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Monk Mog

I have to admit, I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been in a bit of a WoW slump. Breige is LFRing in current tier, but the only really exciting thing, to me, is getting to see the raids. I certainly don’t get a lot of time to poke about, but I’ve been having a whole lot of fun.

But, there’s a little side project I’ve been working on since I finished getting Muirri to level 85 for the Class Act achievement. Muirri is being promoted to bank toon from little-used alt. While I was in BC, I found a chestpiece I really liked, and so decided to make a mog around it.

I did have a few restrictions on this mog, though. The first was that I wanted Muirri to still have the feel of both a monk and  a dwarf.

Her back-story is that she is one of the few surviving Doyles because she’d already been sent to Ironforge to learn the ways of a Shaman when the Cataclysm hit.  With the Earthen Ring all sent off to rebuild the World Pillar, she stayed quietly in Ironforge, waiting for word from her family about whether they needed her at home. She made friends with Gryth Thurden, and helped with the Gryphons, watching as bedraggled heroes passed through on their way to Stormwind. It wasn’t a life she thought she wanted. Her idea of excitement was running errands for Innkeeper Firebrew, getting exotic items for his guests in trade for a room.

Then, a few years later, a bear of a man (or perhaps a man of a bear) showed up on the heels of news that there was another continent no-one knew about.  He took a room in the inn, and on his first night there, Muirri was sent off to find some of the more unusual ales in Dun Morogh and Loch Modan. The next evening the Pandaren, who called himself Liu, insisted that Muirri join him in sampling the brews she’d collected for him.

He was impressed with her ability to hold her ale, having not yet met any of the Wildhammers, he didn’t know that she was only an average drinker among her peers. They sat up long into the night, sharing the stories of their cultures, and what the two non-brewers knew about making ales.

When a fight broke out between some Dark Iron dwarves and Bronzebeards, the two were drawn in by collateral damage (Liu’s tankard got tipped over). When all was said and done, Muirri and Liu were the only two left standing.

Liu bowed to her, and asked where she’d learned to fight. She said she’d just picked it up. In wartime, everyone walks around armed, and the politics in Ironforge were not easily navigated all the time. In turn, she complimented his poise and control, and asked what it was that he’d been taught.

He briefly explained the slavery of the Pandaren, and how they’d trained for their escape. Then, he asked her if she’d like to learn the ways of his people. Surprised by the heartfelt offer, she agreed.

Her training seemed swift. Liu taught her very early to meditate, and join the monks in Kunlai Summit. Early in her training, he sent her on simple errands to help her people, then further and further out, encouraging her to help both the dwarves and the Alliance. During this time, she met a hunter who was also a Wildhammer. They became friends, and Breige asked her to join a guild with members from all across the Alliance.

Finally, Muirri decided she’d learned enough to go home. She wanted to know why she’d never heard from her family.  When she learned that her home was no more, her clan all but wiped out, she went to Liu and apologized to him. She could not go on with her training. If she and the others had never left, perhaps they would have been able to help.

Liu tried to dissuade her, but she would have nothing of it. She was done. She would use what she had learned to protect herself and the Wildhammers, but she would not go to Pandaria.

Her guild leader offered her the position of keeping the guild’s accounts in order while the rest of them were out fighting, and she accepted it without hesitation. In honor of the guild’s heritage of Alliance Paladins, Muirri went through her belongings, and visited the Warpweaver. This is how she would go about her official guild business:


Muirri is wearing: Spaulders of the Ring, Lo’ap’s Tunic of Muck Diving, Bloodcult Handwraps, Vermillion Belt, Spear-Impaled Leggings, Mud Encrusted Boots, and carrying the Decalcyfied Elven Spear.

Wrestling – A Mogolympics Event

On the docks of Booty Bay, a… reverse cage match was set forth. Once again, I made it into the top half, but failed to medal with the Green Giant!  I selected a Draenei male for this outfit, partially so the belt wouldn’t look quite so awful. (It looks more like a girdle on dwarven females)  This was an interesting event, as I wanted to balance something stylishly garish.  This would end up being a shaman’s set in a couple of days, since hunters will no longer be able to carry the staff.


