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The Choice is Upon Us

You probably know by now that Blizzard has started the pre-orders, and with them, the free level-90 boost.  If you don’t, you either don’t play WoW and read my blog for some strange reason, or you live under a rock and I’m not sure how you got to my blog in the first place.  (but I’m flattered)

Anyway, I’m not pre-ordering just yet (Friday at the earliest, possibly a bit longer than that), but that doesn’t mean that I’m not thinking about what I want to do with my boost. My original thought was to boost Shoryl the Tauren. But… Shoryl’s specific function is to see content from the Horde point of view, and I don’t want to do that at max level. It just never feels as engaging that way.

So my next thought started a conversation with my wife about my cadre of Dwarves. After confirming that the only class that a Dwarf cannot be is Druid; I am left with 10 classes to choose from. Hunter and Paladin are out of it since Gurdrid and Breige are already level 90 dwarves.  For boosting existing characters, there are  Muirri at 85, Sruith at 83, Nemain at 59 and Saoire at 29 on Ysera, or Grianna at 28 on Whisperwind. I don’t have a dwarf shaman or warrior (Sveala and Oquae are both Draenei), or any rogue.

I’m pretty unlikely to boost any of the characters on Ysera at this point, and Grianna has a full set of heirlooms, making her less of a pick.  On the other hand, since I’m not planning to move Shoryl from Ysera to Whisperwind, I could finish out Nemain’s single level, move her to Whisperwind, and make her my JC/Engineer (more like make her an enchanter and continue with the idea of Grianna taking up the mantle of JC).  Having a level 90 rogue has its own appeal, as well; except that the job of said rogue would be picking locks.  Since I have only once almost gotten a rogue to max level, this has a personal appeal, except that I’m not sure I want to play one.

I think my decision is between boosting Nemain and moving her, or creating a rogue from 1.

OLRG: What did I just volunteer for?

I’ve made it to two of the three OLRG events, and they have been a blast. I find it entertaining that we mostly talk about how pretty the raids are, and only bother with strategy when we die.  Might sound familliar?  I will admit that these seem a little less frenetic than other raids that have been done, and I do appreciate the slower pace.   Breige has been the one to lend her archery skills to these events, which has been just dandy.   She’s certainly the best geared (of my toons, not necessarily of OLRG participants. I only look at how nice everyone looks, not ilvls!)

At least she can hide behind her shield!

At least she can hide behind her shield!

At the end of the night, we discussed the possibility of hitting Firelands next week. And I… offered to tank. Um. So, about that. Hopefully, my dwarf will forgive me if she has to take an igneous rock nap or two. Hopefully so will the guild coffers.  But, to try and mitigate the trouble, Gurdrid is going to valiantly head out to Timeless Isle and try to complete her set. Since I refuse to tank in LFR (I do not need that abuse, thanks) this will be the first time I’ve tanked since… early in Pandaria, when I embarrassed myself in the Stormstout Brewery.  Hopefully killing a few rares (probably not elites, thanks) will assist in my relearning my buttons. And other important things like looking up my rotations and fixing my bars.

So, while I hope Matty remembers that I volunteered if she couldn’t find another tank, I’m still going to prepare. It would be rude of me to not prepare. Breige is always happy to shoot at things, but Gurdrid will put that giant shield to use if she will be more helpful.

Minipost: Reminder for Matty (and Others)

This is just a little reminder that my Azerothian Birthday Party is Saturday the 9th beginning at 7pm Central Time.


Thanks Krys for pointing out my addled-brain moment.

Of Pets, Battles, and New Years

The holidays brought about a whole lot of time doing things other than playing WoW, and the new year has brought about extra work and extra things to do… not to mention a burst water main taking most of my evening away yesterday (no one was reported as being hurt, and I just didn’t have water at the condo for several hours).

But, during the time I actually have gotten to play, some interesting patterns have developed.  I got Gurdrid through a big chunk of the Klaxxi story line, achieved Exalted status with both the Golden Lotus and the Lorewalkers, then… haven’t even been on her to farm for a week.

