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As These Things Go

It’s been a quite a while since I blogged, and then only briefly to apologize because exciting life events had been taking much of my time. During that time, my WoW life has consisted of a little bit of farming, the weekly guild runs, and some puttering about. Nothing post-worthy, so I didn’t post.

A quick stop in Stormwind to take a picture with their early mentor

A quick stop in Stormwind to take a picture with their early mentor

I am now a happily married woman, and since I promised someone I’d actually post about it, here’s the short and sweet. My dearest and I were married by a friend of my sister’s in a lovely park near our home. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect – the high for the day was about 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and we had vivid blue skies and coloring-book style clouds floating past. The humidity was also quite low for the day.
In attendance were our two witnesses, my sister and father, and a few additional friends. After the ceremony, we went to one of our favorite restaurant/bars, and had a happy hour with a group of primarily co-workers. We ordered a whole chocolate cake from the restaurant’s renowned bakery, and had it not been for Sona’s Man of Honor, we would have had exactly one slice left at the end of the evening. Since we had to work on the 2nd, we made an early night of it.

But, back to WoW…

Shoryl and Sonaira finally made it to level 90. Shoryl immediately set off to join the Order of the Cloud Serpents – unsurprising given her father’s stables. Her aim, though, was not the cloud serpents themselves. It was a certain magic that they have for bringing gems to life.
Between her natural tendency for diplomacy, a letter of recommendation from Briege, her guild’s overall reputable nature, and a few lucky finds of Onyx dragon eggs, it took a matter of days for her to convince the quartermaster to give her the scrolls from which she could learn the secrets she desired. While Jackoby had been quite kind – pleased, even – to make the basic mounts for her, she was looking forward to making the penultimate Jeweled Onyx Panther herself.

Spoiled for Choice

Now that I have 4 level 90 toons, though, I am discovering a new difficulty to the World of Choices that is the current expansion. I’m going to talk about that in another post, though.
The guild runs on Wednesday night continue to be a high point in our activity – right now we’re working on the two raiding with leashes achievements. We hit one or two raids each week, and cycle through. A couple of the pets have already been obtained by all of us, while others we haven’t even seen drop yet. We’re adding in the raids from vanilla and BC that don’t include pets for the purposes of switching it up a bit, as well.
I’m getting back ‘round to LFR raiding as well and I’m debating whether I’m going to try to actually complete the Legendary quest line. It’s hard to consider it because I’ve never been able to understand PvP, but there are achievements, mounts, and pets to be had inPvP as well, so it’s probably a worthwhile endeavor to get into anyhow.
I also decided to make another attempt at leveling a horde character, and to this end, I’ve found myself a spot in a certain well-known guild. Shoryl the Tauren has crossed the level 20 threshold, and is making slow but steady progress – mostly on weekend mornings when the late-night Frostwolves are awake. (a 15-hour time difference from the server to my real time zone is pretty wild.)

Outside Azeroth

I’ve shared with several of you over the past 48 hours, but I haven’t seen everyone online to share. Yesterday, Minnesota officially became the 12th state to legally recognize same-sex marriages.

That means that Sona and I are getting married on August 1st of this year.   While we will not be having an in-game wedding (I’ve got things to plan outside Azeroth, and a mere 10 weeks to do it in); we will likely be having an in-game something to commemorate the event.  I’ll certainly keep you all posted.


Check In Time

With the move in two weeks, there hasn’t been a lot of WoW time for me. A couple of evenings of puttering with Golden Lotus dailies, and mornings on the farm getting harmony so that I can gather mats for my other professions.   I did manage to squeeze in a few things; though. Oquae visited the Darkmoon Faire to finish up tailoring, giving the guild Working Better as a Team. I subsequently picked up heirloom legs for Muirri, who is our last toon needed for getting  A Class Act.  I also picked up our 52nd guild reputation with the Anglers, giving me another mount.  I am amused by its antics.

Shoryl and Sonaira have completed both Rally in the Valley and Mighty Roamin’ Krasaranger. We tried to make it to the Wanderers’ Festival on Sunday, but the time change stuff confused us and we missed it.

In Pet Battling news, I picked up a few new beasties, including the Harpy, and Darkmoon Glowfly. I hopped on Taoiseach briefly to complete Big City Pet Brawlin’ – Horde, which netted me Big City Pet Brawler as well, since I’d completed the Alliance version long ago.  I haven’t jumped into pet PvP yet, mostly because I enjoy the collecting more than the fighting, so leveling up my pets has been a bit of a challenge.