More Mogolymics – Discus Throw

Khizzara is one of the judges that JD has pulled in for the Mogolympics, and she hosted the Discus Throw along with Kaylira.  This was another entertaining commentary piece, and I was only knocked out of medal contention in the last few competitors. This has been my best showing by far, but I don’t feel it was my best set (here’s hoping for my best set isn’t pitted against the tougher sets of other competitors!)

For this set, I wanted to go with the shield that reminded me most of an actual discus, and for that, I went to the Gypsy Buckler.  It’s multi-toned rings being not perfectly round just said something about the beginnings of the events.  Having selected my shield, I contemplated races, and the draenei immediately came to mind! After all, they are something of a gypsy race.  Oquae acquiesced to enter the competition, though it took her some practice to get used to hefting a small shield instead of the massive axe she normally throws about.

I particularly wanted to pick up the green and brown from the shield, bringing in bits of blue as highlights, rather than pulling it in abundance.

I think the boots only worked on this set because she’s hooved, and so the plain brown boots don’t show much, and rather just give a nice finish to the legguards.


Back to the Mogolympics – Hammer Throw!

There’s a long story about my entry into the hammer throw. It’s a seven year old story, and it includes the trials and tribulations of playing a Paladin. You see, I always thought retribution ought to be a viable play style. It wasn’t until Wrath that we saw that come to fruition; and we were pulled back quite a bit in Cataclysm. I know, a lot of folks will say “No, you could play ret in BC!”  Well, you could, and for that matter you could in vanilla, too. But. In vanilla, holy was the only spec that mattered for endgame, I built my own build around holy shock so that I had some viability in the world. And during BC, well, yes, again, you could play ret, and if you got the right mix of strength, Intellect, Critical Strike and Haste, you could play well. But therein lay the problem – we needed both Intellect and Strength to make a go of it.  Wrath changed that. Our go-to stat became strength. We didn’t have four to six stats to balance on our gear (depending on how much you min-maxxed), and everything was undead! We were in heaven.

Anyway, this isn’t a post about what’s been done to paladins, good or bad. This is a post about a certain human female who has wanted a particular trophy as her own for as long as she can remember. It’s something her missing elder sister wanted, too. Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros.

Now, you can’t mog legendaries (it’s really a pity, if you ask me!), but there’s an adequate replacement in Sulfuras, the Extinguished Hand for the purpose of carrying around a fiery brand of your own Retribution.

Before you look at my set, though, go take a look at what the others did, and enjoy the commentary. I’m quite pleased with my own showing with a respectable 355 points, and holding the bronze right up until that Tauren for the Frostwolves took the line right after me.  I was a little worried that someone else would mog my hammer, but there was only one other entry with it, and the dwarf went for the bright red and gold look to accompany the outfit.

Here, Shoryl models the Hammer Throw set:

I really wanted the hammer to stand out, but I thought the cloak added a nice touch of brightness to the rest of the outfit. Everything else was subdued, with only light touches of the colors from the molten hammer.

Interestingly, this is one of the few all high-level sets I’ve ever made. I generally like the look of Vanilla and BC era gear much better. I did struggle with trying to make sure I didn’t inadvertently include too much of a “set” in my choices, which led to some interesting selections, like the Sabatons and cloak.

Mogolympics: Cycling

First off, congratulations to the Winners!  To see all the entries, you can watch a lovely video here!

Since I play Alliance almost exclusively, I decided to go with the Chopper. Since it’s a lovely batch of blues and yellows, I wanted to pull that into my gear. To mix things up a little bit, I didn’t want to go with black accents, so I went with brown instead. I did originally design this on a human female, but ended up with leather, and Kerridwen wanted it for when she gets her bike (come Mists), so I did the finalization on my lovely Night Elf druid.

So, blues and yellows. Well, nothing says biker to me more than a nice sturdy pair of jeans, and goggles. So those were some obvious starting places for me. I definitely wanted some buckles on the gear, to go with those lovely packs on the bike.


This picture didn’t manage to make it to the judges, for which I am sad. I might have a had a slightly better showing. But, who knows for sure.