Muirri has gotten a bit of love as well, having made it to Outland, but I think my next big focus is going to be on Breige.  You see, I don’t want to tank raids, but I think I’d like to do some LFR dabbling. I’ve noticed while playing Muirri and Sruith that in situations where I have to *see* something, being right under the boss isn’t helpful, so I won’t be trying to run as a retribution paladin.  I’ve also been having a lot of fun playing her, and being able to snag tips from both Mr. Bear and everyone’s Godmother will definitely be bonus. (I’m prepared to not get a decent weapon.)

The Year in Review

I took a look at my annual stats, which I’m not going to share greatly. My most prolific commenters are JD, Navi, and Cymre; with Tome liking quite a few of my posts (I think of the “like” button as a thumbs up, I’m all for thumbs.)  I also saw that the zone-by-zone achievement guide I wrote was quite popular. Perhaps I should go back to doing those.  I was also kinda surprised that I surpassed 5,000 visits. Might not be much in comparison to others, but I’m not part of the “famous” crew. 🙂

My in-game year has been wonderful. I got up to 7 85s before Mists dropped, and even though I still only have one 90, I’ve been working steadily on the professions.  I’m pretty happy with where my game time has gone.

More Winter Veil Presents

I logged onto Shoryl for the first time in a while, and discovered that I had mail from… Tyledres. I was a bit surprised, what with her being on a different server, so this would have been a character created just for the purpose of visiting, and we chat briefly quite regularly.  The mail was not one, but four pets. Very excited was I! So excited, talk like Yoda did I! (Um, no, not really).

Other Pet Related Things

On Wednesday night, I did a little pet battling, and acquired my first flawless battle stone. It was a beast stone, and I used it on my Winterspring Cub, whom I had leveled to 10 before I realized his lack of rareness would be an issue. Well, no more!

Then, on Thursday, I realized I was only a few pets shy of Eastern Kingdoms Safari, so I went to hunt down what pets I could. Since I’ve not got a team ready for Twilight Highlands, the only three pets I could look for were the Mocassin, Irradiated Roach, and Baby Ape.  I decided to head south first, and arrived on Jaguero Isle in sunshine. But, as I turned to fly away, it started to rain. Suddenly there were about twenty people on the island, but I still managed to snag one baby ape (a poor quality one, darn it all for spending my battle stone the day before!).  The mocassin and roach were pretty easy, though I had to actually go down the elevator shaft in Gnomeregan to find one, there were none outside.

I was really excited about it, and knew just who to tell… and she admonished me to “update your blog already, woman!” but was still happy to hear of my successes.  So here you go, Navi, a proper blog update. (BTW, go look her up on Warcraft Pets! She is a pet collecting Fiend!)


What’s It Like at 90?

Gurdrid got to level 90 last night, at about 11:00. I stayed up late to finish the last 15% of her level, so I went to bed with a nice little achievement under my belt.  This morning, I set out to discover what dailies I could do – I’m doing a lot of dailies today, not for any particular “need this” reason, but because I thought it was a good day to see what all is out there to do. So I spent some time with the Tillers, and the Order of the Cloud Serpent, and the Lore Keepers.  In the middle of my visit with the Anglers, the servers went through a rolling restart, so I haven’t finished those, but so far so good.  Part of the reason I wanted to do this, I liken to going to a buffet for the first time. Get a little bit of everything and see what you like! I’m sure I’ll have days where I want to daily all day long. Today is only sort of one of them.

Flying is nice. I really liked not being able to fly as we first traveled through Pandaria. It’s kinda nice to know that, for the most part, your mobs aren’t going to be landed on as you run across the turf doing a quest. After a couple of days, of course, there was more and more of that possibility, but it is still refreshing that the majority of us don’t have to worry much about it.

I also had a goofy thing happen while I was tooling around on Kerridwen. Her mounts got bugged in a very striking way. Here’s a couple of pics I took of the problem.

