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Arthas, We Brought Friends

Ratters and Mrs. Amateur joined JD and I on tonight’s Laid Back Dungeon.  Unfortunately, due to bizarre turns in conversation, we ended up not having Mrs. Amateur in our return to the Halls of Reflection. With extras along, we switch to heroic mode, and  Kinnaevieve, Tumunzahar and Gurdrid lit the place up, easily grabbing We’re Not Retreating, We’re Advancing In a Different Direction for both Gurdrid and Tum.

Gurdrid also picked up Falric’s Wrist Chopper, which will be the basis for her axe transmog set.

After that, we kibitzed about whether we would do a drake run or attempt Zombiefest! in the Culling of Stratholme. Zombiefest! won out when we realized all four of us had the bronze drake somewhere in our stables.  Unfortunately, we misremembered how to actually accomplish the achievement, and did things in the wrong order. But fun was had by all, and Danea picked up Plague-Infected Bracers.

While we were in between activities, Tum also gave us a teaser, saying that he’d built a set around the Blood Boil Lancet he picked up a couple of weeks ago; but he doesn’t yet have the shoulders. Hopefully we’ll get to see that set soon!

And, of course, I failed to take pictures. Feh. Maybe Tum got one of the Iceblock, Judgement and some sort of glowing thing all hitting Arthas at once. He said it looked neat from his angle. I don’t remember seeing it myself.

Side note: We were discussing getting Mrs. Amateur from CoT to Northrend via mage portal, and I mentioned that I didn’t have a mage. Tum pointed out that it wouldn’t really help, but I responded that all you have to do is port into Stockades together, and it’s all good. Ragefire Chasm would work nicely for Hordeys.  I’m sure my smart blogger friends have already thought of it (JD, you’re forgiven. 4:30 am comes mighty early); but just in case you haven’t, there you go.

Light vs Lich!

Tumunzahar and Gurdrid braved Icecrown Citadel; and made our way through both the Forge of Souls and the Pit of Saron.  Tum scored the Blood Boil Lancet from the Devourer (and Tum – freaky voice, not cool voice. K!)

We made our way into the Halls of Reflection with our hopes high. After all, we’d not even gotten close to wiping on the way.   Falric, Marwyn, and their buddies minions were no match for the daring duo; and Gurdrid found a satisfactory chunk of the door to take as her souvenir.

It could be a good Cathedral!

Unfortunately, while saving Jaina from the Lich King, we killed the minions a little too far away, and glitched Jaina actually melting the last bit of ice. We were a little too tired to take another go at it, so we finished for the night.