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Mog Busting Comes Around

Two and a half months ago, I started the Mog Busting challenge, asking Cymre for some threads for the leader of the Dwarven Dungeon Crawl, Sruith.  Since I started it, I hadn’t yet made a set, so when Rhuanious said she didn’t have anyone to tag, I sorta volunteered.  I should have known better. This was a difficult mog.  Here’s what she gave me:

 hmm my DK is in dire need of something new. Maybe using Blade of the Wretched or similar, or a Skettis Curved Blade. 

While this leaves things open to interpretation, the first thing I had to do was go poking around her blog to find out who her DK is. Once I found Brodhi, I made a model on my alt server (for when my server is down), which caused Mr. Amateur to try and flag me down while I had giant windows covering up my chat box. Sorry ’bout that!

I looked up the blades, and decided I’m saving the Skettis Curved Blade for another idea.   I also really liked the Blade of the Wretched for a DK, so I worked with that.

The Set

As I was poking around, I kept leaning heavily toward, um, dark druidic looks. So we (Sona and I) decided that Brodhi was a druid before she became a DK; and her armor shows it. I decided that the tie-in for all the greens and browns would be her pair of swords. Behold:

Head: Valorous Scourgeborn Helmet

Shoulders: Elementium Deathplate Pauldrons (Heroic)

Chest: Jade-Skull Breastplate

Hands: Exalted Gauntlets

Waist: Girdle of the Immovable

Legs: Exalted Legplates

Feet: Loam-Stained Greaves (hopefully, she hasn’t done that quest!)

Weapons: Blade of the Wretched and Brutality Blade

Tag, You’re It!

I’m going to hit up Ratters for my next outfit:

Breige has retired from the rigors of being a hunter, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a dwarf! Her trusty gun, which she won in a bet with Hemet, is the Nessingwary Longrifle.  She does occasionally go out and skin, but she is definitely most suited to hunting alone when she’s out (no raiding or current tier dungeon gear unless it’s BoE).

20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge: Day 16

This is the 16th installment of the 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge.  

Things you Miss (Post-Cataclysm)

Missing things in an MMO is something we all do. We all have rose-colored glasses as we look back at our own “glory days”. I don’t miss 40-man raids; or even progression raiding, which I did in Vanilla. I don’t miss being dragged through content other people could clean up on without my help.   Which is funny, because I am more than happy to run other people through low-level dungeons on my toons that can solo them; and I have really enjoyed JD’s Laid Back Raids on both Oquae and Sveala when they were level appropriate.

Remade Zones

The number one thing I miss post-cataclysm is some of the old versions of the remade zones.

Ashenvale. I playAlliance almost exclusively, and the complete devastation of the Night Elves’ area is heart-wrenching. I’d rather have no quests in Stonetalon Mountains or the Barrens than go through Ashenvale again.

I also miss the Defias story line in Westfall. It could have been tweaked slightly near the end to flow into the new dungeon; or better yet, leave the non-heroic Deadmines alone and give us the new story for the Heroic only!   A few level 80-85 quests phased into Westfall could have easily handled the tie-in.  I suspect part of my missing the old Westfall is that, once again, I don’t like the story there now.

There’s also Southshore. I made a point of leveling there on every character; and unless you’ve played a Worgen (or Forsaken, I’m given to understand), the attack on Southshore is out of the blue and why aren’t we fighting to take it back? Hmmm?The second thing I miss post-Cataclysm is the ease of travel between the main cities of your faction and those from the other expansions. Being able to move between these areas made going to the zones easier, which in turn probably helped make areas feel more populated, even if they weren’t necessarily so.


Generally speaking the only other thing I miss post-Cataclysm is people. I think a lot of folks got burned out on the expansion early, because so much time was spent on the 1-60 remake that it felt like there was less for people to do at max level. Add in the on-rails questing, and it’s hard to make doing it more than once fresh. I’m not usually one to find the story repetitious, but even I found it tedious once I’d completed Loremaster on a solo toon post-Cata.

Heartless, Hero, or… Nobody?