My Bronze Drake seems a bit Dull

Who knew there was a fourth color of Griffon?



More thoughts on patch 5.0.4

Pet Battles

I’ve been wandering around the old worlds quite a bit lately, thanks to first leveling alchemy on Sveala, and now leveling mining on Kerridwen.  This means that the first of my stretch goals (getting Sveala to 525 alchemy before Mists) is done, and the second (getting Kerridwen up to dual-gathering)  is well on its way.   I’ve been noting the new critters around various places, and thinking about which ones I’d like to add to my menagerie (most of them!)

But there’s one that I don’t want to add.  I don’t remember who it was who brought it to my attention initially… there are a few suspects, and I can’t find the original blog post; but someone mentioned the Infested Bear Cub, and it makes me sad! I do not want pets to make me sad. The player population does enough of that already.  Of course, I certainly don’t have to, but looking around at the other pets, like the adorable rhinos and clefthoofs (clefthooves?) that make me squee with delight, and the fun achievements like taming a pet from every zone, I may have to do some careful considering as I think about taming in Hillsbrad.

Zone Merging

And I’ve been thinking about a few other things that are coming in Mists, or, more to the point, that are already here, and I can only think that Blizzard are putting in the things they need to set WoW up to have very little maintenance once they’ve written the last chapter expansion. One of those things has been the zone merging. At first, I had my little list of pros and cons, but as time goes on, I only have one pro: I can now see the people I’m grouped with from other servers when I’m out in the world. That’s totally cool.  But the list of cons is greater than that one pro.

First is a concern that can (hopefully) be fixed with some tweaking on Blizzard’s part: lag. The amount of lag I have changes depending on which zone I’m in. Currently, if I’m in a zone with people from Azuremyst, I get periodic lag spikes. If I’m in a zone with mostly people from my home server (and coincidentally, the same time zone as my home server, which Azuremyst is not) I get little to no lag.   This would bother me less if the lag spikes weren’t, frankly, pretty extensive and pervasive. A little lag every hour or so is totally livable for me. A spike that gives me stop motion (or not motion) for a perceptible length of time every few minutes is not.

Second is more annoying, and something that Blizzard is likely not going to “fix”, and that’s when I’m in Sholazar, or Uldum, or a host of other places farming, I’d rather just be fighting with one or two people from my home server for my nodes than a dozen from several different realms. Not to mention the bots.  But I suspect that this is something that Blizzard doesn’t particularly have high on their priority list for reasons to change things.

Could Have Beens

Another thing that I’ve been thinking about, thanks to leveling two professions to 525 in a matter of days, has been ways to make professions more interesting. Now, I may be asking for something that’s coming, as I haven’t been paying a lot of attention, but it would be nice if all of the professions had some kind of a daily; and I’m not talking about inscription research. In fact, I think the randomness of inscription research is rather annoying.  Here are some of my thoughts:

Crafting professions: Like jewlecrafting, have a few quests that use a small amount of current, easy to acquire materials. Requiring that the items be made while you have the quest is just fine with me.  These are super easy!

Gathering professions: These are a bit tougher to make interesting, but having a special drop of a node/skinned beast would be one thing. Maybe include things like turning already acquired leather into something else for skinners.

All professions: Make these darn things possible as soon as you take the profession. Maybe have an item that you can buy with your tokens that allows you to increase your actual profession skill, or make what you do incur point increases when it’s not the “standard” thing that you would do to gain points – or even gain a point from turning in, just make them beneficial for low-level players alike..  For crafters, maybe make some lost patterns from the game available to be purchased again.

And while we’re talking professions, can we maybe change the points you get for crafting items a bit? Maybe make it so all blue-quality items give 3 points (while orange) and all epic items give 5 points regardless of when you can acquire them? 


