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The Other Side of Altitis

For many years now, I’ve had multiple toons that I played here and there, but Cataclysm was the first time I made a concerted effort to get several of them to max level. Gurdrid was the first, followed shortly by Shoryl, then by Kerridwen. Later on, I finished leveling Briege, and near the end of the expansion I got Oquae and Sveala up to 85. All of them set to head into Pandaria.

My primary goal was professions. I wanted to try and capitalize on early opportunities to make money with the things that would be in short supply, but that raiders would need. The problem, however, is that much of the stuff I was hoping to be able to make money on was locked behind not one, but generally two reputations. Jewelcrafting, alchemy and inscription were the rare exceptions, and so I was able to earn a bit with that – in fact alchemy and inscription are still paying off.

But with 4 90s  at this time, I find myself struggling with what I want to accomplish in game. Part of that is because one thing I really want is the Jeweled Onyx Panther. I can make it now, but it’s a lot of gold. What’s the best way to get gold? Well, on my server, it’s a little bit of Living Steel and as many Royal Satchels as I can manage to make.  And so, I am running 3 full 16-plot farms. That means that if I’m diligent toward that goal, I would do the following every day:

Oquae – Farm motes of harmony to speed production of Imperial Silk. Use cooldown. Make bags whenever possible.

Gurdrid – Farm ore – smelt all trillium for Sveala, send all ghost iron (and extra trillium of one color) to Shoryl

Breige – Farm cloth if needed, or ore if cloth is not needed. Do Thunder Island Dailies. Do the Troves of the Thunder King Scenario weekly.

Shoryl – Prospect ore from Gurdrid/Breige. Cut and vendor green gems, AH extra blue gems. 

Sveala – Use Living Steel Cooldown, AH Greater shoulder enchants and Living Steel.

It doesn’t really seem all that bad, does it? But, if I’ve only got 45 minutes to an hour to play in the evening, well, that’s about all I can do.

I’ve barely been able to pet battle, touch the Isle of Giants, or actually learn the LFR raids. I barely did the new content that came with the most recent patch. I certainly don’t get around to doing the weekly collection of items for Vol’jin.

But what would I do if I wasn’t trying to make 72,000 gold for one mount? Well, I have a low-level priest I want to work on. I have a death knight to get to 85. I’m waiting for the new server structure to see if there might be a guild merger in our future. And I will probably be spending a bunch of time working out which race/class combinations are needed for the rest of the Classy guild achievements, then leveling them. I haven’t even gone through the Pandaren starting area, much less tried to go both Horde and Alliance to see how that differs.

So many things to do, and sometimes, that’s paralyzing in itself.

As These Things Go

It’s been a quite a while since I blogged, and then only briefly to apologize because exciting life events had been taking much of my time. During that time, my WoW life has consisted of a little bit of farming, the weekly guild runs, and some puttering about. Nothing post-worthy, so I didn’t post.

A quick stop in Stormwind to take a picture with their early mentor

A quick stop in Stormwind to take a picture with their early mentor

I am now a happily married woman, and since I promised someone I’d actually post about it, here’s the short and sweet. My dearest and I were married by a friend of my sister’s in a lovely park near our home. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect – the high for the day was about 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and we had vivid blue skies and coloring-book style clouds floating past. The humidity was also quite low for the day.
In attendance were our two witnesses, my sister and father, and a few additional friends. After the ceremony, we went to one of our favorite restaurant/bars, and had a happy hour with a group of primarily co-workers. We ordered a whole chocolate cake from the restaurant’s renowned bakery, and had it not been for Sona’s Man of Honor, we would have had exactly one slice left at the end of the evening. Since we had to work on the 2nd, we made an early night of it.

But, back to WoW…

Shoryl and Sonaira finally made it to level 90. Shoryl immediately set off to join the Order of the Cloud Serpents – unsurprising given her father’s stables. Her aim, though, was not the cloud serpents themselves. It was a certain magic that they have for bringing gems to life.
Between her natural tendency for diplomacy, a letter of recommendation from Briege, her guild’s overall reputable nature, and a few lucky finds of Onyx dragon eggs, it took a matter of days for her to convince the quartermaster to give her the scrolls from which she could learn the secrets she desired. While Jackoby had been quite kind – pleased, even – to make the basic mounts for her, she was looking forward to making the penultimate Jeweled Onyx Panther herself.

Spoiled for Choice

Now that I have 4 level 90 toons, though, I am discovering a new difficulty to the World of Choices that is the current expansion. I’m going to talk about that in another post, though.
The guild runs on Wednesday night continue to be a high point in our activity – right now we’re working on the two raiding with leashes achievements. We hit one or two raids each week, and cycle through. A couple of the pets have already been obtained by all of us, while others we haven’t even seen drop yet. We’re adding in the raids from vanilla and BC that don’t include pets for the purposes of switching it up a bit, as well.
I’m getting back ‘round to LFR raiding as well and I’m debating whether I’m going to try to actually complete the Legendary quest line. It’s hard to consider it because I’ve never been able to understand PvP, but there are achievements, mounts, and pets to be had inPvP as well, so it’s probably a worthwhile endeavor to get into anyhow.
I also decided to make another attempt at leveling a horde character, and to this end, I’ve found myself a spot in a certain well-known guild. Shoryl the Tauren has crossed the level 20 threshold, and is making slow but steady progress – mostly on weekend mornings when the late-night Frostwolves are awake. (a 15-hour time difference from the server to my real time zone is pretty wild.)