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These are the blogs I follow, or think you should read. There’s going to be some more movement here as I try and fit all of my blogger buddies into one place. Um, yeah. I’ve decided to remove the categorization, and, well, plop a whole lot of links in here, as it’s a handy way to reference blogs when I’m away from my reader.

Alt: ernative – The Godmother spins GMing, raiding, and Faffing tales in (im)proper British style.  Also, very handy pet battle database.

ALTO’s Gold”ish” Advice – Alto blogs about AH PvP with tips, tricks, addon tutorials and more.   Not into the AH PvP? He’s still got your back with advice for how to make some cash from those professions and his own little tinfoil hatting on what you might want to try and stock up on for the next patch, whatever that might be.

Amateur Azerothian – The Amateur, JD, inspired me to become a laid back ‘mogger, and to start up the Laid Back Dungeons. He’s been great to chat with, and fun to read. Even when I don’t fully agree with him.  He writes almost everything except guides. (This is not a complaint)

Arsenic and Old Mooncloth – Written by Morrigu, this blog discusses much about the social aspect of the game, and sometimes gaming in general.  Don’t read this blog if you have anything against feminist gamers. (Of course, if you have something against feminist gamers, you shouldn’t be here, either.)

Aunaka Heals – I started following Aunaka after she joined one of JDs Laid Back Raids. She’s clever, amusing, and knows her healing stuffs. If I were ever going to get back into raiding, especially healing, I would be looking here for good, solid information about fight tactics.

Awaiting the Muse – When Effraeti was taking a hiatus from WoW, she decided to close Effraeti’s RP on Wormrest Accord. In her comments there, she said that the name of the blog was far too narrow in scope. With this new blog, she has been moving her old significant works slow, and writing new things. She’s also started playing WoW again.

Bubbles of Mischief – Cymre describes herself with these words: “You could say I’m a bit of an achievement fiend, as well as a lover of taking Silver Dragon shots – I have a huge collection.” She doesn’t say it, but she also seems to have a thing for hunting rare artifacts, and figuring out the interesting things you can do with them.

Chronicles of Mia – Mia writes a lot about all kinds of aspects of WoW.  She seems to have an ability to resonate with things I can write about, and so ends up inspiring posts for me.

The Daily Frostwolf – Druid Edition  is a blog about being in a casual raiding guild (for values of casual that involve raiding 4 days a week and doing heroics!). Navimie also collects rares, not necessarily her own. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to send her a pic for her collection….

Falling Leaves and Wings, one of the most venerable blogs I read, is written by Beruthiel on the topics of druidry, raiding and guild/raid leadership (probably other stuff too). Beru has some lovely insights into lots of stuff.

Fel ConcentrationIf you want to know something about the affliction warlock, this is a wonderful place.  Poneira has not one, but two affliction ‘locks, and writes lovingly about both the class and spec.

Jinxed Thoughts – a blog from the discipline priest perspective, including several guides. Zinn is a self-proclaimed altoholic; produces guides; and generally has lots of interesting things to say.

Kamalia et AliaKamalia says of her own blog “Expect to see a grab-bag of posts about what I’m doing with my alts, fun things to wear, sporadic bouts of storytelling, silly things I’ve drawn, and occasional commentary upon my raiding adventures.”  I like her art and screenshots a great deal.

Mana Cake Musings – Vuuk talks about mage and PvP stuff, mostly. He’s provided me with a guest post, and hopefully the steps to becoming a better player, through using keybinds instead of clicking.

Need More Rage – Ratshag’s amusing writing style belies his necessary command of the English language. Prepare to be amused while still getting some really good content. Ratters may post short stuff frequently, but that’s all the better, in my opinion. Sadly, Ratters has retired from blogging on this site, but I’m keeping him on my list anyway.

Parallel Context is a blog where Redbeard and Souldat talk a lot about how we interact with the game, what’s going on with the gaming world, and many other things related to WoW but not really about the game. There’s probably also some in-game interest stuff there, too.

Press ‘5’ to Capture – Ratshag is back, with a blog all about pet battles. The blogging style is more wordy, but still excellent to read.

Red Cow Rise is a blog that has a little bit of everything, she’s a girl gamer, a girl geek, and lives in Japan.   And she hosts complicated blogging events for Blog Azeroth!

I’ll add more as I find I’m watching for their posts. But – check out the blogrolls of these folks, too. Playing the connection game can be all kinds of interesting, and make your blogroll explode!

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