I still hate the extra flight points in all the 1-60 zones. I find it ironic that Wetlands has something like 6 flight points and Twilight Highlands has 4, even though it’s about twice the size.  It’s only somewhat irritating to me that we get all the flight paths as we level, too – mostly because I would only get a couple in each zone if I had to do it manually.  The easy way around this, to keep the ease of movement for lower level characters, would be to provide ground mount transportation within the zone from the 1-2 flight points. After all, every town doesn’t get an airport, but you can rent a car/taxi to get to where you’re going once you’ve gotten to the right airport!

Another thing I’m sad about is not being able to move freely between the capitols. This still confuses me. Surely the mages of the Alliance and Horde would want their heroes to be able to move easily between areas, why are they not supporting portals?  Even just a portal to/from Stormwind for every friendly capitol (including Shattrath, Dalaran, and whatever the new one in Mists shall be) would be nice. There is no reason that I can think of that we would be able to take a portal to Uldum, but not to Darnassus as an Alliance hero. It’s just ridiculous!


Laid Back Dungeons and other Lovely Things for Today

To start, y’all are going to have to wait at least until tomorrow to see my final mog set, because I want to write this post instead of that one. 🙂

Laid Back Dungeons

This week Tyledres (on various toons, none of which were actually Tyledres!) and I tromped around Northrend once again, getting ourselves ever closer to our red drakes. For both of us, the shared achievements quite thoroughly helped us out with getting closer to our goals.


We started in Oculus, with only two of us we were focused on getting drake riding and void achievements. Tyl’s priest was closest to completing Experienced Drake Rider, so she brought that toon, and hopped onto a ruby drake. I chose a green drake, which conveniently gave me Amber Void.  After one wipe, when I was poorly healing, we were able to get the kill, giving Tyl her drake riding achievement, and me the emerald tick on my experience as a drake rider.

Violet Hold

Tyl changed to her shaman as we headed into the Hold to knock some stuff out. I  had three achievements left to complete: Dehydration, Void Dance and Lockdown!  We didn’t get Ichoron, but we did get Zuramat, completing both Void Dance and Lockdown! for me.  Tyl’s Shaman got the achievement for completing the instance, as well as Defenseless.

Halls of Lightning

We finished the evening in the Halls of Lightning, knocking off all four of the achievements for me, as well as giving me Northrend Dungeon Master.

Future Laid Back Dungeons

Tyledres is now only one achievement away from getting her Red Drake, and we totally would have done it tonight if we could have. The problem is we need a full 5-man group for it, because she needs Share the Love.  So I beseech anyone who has an alliance toon of at least level 80 to step up next Wednesday (9/12) so we can put together a full 5-man for at least that one achievement. If folks are able to get on, but not necessarily right at 6:30 central time, just toss a message here and we’ll try and work it out. Tyledres has been awesome in helping with strategies for the acheivements, as well as kicking serious undead behind on all of her characters, I really want to see this happen for her as soon as we can muster!

After that, I still need a run to the Caverns of Time, more time in the Oculus, and another shot at Ichoron; but I, too, am very close to getting my drake!

And once the drakes are acquired, there will be mog runs, or if we’ve all gotten to level 90, there will be Cataclysm achievements to get, too.

Other News

In other news, the Transmogolympics are over. You can see the Equestrian event, as well as Closing Ceremonies.  And to top it all off, JD has been diligently working on a site just for the Mogolympics, where we can see all of the entries, who put them together, and our scores.

In all the excitement, you might notice that Grizled won a Judge’s Choice award from Tome of the Ancient (or, well, maybe it was Catwynn who did that.)  I’m more than a little excited! I entered the event just to give me the opportunity to stretch my mogging skills. I only entered 6 events, as well as providing my standard-bearer, because I wanted to go with quality over quantity. I believe I did quite well, considering I was rarely more than 3 points out from bronze, and sometimes much closer.  The Judge’s Choice award is quite an honor, being picked above over 400 other mog sets is pretty small odds, even if it was a human male willing to show a little skin.

Mogolympics Archery

Tome of the Ancient provided us with a lovely review of the Archery event, and Catwyn is now after a certain someone….

