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Interesting Times

I’ve changed raiding guilds on Whisperwind. I moved to Whisperwind for a couple of reasons, the biggest one being that I felt very alone on Ysera. Jackoby and Yawondergirl are both good people, and I enjoy our Wednesday night runs around the old world of Azeroth, but they don’t talk a lot when they’re doing their own thing, so it was quiet any other time.

I also thought I wanted to raid again, and I was very right there. I had completely forgotten how much I love raiding. Even the very different raiding environment of today as compared to vanilla is exhilarating. Also, it’s 2-3 hours of spending time with good people. At least, it is if you have the right raiding group.

But, Reloaded turned out to not have the raiding environment I wanted. They also stopped raiding for the summer, after a variety of struggles which I won’t go into at this point.   Because of these struggles, the very talented Hawtpocketz has started a new guild, which I leapt to without much of a look back. I say “without much” only because one member of Reloaded’s raiding team asked me what was up, and I told him. He’s now part of the new guild. There are certainly many good people in Reloaded, but the struggles were endemic to the nature of the guild culture.

My toons remain split between two guilds. The raiders (Breige and Gurdrid) are in the lofty raiding guild Rubber Ducky Society. The remaining dwarves reside in Drunken Fish, Matty’s little guild, though Breige and Gurdrid did both make a brief stop in DF to provide a couple of crucial tick marks on the Classy Dwarves achievement.

I do still have three dwarves to move from Ysera over to Whisperwind, but those will occur slowly. Sveala, being level 90, and having changed race thanks to Matty’s generosity, will come to DF representing the shaman of the Wildhammer clan. Sruith, at level 83, will bring her shadowy self along, and possibly join RDS. I’m still not sure about that. Finally, Muirri will come to DF to take over the bank toon responsibilities from Aingrit. When those are done, I will have 10 dwarves on Whisperwind, representing each class a dwarf can be.

The next task will be getting a lot of leveling done, since I only have 4 90’s. And then there will be the professions. I’ve decided to take my previous completion of all of the professions a step further. Not only do I intend to have every profession at max level, I also intend to have each specialization represented, meaning I will have two engineers and three alchemists.

The plan at this point is to do the following:

  • Alchemy (flask) – Grianna
  • Alchemy (potion) – Eirid
  • Alchemy (transmute) – Sveala (already max)
  • Blacksmithing – Gurdrid (already max)
  • Enchanting – Aingrit (already max)
  • Engineering (Gnome) – Saoire (already learned)
  • Engineering (Goblin) -Kemodhne
  • Herbalism – Eirid
  • Inscription – Sveala (already max)
  • Jewelcrafting – Aingrit (already max)
  • Leatherworking – Breige (already max)
  • Mining – Gurdrid (already max), Saoire (already learned)
  • Skinning – Breige (already max)
  • Tailoring – Grianna (already learned)

In other news, I’m working on moving my blog to a new URL and blog title. It’s quite thoroughly still under construction, but I could use the expertise of one of my graphics editing friends. If you are willing, send me a message at shoryl at gmail dot com, and I will share the details.

More Achieving!

We completed two achievements this week, and both were quite a bit of a big deal. The first was That’s a Lot of Quest Text. It was completed with 6 active members, and essentially what we did was all went and worked on leveling alts – but not really together. Our biggest contributers at the end were Ramias and Petalrose, alts of Jackoby and Yawondergirl, respectively.

Muirri also put in some significant time questing, getting her to 85, and the second achievement for the week: A Class Act.

I certainly learned something from the excursions of the past couple of weeks, and that’s if I point my guild in a direction, they try and get it done!  It feels good to have that kind of guild loyalty, to know that if I ask these people to do something, they will do it to the best of their ability. 

Now I just need to figure out where to point them next. The easy answer, looking at our guild progress page, would be to knock out that last Northrend dungeon – but it’s Heroic Trial of the Champion, which, at least at 85, couldn’t be duo’ed by people with low-average jousting skills. I think I’d rather have a 5-man team for that one.  Besides, having everyone there for that achievement would be very special, since I think every one of us worked on the achievement at some point.

The only other achievement we are within a stone’s throw of is A Daily Routine, which is likely what I’ll point the guild towards next. It should be fairly easy, most of us at least do one daily hub on the days we’re online.