If you’re a Kingdom Hearts fan, I’m sure I just made you really, really curious.   Well, I’ve been recently playing Kingdom Hearts II for my sweetie’s enjoyment, and at JD’s Laid Back Raid tonight, Morai won Pauldrons of the Argent Sentinel.  She started playing around in Mogit when she was accidentally locked out of Magtheridon’s chamber; and came up with a design that, well, reminded her of Kingdom Hearts.

She’s pretty sure she’s got a very solid idea going, and is just looking for any tweaking suggestions. But first, let me show you some inspirational pictures.

Here’s Ansem, in Black and White. He’s an enigma to me, since I don’t yet know the whole story.

Image from The Keyhole

This next image is just to give you an idea of the weapon art, never mind that the man in black seems to be in his death throes.

Image from The Keyhole

Here’s a bit of armor art. Yes, I know, he looks kinda like a Power Ranger. I’m sorry if that brings back memories of Tier sets for anyone.

Image from The Keyhole

And finally, the Queen’s Headdress. You’ll understand in a moment why I think this one is important.

Image from The Kingdom Hearts Wiki

Ok, so now you have some idea of the art. Let’s see what Morai looks like:

Head: Helmet of the Steadfast Champion
Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Argent Sentinel
Chest: Exalted Harness
Hands: Stonegrip Gauntlets
Waist: Deathbone Girdle
Legs: Enchanted Thorium Leggings
Feet:  Battlechaser’s Greaves
Weapons: Shockwave Truncheon and Demonfork


The shoulders, as the inspiration for this piece, are very much desired. The legs, with the gold on black, just scream heartless to me. The weapons look like something a Nobody would wield, and, well, who doesn’t think a female Draenei death knight isn’t some sort of wicked witch?  While  the rest is up for debate, the shoulders, legs and mace are the essence of the piece.  The purposeful use of dark and light is so perfect for the Kingdom Hearts world that I just can’t help liking it. But we aren’t plate experts here, so we might have missed something just a little more fitting.

So now, my dear mogger friends, did she hit it, or do you have any possible suggestion for our lovely Death Knight? Who might just be Somebody after all.

An Unusual Take on D3

I signed up for the annual pass, so I got D3 free. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have bought it, even though there are several things that point toward me actually liking the game. The first being that I enjoyed both Diablo and D2.

I have to say this about the game: It’s gorgeous. Even though it’s very gothic, and very dark, it’s still easy to see what you need to.

There are two downsides to the game for me, though.  (To be fair, I played for a few hours one afternoon. I probably didn’t get a solid grasp on things like the controls and actual realistic play mechanics, but that wasn’t my initial intent, and I’m not going to talk about those anyway.)

The story so far is a rehash of the other two Diablos.  It took a long time to put this together, why are we getting a rehash?  I’ve only gotten part way through Act I, though, so it might just be the introduction.  Except I’ve killed the same boss that I had to kill last time. Where’s the fun in that? I thought we killed him actually dead!

The second is that the player experience is extremely diminished without sound. I don’t have speakers on my computer, which means I have to listen on headphones, which means I will ignore everything around me even more than I do now.  Also, I don’t particularly like listening on headphones anyway. I use headphones for Skype because the mic headset is so useful. But at work I use headphones when I’m not on the phone, at which point I have a headset. You see how this makes playing my video games too much like work?

Finally, I’m kinda squeamish, and I’m afraid of snakes. Now, look at Grotesques.  I’m pretty sure those are going to be a staple in some way or another, so we’ll just say it now – ewwwwwww.    Then, add in that I need to listen to the game, and that this immerses me more. And I can no longer play this game at night without sleep consequences. Since I do most of my gaming in the evening, that kinda sucks for trying to find time for D3.

So, D3 is not for me. I get why people like it – it’s a beautiful game, and if you either utterly adored D2 or didn’t play it at all, the story thing probably won’t be a bother to you.

Naming Conventions: Or Why You Should Always Completely Fill Out Your Guild Application

One of our guildies’ “mains” is Phinkbunny. Now, you might guess that it’s obvious that a gnome rogue with pink hair would be called Phinkbunny, but there’s actually more to it than that.