A very young hunter came to Gurdrid and told her that he wanted to be in the Mogolympics. He said he was a natural with the bow, and heard that the Stormpike Guard was trying to show that they weren’t dwarf-partisan. Breige overheard this conversation, and harumphed out of the room; but Gurdrid knew that Breige would be fine, so long as she could still carry the honorary pike. So Gurdrid went with the lad to see how he did.

She was impressed with his prowess, and asked his name. He said “I am called Grizled. With one Z.”

Gurdrid gave the lad the token to get him into the games, and sent him back to Stormwind, where he could get the free flight to the archery range. And then she set out after Breige to explain.

When Grizled arrived at the appointed place, he was worried. All those fancy bows! How was he ever going to beat them? Then he learned that magic would be dampened, so that only skill was allowed to show. He had a chance after all!  As he walked onto the range, he glanced around, worried, and caught sight of a young night elf. He looked away quickly, realizing she was watching him! She was so pretty, too!   But he had to concentrate. So he stepped up, and let fly the best marks he’d ever made. He hoped he had a shot at the podium with that. He was just worried that he was too young.

Having tried his best, he set off, looking for that Night Elf who had somehow disappeared…

Icier Barbed Spear (though this will be a moot point by the time you see this!)
And for those interested, Breige said it was all right, if Gurdrid would let her get a similar set of gear:

Mogolympics: Cycling

First off, congratulations to the Winners!  To see all the entries, you can watch a lovely video here!

Since I play Alliance almost exclusively, I decided to go with the Chopper. Since it’s a lovely batch of blues and yellows, I wanted to pull that into my gear. To mix things up a little bit, I didn’t want to go with black accents, so I went with brown instead. I did originally design this on a human female, but ended up with leather, and Kerridwen wanted it for when she gets her bike (come Mists), so I did the finalization on my lovely Night Elf druid.

So, blues and yellows. Well, nothing says biker to me more than a nice sturdy pair of jeans, and goggles. So those were some obvious starting places for me. I definitely wanted some buckles on the gear, to go with those lovely packs on the bike.


This picture didn’t manage to make it to the judges, for which I am sad. I might have a had a slightly better showing. But, who knows for sure.

Kerridwen is wearing:

We won’t mention that between the quest rewards and the Engineering goggles, she’s not ever actually going to get this set, now, shall we?

The Mogolympics has begun!

If you’ve been following the Mogolympics, then you’ve already seen the Opening Ceremonies and the Cycling competition.  If not, you should go take a look, and start following it.   I’m a contestant, and after each event is completed, I’m going to be posting my submission here, with some thoughts I had while creating it, and also pictures and a gear list. I’m up against some tough competitors, and I’m very new to the mogging scene, so I honestly don’t expect to take any gold home. Heck, I’ll be happy with just one bronze!

But the medals are not the spirit of the games, it’s the competition. Giving your best. I didn’t enter all 9 events, because I didn’t want to just slap things together. Each of my sets was thought through and futzed over.  But, without further adieu, here is my standard bearer:

Representing the Stormpike

Here’s Breige. I chose Breige over Gurdrid as the standard bearer because her hair went with the outfit better. Also, I wanted to do a hunter, because I wanted to use a polearm for the weapon, and since this will be the last of her non-bow weapon chances, she was really up for it. Besides, she doesn’t get out of Stormwind much this days, spending so much time in the Auction House.

Stormpike Ho!

The required piece for this was the Stormpike Battle Tabard. I wanted to play heavily on the red and yellow, and I used the golden hues, as well as the black and white to accentuate the outfit.  I particularly like the way the polearm echoes the Stormpike arms.  To show their honor, I chose not to show the cloak, and a low-profile gauntlet would be used under the larger gloves to hide them as well.

Chestguard of Rampant Fury
Stormpike Battle Tabard
Conveniently, Breige already owns the Longrifle, and much of the gear is from soloable content. Since she won’t be able to wield the ranseur in Mists, there’s no worry about farming that out of Firelands.
You can see my entry into the Cycling event tomorrow!