Kerridwen is wearing:

We won’t mention that between the quest rewards and the Engineering goggles, she’s not ever actually going to get this set, now, shall we?

The Mogolympics has begun!

If you’ve been following the Mogolympics, then you’ve already seen the Opening Ceremonies and the Cycling competition.  If not, you should go take a look, and start following it.   I’m a contestant, and after each event is completed, I’m going to be posting my submission here, with some thoughts I had while creating it, and also pictures and a gear list. I’m up against some tough competitors, and I’m very new to the mogging scene, so I honestly don’t expect to take any gold home. Heck, I’ll be happy with just one bronze!

But the medals are not the spirit of the games, it’s the competition. Giving your best. I didn’t enter all 9 events, because I didn’t want to just slap things together. Each of my sets was thought through and futzed over.  But, without further adieu, here is my standard bearer:

Representing the Stormpike

Here’s Breige. I chose Breige over Gurdrid as the standard bearer because her hair went with the outfit better. Also, I wanted to do a hunter, because I wanted to use a polearm for the weapon, and since this will be the last of her non-bow weapon chances, she was really up for it. Besides, she doesn’t get out of Stormwind much this days, spending so much time in the Auction House.

Stormpike Ho!

The required piece for this was the Stormpike Battle Tabard. I wanted to play heavily on the red and yellow, and I used the golden hues, as well as the black and white to accentuate the outfit.  I particularly like the way the polearm echoes the Stormpike arms.  To show their honor, I chose not to show the cloak, and a low-profile gauntlet would be used under the larger gloves to hide them as well.

Chestguard of Rampant Fury
Stormpike Battle Tabard
Conveniently, Breige already owns the Longrifle, and much of the gear is from soloable content. Since she won’t be able to wield the ranseur in Mists, there’s no worry about farming that out of Firelands.
You can see my entry into the Cycling event tomorrow!

Of Lists and Schedules

I’m a list maker. Sometimes I make them in my head, sometimes I build fancy spreadsheets, and sometimes you get to see them as they come forth from my brain.  My lists are sometimes lists of dates, like the updated Laid Back Dungeons page, which now has August’s “schedule” on it. Really, it’s more of a list, with some dates that will be adjusted based on how many runs we get through each week.  After all, I initially expected 2-3 dungeons, not 3-4, which is what we’ve been managing.

But I have other lists, too.  There’s my bucket list, which is now nearly finished. Gurdrid has completed our Tol Barad goals, setting herself up to smoothly leap into Mists. While I’ll be working on Glory of the Hero for her via the Laid Back Dungeons, her only other goals involve transmogrification. We’ll get to that in a moment.  Oquae will be making a trip to the Darkmoon Faire, along with everyone else, to complete the profession dailies. I’m holding off on that with Sveala until the end of the week, because she’s level 74 now, and will actually benefit as soon as she rolls over to 75, and can get into working on her scribbling again.

Then there’s Gurdrid’s mog list. She has three sets all designed, which she wants to get completed. They are her sword, axe and mace sets – in green, blue and red respectively. I’m teasingly calling her the RGB tank.  List-wise, she needs to visit a total of 8 raids and 7 dungeons to complete all of the sets.  I’ve posted her green set, for which she already has the sword.

You’ll see her blue set after the after the mog olympics, as I used it as a part of the competition. There’s a story there, but I’ll be waiting for the post.  Surprisingly, that one’s the most complete, with Axe, Shield and belt already acquired.

The red set was just finalized this morning, and I’ll be posting it sometime later this week, in all likelihood. This set is to replace the Dark Iron set you’ve been seeing her in.  That one is the most likely going to be the last set I complete, mostly because it uses more Cataclysm pieces than any of the others.

With Gurdrid’s outfits completed, there are other toons clamoring for gear. Two more toons have Mogolympic fever, wanting sets I designed either for their class or on them (and therefore class appropriate)! Oquae is getting noisy about wanting her spikey set; and Shoryl is defying all expectations and requesting an update. She expects to be getting a bit dirty when the Mists part, and the Lawbringer set requires just too much polishing. She thinks something more gold and less silver is in order.  Sveala has kept quiet, but she’s probably waiting until she has the clout to bring it up. I’m not mentioning to her that Sruith has a set already designedI (by Cymre), and I’ll be designing for my Monk as soon as Mogit has a live update, so that I can use quest rewards as desired.