Higher Authority also picked up a level this week, now at level 22. I was lucky to be on when it happened. Now I’m jonesing for levels 23 and 24, which have good small-guild perks. And, of course, 25, when I can finally get my Lion!

An Excuse to Post Pictures

I do, honestly, take screen shots. Not very many, but still some.  And IntPiPoMo seems as good an excuse as any to post them all!  Not to mention, it might get me back into the swing of some regular posting.

I’m going to count yesterday’s two screenshots as my first two, since today is the second, and well, y’know how it goes… surely that’s a sign I ought to have done so yesterday, even though  I didn’t know about it until today.

Here’s a shot I took when Sona and Shoryl were hanging out in Halfhill. Apparently, Shoryl’s black lamb is afraid of Nuts. (Do you blame him?)

Stopping to Smell the Apple Blossoms

This past weekend, Gurdrid finished her headlong run to 90. It was as enjoyable as were the high points of her headlong run to 85. It took me around 12 days to do.   Clearly, she did not spend a whole lot of time smelling apple blossoms, though she did quite a bit of removing the iron problem from the farmland in the Valley of Four Winds. I’m sure the farmers are quite pleased by that, though the iron does seem to crop up again and again, just like the particularly bad weeds.

At launch, however, I wasn’t on Gurdrid. I was on Shoryl. And by her side was her dearest Sonaira. We went through the trouble that was figuring out the stupidity of not being able to see to aim to destroy boats, and in each little hamlet of safety we came to, we stopped. We talked to everyone. We explored every nook and cranny. We probably drank quite a lot of beer with the locals.  We looked out across the land over the bridges, from the verandas of buildings, from atop cliffs.

We did some more of that yesterday. We might have gotten a grand total of 10 quests done in our hour or so of play. But that’s because we stopped and looked at art in the arboretum, and played with baby cloud serpents, and visited the mining community of Green…someplace; who seem to have an infestation of tricksters. I’m sure at some point they’ll ask us to help with that problem, but maybe they don’t yet trust these very skinny (though very strong) women, who still ride on the roads and aren’t as boisterous as those who came before.

We made it up to Tian Monestary, but are currently sort of lost. I’m sure we’ll sort it out. In the meantime we’ve visited several trainers, and discovered a lovely inn that has a bath!  Can you believe it? We had to go to an entirely new continent to be able to clean up in something other than a lake on the outskirts of town?

Shoryl is totally retiring here.  Seriously.


Kerridwen has been leveling via a combination of mining, herbalism and archaeology. She got the Spear of Xuen as her second or third artifact; which  significantly changed her chances against the beasties she’s run across in the Jade Forest. She also heard about the Tillers from Gurdrid, and headed right over there to start up her farm. She happens to be quite the cook, and is enjoying learning all the nifty things from the various masters in the market there; as well as saving up to feed people!

First Impressions

You may have gathered from my last post that I think Pandaria is gorgeous.  I still do. I’ve already taken more screen shots of the world than I have in any previous content. Ok, so part of that is because I’ve only recently started taking screen shots at all. But still.

The World

I am so instantly immersed in the world; even starting with Varian’s anger at his son disappearing.  I’m even pleased that Captian Taylor got promoted. He was a pretty good chap in Vashj’ir.   The lead in; that includes an Admiral who has it in for the Horde for what they did to Southshore; and the moments that include payback, as it were, for Theramore are important to get me riled for the war.  And then there’s the beauty of the world. It’s so enjoyable.


We did have a bit of trouble initially with the mechanics of aerial combat and too many people being around, so Taoiseach and Ardrhian went about their start.

Garrosh is not making friends among his elite. Where Varian is sending in a crack unit, Garrosh is making you part of his war machine. And worse, Garrosh’s plans involve conquering the new continent, even though he has no clue what’s there.  Varian… wants to find his son.

I haven’t gotten much past learning Anduin’s fate on the Alliance side, either on Shoryl or on Gurdrid; but the story is unique. The Alliance are complimented for precision. And hey, we did a nice little quest hub and picked up another exalted reputation – sadly it’s not one that counts towards United Nations. 

But I look forward to questing – something that wasn’t so true in the last two expansions.


