Laid Back Dungeons

Okay, so generally LBDs won’t be dropping from the LBD. I’m not up on my cloth gear, so I don’t know which ones count as LBDs, besides, of course, the Lovely Black Dress. 

Anyway!  JD and I were talking about his Laid Back Raids, and I was complaining how I was worried that Sveala wouldn’t make it to 85 before Mists of Pandaria drops, what with the lull making the LFD tool not as helpful of late. No healer should be waiting 15 minutes for a dungeon. 🙂  And JD mentioned that he would love to start Laid Back Dungeon runs, too, but he just doesn’t have the time to do both. So I said I’d volunteer to do some organizing.   The one catch is that I only have one horde toon, so unlike JD, I’ll be running everything Alliance side.  If some lovely Horde blogger wanted to pick up the horde side, that would be awesome! Even if we would miss folks playing on the other side of the fence.

Here’s what my plan is:

If you want to go somewhere special (“I need Sunken Temple for classic dungeons!”), or take a specific level toon (“I’d like to take my level 60 shaman”)  toss it in the comments on this page.

On Wednesday starting at 6:30 pm central (that’s Thursday morning sometime Navi time 🙂  ), I’ll put the RealID call out  including the dungeon we’re running, and folks can say whether they want to come or not.   Just like JD’s runs, no harm no foul if you can’t make it. Anyone who wants to pick up or drop out as we go along is also just fine.

If everyone’s “at level” and we don’t have a full 5-man, we’ll use LFD to pick up the rest. If we have some over-level folks, we’ll run short.

We’ll run until 8 or 9 central, but no later (my get-ready-for-bed time is 9:30).  Doing probably 2-3 dungeons.

Looting will be need for mog, pets or mounts; unless someone at level wants the gear item for an actual gear upgrade. (We’re smart, and polite, and know how to use trade windows!)   These runs are all about fun and hanging out; but the shiny rewards are always a plus – whether we’re helping one person or several matters not one whit!

If I don’t already have you on RealId, you can reach me at shoryl at gmail dot com.   Just put who you are and/or that you’re interested in the LBDs in your note to me.

Now that we’ve had a full run, and since had some interested parties get in touch with me, we run the risk (gasp) of having too many people. If that happens, we’ll break up the party and run two dungeons,  at least if role balance allows.  Otherwise, we’ll probably ask those who don’t need anything from a particular dungeon to sit that dungeon out, rotating interested parties in and out as we can.

The Schedule Coming Up

I’ve got nothing specific planned for upcoming weeks. If you have somewhere special you’d like to go, just let me know. We’ll work it in.  Also, I must report that in the next few weeks, there may be some missed dungeon nights, due directly to the fact that we are (hopefully) closing on our condo on Friday. Further details as we get them.

  1. Come July and particularly August when I’m on holidays, I will be able to take part and also assist with BOTH sides of the Faction War. 🙂

  2. Still need to RealID you — I won’t be able to do LBRs/LBds for a bit, but am still interested!

  3. I cain’t make 6:00, but assumin’ the hospital don’t monkey with the missus’ work schedule I could prolly be on around 6:30. If’n there’s a slot available I’d be interested fer ta join up tonight.

  4. I still need to make one of these runs!!! 😀

    • You absolutely do! And if we have anyone come along who isn’t high enough level for the “schedule” we’re just going to make something up. Just sayin’.

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