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OLRG: What do You Want?

So this evening, the Old Ladies (and the men and young women who like us) went to Firelands, so that Fandral could be a Ninnie and not give Momo the staff; and then we headed to Naxxramus in an attempt to complete the 25-man achievements.    This brought us to a conversation about what achievements are out there that people would like to get…

So, my dear readers, put it in the comments – what achievement, what raid, what boss, what…ever you would like to tour with the Old Ladies. Current content is allowed, but we will have to see if the gear level of the participants will allow.

Anyway, I will put together a pretty spreadsheet for Matty so that we can be a little more robust in our offerings. I might even go read a strat or two about achievements. 🙂

My list is here, feel free to crib from it, or just jot a thing or two down.

The Choice is Upon Us

You probably know by now that Blizzard has started the pre-orders, and with them, the free level-90 boost.  If you don’t, you either don’t play WoW and read my blog for some strange reason, or you live under a rock and I’m not sure how you got to my blog in the first place.  (but I’m flattered)

Anyway, I’m not pre-ordering just yet (Friday at the earliest, possibly a bit longer than that), but that doesn’t mean that I’m not thinking about what I want to do with my boost. My original thought was to boost Shoryl the Tauren. But… Shoryl’s specific function is to see content from the Horde point of view, and I don’t want to do that at max level. It just never feels as engaging that way.

So my next thought started a conversation with my wife about my cadre of Dwarves. After confirming that the only class that a Dwarf cannot be is Druid; I am left with 10 classes to choose from. Hunter and Paladin are out of it since Gurdrid and Breige are already level 90 dwarves.  For boosting existing characters, there are  Muirri at 85, Sruith at 83, Nemain at 59 and Saoire at 29 on Ysera, or Grianna at 28 on Whisperwind. I don’t have a dwarf shaman or warrior (Sveala and Oquae are both Draenei), or any rogue.

I’m pretty unlikely to boost any of the characters on Ysera at this point, and Grianna has a full set of heirlooms, making her less of a pick.  On the other hand, since I’m not planning to move Shoryl from Ysera to Whisperwind, I could finish out Nemain’s single level, move her to Whisperwind, and make her my JC/Engineer (more like make her an enchanter and continue with the idea of Grianna taking up the mantle of JC).  Having a level 90 rogue has its own appeal, as well; except that the job of said rogue would be picking locks.  Since I have only once almost gotten a rogue to max level, this has a personal appeal, except that I’m not sure I want to play one.

I think my decision is between boosting Nemain and moving her, or creating a rogue from 1.