It’s Too Dang Hot In Here

Just a head’s up for folks – I am likely not going to be able to make it to the 8/15 Laid Back Dungeon run. My computer appears to have overheated last night; and a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity to support a group of folks who want to help me be able to get married despite what their highest religious leader says is happening at the same time. We’ll get together the same time on the 22nd!

(And JD and Tyledres, I believe you’re now RealID connected – no reason not to run just because I’m not there, feel free to have at!)

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  1. Woah.. poor computer! waaaaaa

    • We’re currently working on the assumption that it needs a nice visit with a can of air, and for me to remember to not shove it right up against the solid wood side of my desk.

      The Blue Moon event is also very important to me, so even if I’m right (and not headed out to buy another fan (or, light forbid, another computer) I won’t be around on Wednesday night.

  2. I wasn’t on long enough to run anything, to be honest. I finished my two Netherdrake dailies with Liouxpold and called it a night. But, indeed, I have two more Dungeon runs in me before I switch back to the night shift. 🙂

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