Interesting Times

I’ve changed raiding guilds on Whisperwind. I moved to Whisperwind for a couple of reasons, the biggest one being that I felt very alone on Ysera. Jackoby and Yawondergirl are both good people, and I enjoy our Wednesday night runs around the old world of Azeroth, but they don’t talk a lot when they’re doing their own thing, so it was quiet any other time.

I also thought I wanted to raid again, and I was very right there. I had completely forgotten how much I love raiding. Even the very different raiding environment of today as compared to vanilla is exhilarating. Also, it’s 2-3 hours of spending time with good people. At least, it is if you have the right raiding group.

But, Reloaded turned out to not have the raiding environment I wanted. They also stopped raiding for the summer, after a variety of struggles which I won’t go into at this point.   Because of these struggles, the very talented Hawtpocketz has started a new guild, which I leapt to without much of a look back. I say “without much” only because one member of Reloaded’s raiding team asked me what was up, and I told him. He’s now part of the new guild. There are certainly many good people in Reloaded, but the struggles were endemic to the nature of the guild culture.

My toons remain split between two guilds. The raiders (Breige and Gurdrid) are in the lofty raiding guild Rubber Ducky Society. The remaining dwarves reside in Drunken Fish, Matty’s little guild, though Breige and Gurdrid did both make a brief stop in DF to provide a couple of crucial tick marks on the Classy Dwarves achievement.

I do still have three dwarves to move from Ysera over to Whisperwind, but those will occur slowly. Sveala, being level 90, and having changed race thanks to Matty’s generosity, will come to DF representing the shaman of the Wildhammer clan. Sruith, at level 83, will bring her shadowy self along, and possibly join RDS. I’m still not sure about that. Finally, Muirri will come to DF to take over the bank toon responsibilities from Aingrit. When those are done, I will have 10 dwarves on Whisperwind, representing each class a dwarf can be.

The next task will be getting a lot of leveling done, since I only have 4 90’s. And then there will be the professions. I’ve decided to take my previous completion of all of the professions a step further. Not only do I intend to have every profession at max level, I also intend to have each specialization represented, meaning I will have two engineers and three alchemists.

The plan at this point is to do the following:

  • Alchemy (flask) – Grianna
  • Alchemy (potion) – Eirid
  • Alchemy (transmute) – Sveala (already max)
  • Blacksmithing – Gurdrid (already max)
  • Enchanting – Aingrit (already max)
  • Engineering (Gnome) – Saoire (already learned)
  • Engineering (Goblin) -Kemodhne
  • Herbalism – Eirid
  • Inscription – Sveala (already max)
  • Jewelcrafting – Aingrit (already max)
  • Leatherworking – Breige (already max)
  • Mining – Gurdrid (already max), Saoire (already learned)
  • Skinning – Breige (already max)
  • Tailoring – Grianna (already learned)

In other news, I’m working on moving my blog to a new URL and blog title. It’s quite thoroughly still under construction, but I could use the expertise of one of my graphics editing friends. If you are willing, send me a message at shoryl at gmail dot com, and I will share the details.

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  1. Well I’m glad you are finding the raiding scene fun and also a good bunch of ppl to do it with! I am sorry I haven’t chatted to you more Shoryl ❤ hopefully chat soon!

  2. Wow, you have a lot to keep you busy until WoD gets here. What kind of graphic stuff do you need. I’m asking here because I might forget to email after the dog walk!

    • I’m looking to have a group of pictures turned into one image file so that I can use it as a header. I’ve already got the pics, so some cropping and placing is what I’m looking for – Also, I think I’d like the Title put on so that it doesn’t cover the faces in the pictures, which would happen if I use the Title text that the blog would place for me.
      I don’t think it should be terribly hard, I’m just having trouble learning the software my dearest has.

  3. Here is my graphics opinion: wait for your idea until after the new models come out, and have a winsome filler banner in the interim.

    And your reporting on events is diplomatic, a quality I have had in my life but seem to have lost. Rubber Ducky!

    • You don’t even want to know how many times I wrote that diplomatic paragraph. 🙂 You have a point about the graphics. On the other hand, I kindof like the idea of capturing my girls as they are today. 🙂

      • That’s true too – a before and after composition! There are a lot of graphics programs I’ve been playing with this summer, but Tome is a pro. And the power of diplomacy is in the editorial department! lol

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