Patch 4.3 from the perspective of a tiny guild

Patch 4.3 dropped on Tuesday, and with it, quite a bit of content – Three new Heroic dungeons, a new raid (the last raid of the expansion) the raid finder, epic gems, the new Darkmoon Faire, void storage and transmogrification were the big ticket items.  There were also a few other, smaller things, like changes to threat mechanics and Chaos Orbs no longer being soulbound.

If you’ve been reading the blog, you already know my guild doesn’t raid, so the last raid isn’t that big of a deal to us; nor, for that matter, is the LFR tool.   The new dungeons, while I’m looking forward to them, are not content we’ll get to very soon. The conversion of Valor Points to Justice Points (a common trend now, each time a new raid is released) is actually bigger news to me, and something I’m pleased about. Kerridwen got new bracers last night, and Shoryl will be getting some very soon, all because my points all got lumped together, making my meager stores enough to actually get somewhere.

Chaos Orbs are a bigger deal for us, since we’re just now getting into heroics, we’ll be able to get some, but better than that, they’re going for relatively cheap (under 100g each) on our server. I’ve picked up the 5 I need for a new sword. Too bad Truegold is still at a premium.     This change will help out quite a bit in the short term as well as the long run, as we’ll be able to give ourselves a leg up in the gear department, making those heroics a lot easier.

Epic Gems would be more exciting if I could figure out whether I have a shot at getting my hands on either the patterns or the gems themselves. I have a maxed jewelcrafter, so it’s merely a case of figuring out where on earth I buy the cuts, and whether we can transmute the gems, or can only get them via raiding (or raider spillover in the coming months).  Either way, I’m looking at it more from the profit standpoint than adding them to my own gear right now. *Note: I’ve learned where to buy the patterns.  Silly Blizzard made Ms Facet hard to see! Now I just need to wait until my server has a surplus of gems.*

Transmogrification and Void Storage I was very excited about before the expansion dropped. I’m still quite excited about transmogrification, though I need to figure out how to convince Sonaira to go to Molten Core so that our reputation remains fairly consistent and I can get the rest of the Lightbringer set.   I also would really like to be able to ‘mog my tabard. Blizz, can I please advertise my guild all the time? Please?

Void storage, on the other hand, is nowhere near as exciting as I had hoped.  First, it is just deep storage. It costs 25g to store each item there. There’s lots of limitations – nothing that’s not soulbound, meaning no simple guild tabards or heirloom gear. Nothing unique, meaning about half of the holiday gear can’t be stored there.  Second, you have to have the item in your bags to transmogrify using it, meaning your items can’t be in void storage at the time of transmogrification.   Sure, I’m going to use it for what I can, because it will free up bag space, but it still leaves a bit to be desired. I’m not asking for the world. I just want to stow old tabards and holiday gear along with my proper pally getup. 🙂

Both of these things still have potential, and we were warned early on that they would be more limited in scope at release than the ultimate plan.  I suppose it is better to giveth than to taketh away.

I am super excited about the Darkmoon Faire changes. the Faire was something that I’d never really bothered with previously. It seemed like a difficult grind of exotic items for minimal reward. Now, it looks like there will be dailies… and I won’t have to track the darned thing down any more! Whoot!

My dear Sonaira, the tank, is generally pleased with the changes to threat mechanics, though she was always a threat tank rather than a mitigation tank, so she’ll have a bit of an adjustment to her methodology. But I have faith that she’ll do a good job. She’s just that competent.   This change certainly means that if the rest of us outgear her because we have more play time, she’ll still be able to hold aggro without any difficulty.

Another minor, generally undiscussed change is the ability for guilds with inactive GLs to take control of their guild. I think Blizz hit on a very good methodology for making this possible, without allowing a bitter GL to tie up control by merely not promoting anyone active to a proper rank. I’m sure adding these mechanics takes some of the headache away from the GMs with petitions for guilds.

This seems to be a nice end of expansion patch all around, though; and I’m happy that I got some new content too, not just the raiders. Blizzard has been doing a better job of providing a wider variety of new content each patch, and that makes this girl happy.

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  1. You have not recently asked your tank to run Molten Core with you. 😛 Though it’s going to have to wait until after holiday knitting.

    I’m quite disappointed with void storage. I understand that it’s intended to be used as long-term storage, and not an extra bank. I was intending to do just that – store my tabards and my holiday equipment, you know, things I don’t actually use, but want to keep. Or quest mementos. But no.

  2. Hi! I noticed your questions about epic gems/patterns and thought I’d answer that for you!

    You should be able to buy the new cuts at 5 tokens each from a vendor located near your JC trainer (in Org she is in the same building, so I assume she is on the sidewalk nearby in SW), or 4 tokens for random patterns. Sadly though, the epic gems themselves are only available in the Dragon Soul raid from boss drops (not in LFR), though there is talk of alchemy xmutes sometime in the future.

    Glad you are enjoying the patch! Keep Ysera in line!

    • Thanks. I actually learned that shortly after I set this up to post. Since I’m not yet able to get the gems to do the cuts, I’m buying the random books, to see if I can get lucky and get the handful of cuts I really want on the cheap.
      And Ms. Facet (I don’t remember how they changed her first name from Farrah, or even if they did), hides right in plain view right behind the daily quest-giver in Stormwind. She’s wearing pink clothes, and is a blonde with a tan, meaning she blends in with the building behind her really well.

  3. /sigh

    Well, the inability to stick tabards there kind of kills void storage for me. It’s quite easy to fill a bank with tabards if you’re not watching things, and that ‘s a real shame that Blizz hasn’t helped out the tabard collectors that way.

    • To be fair, you can put some of your tabards into Void Storage. The ones that are (a) not unique, and (b) soulbound. Which is actually a lot of them. The ones that come to mind are guild tabards because they’re account bound, not soulbound (or the plain one, which isn’t bound at all), the Illidari Tabard because it’s unique, and probably a few other, similar tabards. It seems about half of the holiday reward items are also storable, mostly due to not being able to store unique items.

  4. The threat changes were hotfixed into the game already way before 4.3 (around mid-August I believe).

    I don’t know either why they insisted on keeping it in the 4.3 patchnotes as it’s just confusing people.

  5. Ah, I see. I wonder why we didn’t see a significant change in the intervening weeks, but suddenly did. I don’t think Sona’s gear changed any during that time.

    • Sorry for the rather short comment there, trying to access blogs and such from work is hard when the firewall is blocking a lot of stuff.

      I can’t remember if all of the tank changes were hotfixed in together nor find a source on what specificly got hotfixed in, but I think they might have hotfixed the threat modifiers in, and then done the vengeance change in 4.3

  6. It’s a shame they put such limitations on Void Storage. I find even with it, my bank is still pretty full with all my costume / world event stuff. Plus my Void Storage is close to full too just from my old tier sets.

    In terms of JC, I bought the int and mastery cuts for 5 tokens and am now in the process of buying the rest with the books. I seem to be getting quite a few of the PVP cuts though and with the epic drops few and far btwn, it doesn’t look like I’ll be using those stones any time soon.

    GL with everything. It’s always nice to hear from some of the smaller Guilds out there.

    BTW, your Gravatar profile could do with a pic. Just saying! 🙂

    • I keep meaning to work on that stuff, but I also keep playing WoW instead of doing image stuff at home… Wait, Look, a new avatar! 🙂

      I’m glad people are enjoying the perspective of the small guild.

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