When You Turn Your Back

I haven’t paid a lot of attention to guild achievements lately. This is, in part, because it takes us a long time to get many of them done.  Usually.

But I was just updating things today, and I have to make a shout out now to three of my guildies – Jackoby, Yawondergirl and Phinkbunny. They went and did all seven scenarios required for Scenario Roundup in one afternoon.  Awesome! 

There’s a few other things that we’ve been steadily working on, and I’m going to share them, because it’s just so cool that we’ve been getting somewhere. If you think we’re late to the party, well, that’s what a Tiny Guild gets you – slow, but interesting work.

A Class Act

We’ve been at 10/11 for a while. We didn’t get our priest prior to the achievement being changed, but that’s beside the point. Muirri is at level 82. And I think I’m just about to get the bug and push her to 85. Once she gets there, she may well become my bank toon. So we are really at 932/935 levels. 🙂 Doesn’t that just put a fire under the leveller?

That’s a Lot of Quest Text 

Last time I looked, we were at around 39,000, but now we’re over 49k.  10,000 quests in a couple of months (last update was in February, you see) Awesome. I know we have at least three toons being actively leveled right now via questing (the dwarves of the dungeon crawls don’t really count. Sure we do the quests when we have them, but we’re about dungeons, not questing).

A Daily Routine

Another achievement that got a shot in the arm – this is directly related, I believe, to people discovering what the different factions in Pandaria have to offer. Oh, and me hunting for Elder Charms and Valor. 🙂

Mighty Miners 

Mighty Miners is a focus of mine right now. We’re at 96% and can literally get 4 guild miners on at the same time. So that’s what we’ll be doing on Wednesday night – in Azeroth, where mining yields stone as well as ore. If anyone has any suggestions of good places to go hunting (I’m thinking about Un’Goro, Winterspring, and Badlands for sure, but wouldn’t mind 2-3 other good mining locations quality of ore doesn’t matter. Density is what I’m looking for)

Pandaren Embassy

We’re at 7/9 here, missing only the August Celestials and Shado-Pan. Unfortunately, I think the folks who have these available are less interested in finishing them out (except, well, me, but I’m frequently a Rep Hound)


Heading Up the Tiny Guild

Running a Tiny Guild can be joyous. When you have a player who discovers something new, or when all of the guild members just hit on the same idea at once, and everyone comes together to accomplish a major achievement. These are especially poignant moments in a tiny guild because, by its very nature, everyone knows everyone else. Even if you never talk to the player, you still know a bit about them, just because there’s so little other guild traffic.

But it has its downside, too. Personalities have to mesh well –at least the players have to be able to deal with those personalities they conflict with well – or there will be drama. It’s much like the back seat of Mom & Dad’s car – do the kids play, or do they gripe and poke at one another?  Luckily, we have a group of pretty laid-back players; so getting along with one another isn’t much of a problem in Higher Authority.

It does cause a completely different problem though. In a tiny guild, there’s almost always one person who has to come up with things to do. In the case of Higher Authority, that person is me. It’s really unsurprising that I became the guild leader when our previous GL’s account got hacked, and he didn’t want to bother to restart the guild. I play by far the most of any member of the guild. And I am guild-loyal to the point that toons I have scattered elsewhere get little, if any play time.  I also tend to be the one who comes up with ideas for group content.

I started the Dwarven Dungeon Crawl (they’re level 60, and will be launching themselves into outland dungeons this week!); and when the Laid Back Dungeons took a turn toward the slow, I implemented Guild Randomness. These things have both gotten our crew playing more. Which is awesome. But if I’m not there… well, they just don’t happen without me.  

Another thing that’s tough in a tiny guild is actually the ability of the players. You really can get any level of ability, from tanking priests or extreme hunters to people who have no idea what their abilities really do. We sort of have a tanking priest (she doesn’t tank dungeons. But she plays that priest like a tank, picked talents like a tank… you get the idea), but the most extreme hunter antics we have are the stupid things I do, not awe-inspiring tames or exteme soloing antics.

In Higher Authority, I am sometimes frightened to say that I am among the best informed and most skilled players. I don’t consider myself particularly skilled. I am an adequate tank when I know the fights well and can over gear them. I am an adequate hunter for LFR. I am not stellar at either of those roles, regardless of the level of the content. I read up, so that I am at least using logical glyphs and talents, and am gemmed and enchanted correctly. I know my stat priorities and I keep my DPS hit caps.