I went and ran a random dungeon on Gurdrid last night, and got Stormstout Brewery. It was mayhem, which I suppose makes a certain amount of sense. Sadly, people still seem to think you know your way around and what the trash does even if you say at the beginning you’ve never been there. The people I was with made it a lot less enjoyable than I would have preferred. 

The insides of the dungeons do look interesting, though. I actually spent a little bit of time looking around after I was done with my dungeon – at least in the safety of the last boss’s room.

Pet Battles

My weekday mornings have been taken up with pet battling.  I have collected 9 rares, and defeated a few of the pet battle masters. I’m leveling three pets I plan to cage and sell. I’m thinking about level 10 or so.  These are all pets that I have multiples of, so I’m hoping I can get at least a little bit out of them.  I really need to start reviewing the AH to see what levels I want to target for various pets. 

After I pick up all appropriate pet count achievements, all the snakes and most of the bugs are going to go. If I have to buy or catch them again, so be it; but I don’t want to keep having to scroll through them. Or look at the stupid Adder every time I open my pet window for the first time.

In Summary

I’m enjoying Pandaria. I’m enjoying Pet Battles. I’m enjoying inflated AH prices.   I’m hording my money, and really need to get Shoryl started on her all important quest to sell jewelled panthers to people who have too much gold.

Short and Sweet

OMG Pandaria is PRETTY!!! 

Shoryl went out with Sona right out of the gate, and it says a great deal that we both played for the majority of Tuesday. We had anticipated we’d get started, Sona would want to get away from her computer, and I would move on to Gurdrid, who would then blow ahead.  Not so much. Sona wanted to play, so we played together. I’m very pleased.

When Sona was taking breif breaks, I hopped on Breige to check out pet battling. While I’d been interested in the pet capturing aspect of it, I wasn’t so keen on the battles prior to trying them. It’s so very 8-bit! (Just listen).  I love it!

Laid Back Dungeons will not be happening tonight. I have real life things to do that didn’t get done during the WoWathon yesterday.  We’ll be back at it soon, though, I promise!

Client Boss Soloed – Impales Imminent

I will admit, I was a little surprised when 6:30 rolled around and my current favorite Death Knight (no offense, Maurice, or Morai!) was nowhere to be found.   Magik arrived on the scene, and we were just getting ready to head into Azjol-Nerub to work on his red drake some when Tyledres made it online.  Apparently, she was having client problems.    That gave us 3 of the needed five to complete Share the Love.  We started into Azjol-Nerub, deftly completing the entire fleet of achievements (Magik needed Hadronox Denied and Watch Him Die). Meanwhile, Magik and Tyl looked for folks to join us, and I put another call out over RealID.

We were joined by Hottotemseks from Tyl’s guild, and decided that since Sonaira had said she would join us if we needed a fifth, but she was out getting stuff for our lunches, we’d hit up Violet Hold and see if we could get an Ichoron spawn. No luck, but by the time we were done, Sona was on and ready.

Off to Gundrak we went; picking up Snakes, Why’d it Have to Be Snakes for Hott, but missing on Less-Rabi for Magik. We’ll have to be more coordinated in our interrupts on that one for a future attempt.  It took a bit for us to get everyone impaled. It seems that he doesn’t like to impale the one with aggro, so it was handy that we had two tanks for the fight. Afterwards, I actually remembered to get a screenshot, so here’s the gang. If you can’t read the names, Tyledres is on the left, Hott is sporting his drake on the right, Magik is on the white hippogryph in the back, and Sonaira and Gurdrid are sporting the Cenarion Hippogryphs in the center.

Cheers, Tyledres!

More Good from the Mists

There are a ton of things to talk about when it comes to the Mists of Pandaria changes. I’m excited by many of them, certainly. Scenarios, no limits on dailies, account-wide achievements, pets and mounts. I’ve already discussed my excitement for these things. I’m not on the Oh Noes Talents bandwagon, either – but I play a paladin. Give me a major patch that paladins didn’t see a significant change in, and I’ll buy you a beer (you have to come to the not-currently-frozen Midwest to claim your prize.)

But there’s something very near and dear to my heart that did change with the patch, and that’s guild experience and guild rep.  At this moment, Sveala has earned the guild over 9 million experience. She’s level 83. She’s also significantly on her way to Exalted with the guild; something that no other toon of mine has reached before level 85 – and without the guild tabard to boost her on her way.  Removing the caps on experience and reputation with guilds is going to be very beneficial to small guilds and new guilds alike.

