Mogolympics Archery

Tome of the Ancient provided us with a lovely review of the Archery event, and Catwyn is now after a certain someone….

A very young hunter came to Gurdrid and told her that he wanted to be in the Mogolympics. He said he was a natural with the bow, and heard that the Stormpike Guard was trying to show that they weren’t dwarf-partisan. Breige overheard this conversation, and harumphed out of the room; but Gurdrid knew that Breige would be fine, so long as she could still carry the honorary pike. So Gurdrid went with the lad to see how he did.

She was impressed with his prowess, and asked his name. He said “I am called Grizled. With one Z.”

Gurdrid gave the lad the token to get him into the games, and sent him back to Stormwind, where he could get the free flight to the archery range. And then she set out after Breige to explain.

When Grizled arrived at the appointed place, he was worried. All those fancy bows! How was he ever going to beat them? Then he learned that magic would be dampened, so that only skill was allowed to show. He had a chance after all!  As he walked onto the range, he glanced around, worried, and caught sight of a young night elf. He looked away quickly, realizing she was watching him! She was so pretty, too!   But he had to concentrate. So he stepped up, and let fly the best marks he’d ever made. He hoped he had a shot at the podium with that. He was just worried that he was too young.

Having tried his best, he set off, looking for that Night Elf who had somehow disappeared…

Icier Barbed Spear (though this will be a moot point by the time you see this!)
And for those interested, Breige said it was all right, if Gurdrid would let her get a similar set of gear:

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  1. Catwynn has bookmarked this page in her Azerothian iPad so she can admire Grizled whenever she likes! And Breige looks wonderful too.

    I have to go, I can’t take all her squeeing over Grizled, that Human Male crazy Druid!

  2. So it was YOU who caught Cat’s eye! Well-played!

  3. I hadn’t realized until today just how much I’d caught Catwynn’s eye, the Judge’s Choice award is quite an honor!

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