At another corner of the triangle is a player who was so badly burned when he played a tank in vanilla that he refuses to read strategy, and sometimes even refuses to follow directions in dungeons, joking all the way.

And then we have the players who don’t really know that there are outside resources for the game. They recently asked me how I knew something, and I told them I’d looked it up on WoWhead, which they’d never heard of.

I’m sure a lot of raiders are cringing right now, but it’s my tiny guild, and what we do have is genuine fun. We might not be able to discuss tactics for 4-manning Flame Leviathan, but we do get excited about being able to get black drakes and the genuine surprise of my guild mates at what I think of as simple things is endearing.  And I bet I could talk them all into running Karazahn every single week until we all got Attumen’s horse.

Not Dead… Just Busy

Really, I promise, I’m not dead. I actually even waited until today to post (as opposed to yesterday, which seemed a bad day for that particular title.)


I’m up to 136 mounts owned, having collected the Netherwing Drakes. I’ve puttered around with more Argent Tournament, but haven’t gotten to 100 seals yet. Like most things, I tend to go for the most expensive item first, then the lesser items because it makes me feel like it goes faster the longer I do it.


Muirri is level 80. I did a headlong run last weekend to finish off that milestone, and headed her right over to Mt Hyjal after completing her level quest. That was the hardest one thus far. I didn’t play for long, though, so she’s sitting carefully on her two hour buff.  I play her mostly on weekends.

Scenarios and LFR

Breige went on a scenario spree! I love scenarios. Short queue times, relatively relaxed environment. The bad apples seem to be few and far between, there, which pleases me. I picked up a few pieces of gear over a couple of evenings of scenarios, the first of which occurred because we had three on for a Wednesday night guild night.

This evening, Breige also ventured into LFR Mogu’Shan Vaults. My first LFR experience. Unfortunately, I got tossed into an already-started group, so missed out on the Stone Guard the first pass through. A second pass put me in at the start,  so I was able to pick them up to finish the front half. I also picked up two pieces of gear. Not wanting to reforge and then potentially have to do it again later, I just waited to put on the new gear, and hopped into the back half of MSV.

Sadly, that didn’t go nearly as well as the front half. I got locked out of the Spirit Kings, though my pet didn’t, so I diligently pushed pet skill buttons while I stood outside the swirling mists. And.. I got pants! Yay, no more PvP Pants! On Elegon I fell the first time the floor disappeared. How embarrassing. But I wasn’t the only one. Other people complained about lag. I can’t claim that was my problem, I wasn’t trying to move, having not realized how the mechanic works. I didn’t use an extra roll on Elegon because I already have slightly better shoulders.  I lived through Will, though. And got my Helm, but not my Bow. So we’ll see if I’m going to be in the bow or no bow school.

I certainly can’t complain about my first week through, though. 4 pieces of gear. 469 ilvl once I switched into the new gear. And, of course, Valor. But not enough of the really good reps to get something awesome. I did pick up the Operation: Shieldwall ring, though, which put me over the edge to 471, so if I really wanted to, I can now do Heart of Fear. I may do that this weekend if we end up having some time. Not sure, though.

Of course, now I have the pants for her planned mog. I guess that means I need to go bug Kael for a certain chestpiece, and figure out how to solo Chess so I can get the bow I plan to use.

Guild Stuff

Since we’ve been doing more as a guild, my guildies have been on more, which meant an evening of running scenarios, as I said, with Jackoby and Yawondergirl, as well as another evening with Phinkbunny. When Phink and I were running, we picked up Danea for a couple, which was fun!   Also, while I was out of town (in Texas, which tried to kill me – not the people, the state) Jack, Yaw and Phink were all on on a Saturday for several hours running Scenaturday, and giving the guild the Scenario Roundup Achievement, and Scenaturday for themselves.

Coincidentally, we’re also now at 89/100 guild challenges. See, this is what it means to be a Tiny guild. We’re level 25, sure. But getting 3 people into a Scenario is easier than getting three of us into an instance!  Also, we have a mere 785 Acheivement points. Why? Because cooking, fishing, and killing critters are the only count-related things we’ve really finished. See, most of us would rather be questing in some capacity than farming. And 100,000 ore is a whole lot, even if every single guild member has an active toon who mines.