You see, when we first met him, we knew him as Greendeer. Things happened, and Greendeer moved servers, and then he came back to play with us again – but without Green.  When he did that, I insisted that he fill out a guild application.  I was a bit of a stickler for them at the time.  Now, we’re a tiny guild, and the app is a bit of a formality, but it does weed out the extremely obnoxious.  Here’s his application:

How did you learn about Higher Authority?
phinkbunny: “from friends”

Why do you believe you’ll enjoy playing with Higher Authority?
phinkbunny: “because i have in the past ”

How many characters do you have?
phinkbunny: “18-20”

What are your characters’ names and levels?
phinkbunny: “main is blueox”

What do you like to do most with your play time?
phinkbunny: “archaeology”

Now, you might notice that he said he had 18-20 toons, but that he named one. One!  Well, being the type of person I am, I posted a modification of his application for him; and it said something to the effect of I also have a hunter named redlion; a priest named whitegiraffe; a rogue named pinkbunny, a mage named greendeer, and a warrior named blackemu.

About two days later he had created Phinkbunny, and a host of other toons, all with the color-animal naming convention.

The only thing that confuses me is how he has a Death Knight named Hemlock.  Last time I checked, Hem wasn’t a color (my mother was an artist, I know all about ecru, and actually know what color chartreuse is!) and lock is a class, not an animal.

So, in case you were wondering, don’t leave holes in your application. If people in the guild know you, they may just provide extra information.

Bucket List Updates

I’ve been working on my bucket list quite a bit lately, and this is where we stand:


Has broken 450 on both tailoring and enchanting.

Is level 82, meaning she can complete her tailoring and enchanting whether or not she makes it to 85.


Has hit 375 inscription. However, she’s not level 65 yet, so can’t continue.

Is level 60! Go, Outlands!


Is as prepped for Mists as she’s probably going to get.


Would like to pick up some more dungeoning and raiding achievements.

Laid Back Dungeons

JD and I were chatting this morning, and I’ve designed Laid Back Dungeons more or less off of his Laid Back Raids. If you’re interested, check out the page. Comment there if you have a place you want to go or a specific character you want to take.

Phinkbunny and the Reins of the Twilight Drake

Amateur Azerothian’s Laid Back Raids tonight were The Eye of Eternity and Obsidium Sanctum. Malygos refused to give up the Reins of the Azure Drake, but Sartharion came through with the Twilight Drake. We won’t mention Matty’s moment, but Phinkbunny ended up with the second highest roll, and the reins. As promised, here’s a picture:

And just for Mr. Amateur, I took this shot, as well. 🙂

JD, if I could help you farm it, I would. You know that. (I hope)

When the Dragons Call, We Must Listen

I’ve been hunting green dragonscales for some upgrade gear for Kaide, and Breige got Dragon’s Call a couple of times.

I thought it was gorgeous, but come Mists, Breige won’t be able to weild it, so there’s no point in building a hunter set around it.  Then I got the idea that it would be nice to have different mog sets for Gurdrid, depending on her weapon type. I’m using the dark iron set for her mace, and I thought I’d use Dragon’s Call as the basis for her sword set.

A Work In Progress

Here’s what I have so far:

Main Hand: Dragon’s Call

Offhand: Wormscale Blocker

Head: Ironbark Faceguard

Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Wardancer

Chest: Krakken-Heart Breastplate

Legs: Greaves of the Bloodwarder

Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Wardancer

Waist: Westguard Belt

Hands: Adamant Handguards

Feet: Boots of the Funeral March

It Still Needs Work

I’m not completely happy with the set I’ve developed so far.  Here are my pros and cons:


Dragon’s Call is an absolute must. It’s the whole point of the set, after all.

I love the pants. I think the detailing really does tie in nicely with the sword.

I am enamored of the helm and shoulder combination. I usually hate both big helms and big shoulders, but this pairing works well for me.

I like larger shields for a pally tank. There’s just something very powerful about the idea that she can throw that huge thing at her enemies.

The cloak not only fits in nicely, but happens to be the one Gurdrid is wearing right now.


I think I’ve used to many shades of metal, though it does sorta give a well-traveled look. Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily the look I’m going for.

There was no good belt that I could find.

I don’t care for the boots, but no others jumped out for me as working, either.