Additionally, the reputation and experience gains do not appear to be linked to the level of the character like they once were. Sona has been playing her little priest (who is level 62) and has already earned the guild 660K experience. There’s no way a level 62 toon could make that kind of a dent in guild experience without some changes to the way experience worked. I’m looking forward to the boosts provided by the dwarven dungeon crawl dwarves – who will likely be seeing the boost tomorrow.   We also compared guild reputation gained for quest turn ins between these two toons, and it’s exactly the same, where the little priest had previously only seen 10 or 15 points of rep per turn in upon reaching Outland.  These kinds of changes are going to make it easier to get our levels, especially for guilds like Higher Authority, which is only just barely not a vanity guild, since many of our members play very occasionally.

As far as the changes to guild perks go, I am sad to see Have Group – Will Travel disappear, even if my guild didn’t have it. I suppose one could argue that that kind of convenience thing could be used to advantage on PvP servers, but it was just so darned convenient for RealID raiding and dungeoning. Heck, I don’t know where half the raid entrances even are!  Blizzard could give us back that PvE boon by putting the summoning stones just inside the instances, with the quest givers. (I wasn’t the one who thought of this, it was someone in the Laid Back Raids – likely JD himself.) Otherwise, however, my little guild isn’t affected currently by the changes, so something we didn’t rely on is what was taken away.

It’s not all sweetness and light over here, though. I noticed when running Sveala through a dungeon, that the leave dungeon option goes away for the last person in a PuG. That’s particularly annoying when you want to turn in quests, and everyone else just drops the group!

I’ve been looking at overhauling all of my character’s UIs – a daunting task with now almost 7 level 85 toons (thank goodness for profiles!) and the 10 toons on Ysera for that account filled up.  Each UI has a little thing that needs to be a little bit different, whether it’s space for Vuhdo on Sveala or a prominent space for my pet on my hunter.  But I’m taking advantage of needing to update all of my addons as a time to look through them all and see what I really need and what I don’t.   I may talk about those in another post, but I am by no means an addon expert, so I may leave them for others to talk about.   Having just gotten an excellent video card when my computer went on the fritz, I’ve got even better graphics than I did before – to go with my 23″ monitor that I replaced the old one with a month or two after we got the other new video cards.

Oh, and for those of you who might be interested in connecting up with me for either Laid Back Dungeons, or just to chatter periodically, my Battle Tag is Shoryl#1300.

20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge: Day 1

So, I’m jumping on another bandwagon: 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge. I know I’m coming to this party quite late, but that’s the joy of blogging – you get to do things when you want to for the most part. (At least, if you’re not writing guides or theorycrafting).  In some ways, it’s a theme with tiny guilds, anyway. We do old content raiding if we want to see the raids, because we don’t have the bodies to do it when it’s relevant…  Anyway, without further ado, we’ll start with Day 1.

Introduce Yourself

Hi! I’m Shoryl, guild leader of a tiny guild called Higher Authority.  I’ve been playing WoW since early 2005.  I’ve always had a paladin main, though there have been three different paladins filling that role: Shoryl-turned-Taiseach, then Shoryl, and now, sort of a cross between Shoryl and Gurdrid.  I play Gurdrid more because Shoryl is tied to Sonaira, my partner’s paladin.  I raided in vanilla, tried to raid but was behind my guild’s curve in BC, and chose not to raid in Wrath or Cata. I’m a cross between an altoholic, an achievement junkie, and a rare hunter. I tend to really enjoy content that other people find repetitious – possibly because after a while it becomes zen-like.

In real life, I’m in my 40s, and an accountant for a bank – not that I actually do any accounting now, because my job really entails more of the maintenance stuff (like updating databases and writing procedures).  I also have a wonderful partner who blogs about not-WoW, has a gajillion hobbies (to my half a gajillion, for the record) and generally lets me do whatever I want with most of my time. She’s absolutely wonderful.   She doesn’t play WoW as much as I do, but that’s ok.  She plays a prot paladin.

As I mentioned, I have half a gajillion hobbies, which include WoW, origami, cross stitch, philatelly (stamp collecting), and very minimal scrapbooking.  I also like to get out and see the wonderful city I live in, with orchestra and Broadway Across America season tickets each year; as well as a few local plays, other concerts, and area events thrown in for good measure.