Laid Back Dungeons: Guild Style

After two weeks of running my Wednesday night “event” as a guild night, we’ve had a group of four both nights. It’s about the most difficult group to go, too. We’re not too keen on PuGGing Mists dungeons, since none of us really know the fights (I know, research time for me.)  3 would be Scenarios, 5 would be, well, a 5-man, and 6 would break up into two scenario groups, which would make Skype highly entertaining, I’m sure.  More than six and we start looking at raids with a serious eye.

But, we had four. Our first night, we tried to do Cata heroics with a Ret Paladin turned healer more or less for the evening. That didn’t turn out too well, though that might have been because we were trying to do Blackrock Caverns.

Last night, I asked the innocent question, “Do you guys want to try and do 10-man Obsidian Sanctum, I don’t have the Black Drake yet.”   I didn’t know if we could, to be honest. I only know that four mediocrely geared level 85s struggled with 25-man.   There was discussion about whether anyone else could roll on the mount, to which I said, “of course! And we can come back next week, to get more.”  So off we went. And boom. Dead dragon. Mount reins to be rolled on. Jackoby passed, but Yawondergirl and Phink both rolled as well as, you know, me. The one with 128 mounts.  And I won! Woohoo. We took a picture of our first little success, with everyone on their “spiffyest” mount.

Showing off the Newest Drake! (129)

Showing off the Newest Drake! (129)


Once we’d done that, I asked the others if they had their Red Protodrakes yet. Jackoby and Yawondergirl haven’t even started the acheivement, and Phink still had several to get, so… off we went to Coldarra to start putting a dent in those acheivements.  We came out of the Nexus with a full round of completes, except Chaos Theory, which we stuffed up by killing Anomalus before he opened a chaos rift. Oops!  At 90, getting Intense Cold is actually pretty easy – at least with four people.  Up to The Oculus to start in on those achievements. We opted against taking Green drakes for our first run through, and we even picked up Make it Count on our first run through even though we weren’t even trying. Phink did fall off his Bronze Drake, so he’ll have to do that one again, but Jack and Yaw both picked up the tick-marks for their red drake riding skillz.

Once we were done there, it was back to Dragonblight to do Azjol Nerub, netting us a full clear of achievements there, and Anh’kahet: The Old Kingdom. I stuffed up remembering Volunteer Work until after one volunteer had been killed, but otherwise, we got another complete set.

Since it was getting late, we finished off the night with a run to Violet Hold – the first of what I’m sure are many, and ticked off Defenseless as well as Xevozz and Moragg tick marks for Lockdown!

Of course, with all those frozen orbs piling up at my feet, I collected enough to get mount # 130, as well…

Yes, that’s a Fury Warrior on a Flying Carpet. Whatcha Gonna Do ‘Bout It?

Laid Back Dungeons

Last year, I started up the Laid Back Dungeons as a way for folks to get together and have fun in a relaxed environment, much like the Amateur Azerothian Laid Back Raids. In fact, it was JD who suggested I go ahead and run those.

For a number of reasons, I’m shutting down the LBDs for the foreseeable future.  There’s been less interest since Mists of Pandaria opened up new content and made some of the previously unsoloable content, well, soloable. There’s e been less interest with raiding getting back into full swing.

Additionally, my guild has become more active again, and so I am turning my focus inward in that respect. We have seven people with level 90 toons, enough that on any given night we may need to pick up only one person to do current 5-man content, or go do small groups in Cataclysm 5-mans. Enough that if we’re all on, we can go do some of the older 10-man raids as a guild.  Enough that the likelihood that there are 3 of us on to do Scenarios on any given Wednesday is much higher.

I’ve enjoyed running the LBDs, and helping various folks get their protodrakes while working towards getting my own. When this expansion starts to taper off, I may pick them back up. But rest assured, if you’re on my friends list, you may see a call go out for a healer, DPS, or even a tank. I’d rather run with friends than strangers.

And truth be told, my guildies and I are not the most adept players. We try hard, we learn slowly, and we try to have fun while we do those things. That means the impatience of strangers can be difficult, a thirty minute run can take the better part of the evening, and we aren’t even always able to finish what we start.  That being said, we are still a guild, and it’s time for me to take up the mantle of being a good guild leader and lead by example. So I will be playing with my guild mates.