Heartless, Hero, or… Nobody?

If you’re a Kingdom Hearts fan, I’m sure I just made you really, really curious.   Well, I’ve been recently playing Kingdom Hearts II for my sweetie’s enjoyment, and at JD’s Laid Back Raid tonight, Morai won Pauldrons of the Argent Sentinel.  She started playing around in Mogit when she was accidentally locked out of Magtheridon’s chamber; and came up with a design that, well, reminded her of Kingdom Hearts.

She’s pretty sure she’s got a very solid idea going, and is just looking for any tweaking suggestions. But first, let me show you some inspirational pictures.

Here’s Ansem, in Black and White. He’s an enigma to me, since I don’t yet know the whole story.

Image from The Keyhole

This next image is just to give you an idea of the weapon art, never mind that the man in black seems to be in his death throes.

Image from The Keyhole

Here’s a bit of armor art. Yes, I know, he looks kinda like a Power Ranger. I’m sorry if that brings back memories of Tier sets for anyone.

Image from The Keyhole

And finally, the Queen’s Headdress. You’ll understand in a moment why I think this one is important.

Image from The Kingdom Hearts Wiki

Ok, so now you have some idea of the art. Let’s see what Morai looks like:

Head: Helmet of the Steadfast Champion
Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Argent Sentinel
Chest: Exalted Harness
Hands: Stonegrip Gauntlets
Waist: Deathbone Girdle
Legs: Enchanted Thorium Leggings
Feet:  Battlechaser’s Greaves
Weapons: Shockwave Truncheon and Demonfork


The shoulders, as the inspiration for this piece, are very much desired. The legs, with the gold on black, just scream heartless to me. The weapons look like something a Nobody would wield, and, well, who doesn’t think a female Draenei death knight isn’t some sort of wicked witch?  While  the rest is up for debate, the shoulders, legs and mace are the essence of the piece.  The purposeful use of dark and light is so perfect for the Kingdom Hearts world that I just can’t help liking it. But we aren’t plate experts here, so we might have missed something just a little more fitting.

So now, my dear mogger friends, did she hit it, or do you have any possible suggestion for our lovely Death Knight? Who might just be Somebody after all.

When the Dragons Call, We Must Listen

I’ve been hunting green dragonscales for some upgrade gear for Kaide, and Breige got Dragon’s Call a couple of times.

I thought it was gorgeous, but come Mists, Breige won’t be able to weild it, so there’s no point in building a hunter set around it.  Then I got the idea that it would be nice to have different mog sets for Gurdrid, depending on her weapon type. I’m using the dark iron set for her mace, and I thought I’d use Dragon’s Call as the basis for her sword set.

A Work In Progress

Here’s what I have so far:

Main Hand: Dragon’s Call

Offhand: Wormscale Blocker

Head: Ironbark Faceguard

Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Wardancer

Chest: Krakken-Heart Breastplate

Legs: Greaves of the Bloodwarder

Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Wardancer

Waist: Westguard Belt

Hands: Adamant Handguards

Feet: Boots of the Funeral March

It Still Needs Work

I’m not completely happy with the set I’ve developed so far.  Here are my pros and cons:


Dragon’s Call is an absolute must. It’s the whole point of the set, after all.

I love the pants. I think the detailing really does tie in nicely with the sword.

I am enamored of the helm and shoulder combination. I usually hate both big helms and big shoulders, but this pairing works well for me.

I like larger shields for a pally tank. There’s just something very powerful about the idea that she can throw that huge thing at her enemies.

The cloak not only fits in nicely, but happens to be the one Gurdrid is wearing right now.


I think I’ve used to many shades of metal, though it does sorta give a well-traveled look. Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily the look I’m going for.

There was no good belt that I could find.

I don’t care for the boots, but no others jumped out for me as working, either.