OLRG: What do You Want?

So this evening, the Old Ladies (and the men and young women who like us) went to Firelands, so that Fandral could be a Ninnie and not give Momo the staff; and then we headed to Naxxramus in an attempt to complete the 25-man achievements.    This brought us to a conversation about what achievements are out there that people would like to get…

So, my dear readers, put it in the comments – what achievement, what raid, what boss, what…ever you would like to tour with the Old Ladies. Current content is allowed, but we will have to see if the gear level of the participants will allow.

Anyway, I will put together a pretty spreadsheet for Matty so that we can be a little more robust in our offerings. I might even go read a strat or two about achievements. 🙂

My list is here, feel free to crib from it, or just jot a thing or two down.

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  1. Adding you in my blog roll my dear!!! 🙂 and I’ll post my olrg homework later today. Thanks!

  2. Awesome. I will check in and get your list!

  3. I know I still need “Do a Barrel Roll” and “Only the Penitent” and Cat’s just happy to go there as she’s trying to reach exalted with them.

    I think there are three left for me in Ulduar 25.
    Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare
    I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning…

    I haven’t looked those up yet so don’t know what’s involved.

  4. I don’t often make it out to OLRG, but I figured I’d add my wish-list here anyway. Pretty simple- achievements. For pretty much anywhere- finish out the Cata raid ones, I still have a few LK raid ones as well. I’d love to do the SoO ones on flex, and the ones for earlier MoP raid tiers. If I can make it to OLRG, I’m happy to do just about anything.

  5. My list starts with actually attending on a regular basis, or at least getting the Mrs. out there more.

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