Check In Time

With the move in two weeks, there hasn’t been a lot of WoW time for me. A couple of evenings of puttering with Golden Lotus dailies, and mornings on the farm getting harmony so that I can gather mats for my other professions.   I did manage to squeeze in a few things; though. Oquae visited the Darkmoon Faire to finish up tailoring, giving the guild Working Better as a Team. I subsequently picked up heirloom legs for Muirri, who is our last toon needed for getting  A Class Act.  I also picked up our 52nd guild reputation with the Anglers, giving me another mount.  I am amused by its antics.

Shoryl and Sonaira have completed both Rally in the Valley and Mighty Roamin’ Krasaranger. We tried to make it to the Wanderers’ Festival on Sunday, but the time change stuff confused us and we missed it.

In Pet Battling news, I picked up a few new beasties, including the Harpy, and Darkmoon Glowfly. I hopped on Taoiseach briefly to complete Big City Pet Brawlin’ – Horde, which netted me Big City Pet Brawler as well, since I’d completed the Alliance version long ago.  I haven’t jumped into pet PvP yet, mostly because I enjoy the collecting more than the fighting, so leveling up my pets has been a bit of a challenge.

Higher Authority also picked up a level this week, now at level 22. I was lucky to be on when it happened. Now I’m jonesing for levels 23 and 24, which have good small-guild perks. And, of course, 25, when I can finally get my Lion!

Intention and Reality

Before Mists came out, I laid out a plan for what I thought I wanted to do. I knew that this plan was what I “thought” I wanted to do, even though I’m sure I spoke in concretes. I based my thoughts on nearly 8 years of experience and, I’ll admit it, some regrets.

The first thing I wanted to do, though, was make sure that Shoryl and Sonaira got as much play time as Sonaira wanted (with the exception of when Gurdrid hit level 89. That last level is always a drive for me. It’s just too exciting!)  Neither Sona nor I expected that we’d spend the entire first day of the expansion on Sona and Shoryl. We both thought Sona would want to do something other than sit in her computer chair and play WoW all day. It’s just the way she’s wired. We both accept that; and we make appropriate accomodations for it. (After all, I have two paladins)   I think I’ve continued to cover that. We’ve learned that Sona and Shoryl are going to RP their way through Pandaria.

To that end, as best as I could, I have remained unspoiled. I didn’t read quests much on Gurdrid. I ignored the comments the NPCs made in my chat window.  I couldn’t miss the themes, but I could skip the details, and I did.

Second on my list was to get Gurdrid to 90 as fast as I could; and get her into heroics. My theory was that if I could get into heroics quickly, I could learn them while people still had patience, and have a chance at having some confidence tanking them. Well, when I finally got a f ull set of Pandaria tanking gear, I queued for a normal (at around level 86); and I had a mediocre-to-poor experience. So, not so much with people having patience. I haven’t set foot in a dungeon since. The asshattery outside in the world has made me think it’s just not worth it to do anything with strangers.

After that,  I was going to work on getting my other toons leveled, so that I could have a complete set of professions at max level and start cashing in.  That hasn’t worked out quite as planned, either. Breige and Kerridwen are trundling along out in the Jade Forest, skinning, herbing and mining – with the fruits of Kerridwen’s labor going to Sveala, and Breige working on her own leatherworking. But they’re sort of held back by me not wanting to spoil Shoryl and Sonaira’s trip. So they are only questing as far as Sona and Shoryl.  Since they’ve got professions that require killing things and/or that give them experience on their own, they are doing some grinding. But grinding is a slow way to level.

Instead of my best-intended plans, what I’m doing is pretty straight-forward:

Shoryl comes out to play when we have a chunk of time for Sona and Shoryl (we had about an hour one day, and got three quests done because we wanted to thoroughly explore Tian Monestary). They did finish Jade Forest last night, and have moved on to the Valley of Four Winds. They’re really really sorry, and hopefully Yu’lon understands why we came back, and killing Mogu is a little bit of atonement.

Gurdrid is hanging out doing dailies. She’ll happily tank for anyone on her friends list (Shoryl#1300 is my battletag), but going it all alone is not going to happen for a while at least. Her order of business has been: Tillers, Order of the Cloud Serpent, Anglers. She’ll look at the others soon, but for now, she’s enjoying these. She just made it to exalted with the Tillers, but she has no best friends yet.

