing, not writing. Also, there’s laziness and procrastination.