The start of a new chain challenge – Mog Busting

Here’s the challenge, it’s a pretty simple one:  Tag another blogger to create a mog outfit for one of your toons.  But that’s not all. To get a really good mog outfit, they’re going to need a little bit of background. So here’s what info you should provide:

Character name, race and gendger (and server, so they can go look at things like hair color and facial features!)

Character class (and spec, if you feel it’s important)

If desired, an item you’d like them to use in the outfit

A sentence or two about your character’s personality, or what you’re looking for in the outfit.

And here we go!

I’m going to tag Cymre of Bubbles of Mischief, with a request for help for Sruith!

Name: Sruith, a female dwarf (US-Ysera)

Class: Shadow Priest

Item: Whitemane’s Chapeau

Notes: Sruith wants to have a great silhouette in shadow form, so she’s particularly fond of gloves with a little flair; but she also wants to look good when she’s pinch healing!  (Also, she will do plenty of dungeons, but no raiding, so while you don’t need to limit her to gear she can wear today, it would be nice to not have gear that is only available to raiders.)

The Thread of Mog Busting Challenges:

Cymre created two looks for Sruith, and tagged Kamalia.

Kamalia created two looks with a few options for Tallys, and tagged Effraeti.

Effraeti has come up with a lovely ensemble for Tallys, with a few options for accessories, and tagged Erinys.

Erynis has provided not one but three looks for Effraeti; and tagged Chatmay.

Chatmay has weighed in with a lovely purple number for Twiceshy; and tagged Dizzy.

Since it’s been a while, and Dizzy hasn’t answered Chatmay’s challenge, Navimie has provided some frighteningly beautiful duds for the warlock Debutante; and tagged JD Kenada.

JD provided the perfect “warrior” tanking look for Navimie; and tagged Rhuanious.

Rhuanious has done three completely different frost mage sets for Elcombe, and has tagged me.

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  1. Ooh, ok. Thx for the tag.

    Just a heads up that you might be waiting a few days since I’m still trying to complete my last round entry for Mog Madness.

    Those notes for your shadow priest I can definitely work with 🙂 Nice meme Shortyl.

  2. It’s just fine with me if it takes a bit; I don’t expect these to happen over night! Oh! And I forgot to mention that Sruith is a dwarf. Might be important to know that. 🙂

  3. Got ’em both – I thought about it while I was reading your post on my phone, and then forgot when I got to a PC where I could make the changes.

    I even double checked the spelling this time. 🙂

  4. Thank you for the lovely outfits, Cymre. I’m looking forward to Kamalia’s take on your hunter!

  5. You’re welcome 🙂
    BTW, don’t forget to update my blog address on your blogroll page and ‘inspirations’ section 🙂

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