Pet Battles! I didn’t really expect to want to do these; but, you know, I had to try them out. Sometime in the first day I took a look at them and got hooked. I started out trying to find rares of each pet, and now I’m content to only find rares of the interesting ones. (Last night I picked up my rare Tiny Twister just before bed. I think I shall name him Andrew.) I have my first level 10 pet; and I’m finding that pet battling goes nicely with archaeology – even though I frequently can’t fight where I dig. It keeps me flying myself around.  I still find pet battling a diversion from regular WoW activities, rather than an activity to sit down and pursue. But eventually, I’ll need a Minfernal or various other hard to acquire pets for the achievements, and I’ll spend more time on it.  But until then, I’m just going to blithely wander about fighting where I want to, and hunting rares only for the cutest of pets.

And on a final note, since it’s Wednesday, I do plan to do LBDs tonight. I’m one achievement away from my Red protodrake, so a trip into Violet Hold will definitely happen – but then we’ll either look at other protodrake achievements for other people; or we’ll head into Cata dungeons to see what we can start getting there.

More Good from the Mists

There are a ton of things to talk about when it comes to the Mists of Pandaria changes. I’m excited by many of them, certainly. Scenarios, no limits on dailies, account-wide achievements, pets and mounts. I’ve already discussed my excitement for these things. I’m not on the Oh Noes Talents bandwagon, either – but I play a paladin. Give me a major patch that paladins didn’t see a significant change in, and I’ll buy you a beer (you have to come to the not-currently-frozen Midwest to claim your prize.)

But there’s something very near and dear to my heart that did change with the patch, and that’s guild experience and guild rep.  At this moment, Sveala has earned the guild over 9 million experience. She’s level 83. She’s also significantly on her way to Exalted with the guild; something that no other toon of mine has reached before level 85 – and without the guild tabard to boost her on her way.  Removing the caps on experience and reputation with guilds is going to be very beneficial to small guilds and new guilds alike.

Additionally, the reputation and experience gains do not appear to be linked to the level of the character like they once were. Sona has been playing her little priest (who is level 62) and has already earned the guild 660K experience. There’s no way a level 62 toon could make that kind of a dent in guild experience without some changes to the way experience worked. I’m looking forward to the boosts provided by the dwarven dungeon crawl dwarves – who will likely be seeing the boost tomorrow.   We also compared guild reputation gained for quest turn ins between these two toons, and it’s exactly the same, where the little priest had previously only seen 10 or 15 points of rep per turn in upon reaching Outland.  These kinds of changes are going to make it easier to get our levels, especially for guilds like Higher Authority, which is only just barely not a vanity guild, since many of our members play very occasionally.

As far as the changes to guild perks go, I am sad to see Have Group – Will Travel disappear, even if my guild didn’t have it. I suppose one could argue that that kind of convenience thing could be used to advantage on PvP servers, but it was just so darned convenient for RealID raiding and dungeoning. Heck, I don’t know where half the raid entrances even are!  Blizzard could give us back that PvE boon by putting the summoning stones just inside the instances, with the quest givers. (I wasn’t the one who thought of this, it was someone in the Laid Back Raids – likely JD himself.) Otherwise, however, my little guild isn’t affected currently by the changes, so something we didn’t rely on is what was taken away.

It’s not all sweetness and light over here, though. I noticed when running Sveala through a dungeon, that the leave dungeon option goes away for the last person in a PuG. That’s particularly annoying when you want to turn in quests, and everyone else just drops the group!

I’ve been looking at overhauling all of my character’s UIs – a daunting task with now almost 7 level 85 toons (thank goodness for profiles!) and the 10 toons on Ysera for that account filled up.  Each UI has a little thing that needs to be a little bit different, whether it’s space for Vuhdo on Sveala or a prominent space for my pet on my hunter.  But I’m taking advantage of needing to update all of my addons as a time to look through them all and see what I really need and what I don’t.   I may talk about those in another post, but I am by no means an addon expert, so I may leave them for others to talk about.   Having just gotten an excellent video card when my computer went on the fritz, I’ve got even better graphics than I did before – to go with my 23″ monitor that I replaced the old one with a month or two after we got the other new video cards.

Oh, and for those of you who might be interested in connecting up with me for either Laid Back Dungeons, or just to chatter periodically, my Battle Tag is Shoryl#1300.