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Mogolympics Archery

Tome of the Ancient provided us with a lovely review of the Archery event, and Catwyn is now after a certain someone….

A very young hunter came to Gurdrid and told her that he wanted to be in the Mogolympics. He said he was a natural with the bow, and heard that the Stormpike Guard was trying to show that they weren’t dwarf-partisan. Breige overheard this conversation, and harumphed out of the room; but Gurdrid knew that Breige would be fine, so long as she could still carry the honorary pike. So Gurdrid went with the lad to see how he did.

She was impressed with his prowess, and asked his name. He said “I am called Grizled. With one Z.”

Gurdrid gave the lad the token to get him into the games, and sent him back to Stormwind, where he could get the free flight to the archery range. And then she set out after Breige to explain.

When Grizled arrived at the appointed place, he was worried. All those fancy bows! How was he ever going to beat them? Then he learned that magic would be dampened, so that only skill was allowed to show. He had a chance after all!  As he walked onto the range, he glanced around, worried, and caught sight of a young night elf. He looked away quickly, realizing she was watching him! She was so pretty, too!   But he had to concentrate. So he stepped up, and let fly the best marks he’d ever made. He hoped he had a shot at the podium with that. He was just worried that he was too young.

Having tried his best, he set off, looking for that Night Elf who had somehow disappeared…

Icier Barbed Spear (though this will be a moot point by the time you see this!)
And for those interested, Breige said it was all right, if Gurdrid would let her get a similar set of gear:

Wrestling – A Mogolympics Event

On the docks of Booty Bay, a… reverse cage match was set forth. Once again, I made it into the top half, but failed to medal with the Green Giant!  I selected a Draenei male for this outfit, partially so the belt wouldn’t look quite so awful. (It looks more like a girdle on dwarven females)  This was an interesting event, as I wanted to balance something stylishly garish.  This would end up being a shaman’s set in a couple of days, since hunters will no longer be able to carry the staff.


More Mogolymics – Discus Throw

Khizzara is one of the judges that JD has pulled in for the Mogolympics, and she hosted the Discus Throw along with Kaylira.  This was another entertaining commentary piece, and I was only knocked out of medal contention in the last few competitors. This has been my best showing by far, but I don’t feel it was my best set (here’s hoping for my best set isn’t pitted against the tougher sets of other competitors!)

For this set, I wanted to go with the shield that reminded me most of an actual discus, and for that, I went to the Gypsy Buckler.  It’s multi-toned rings being not perfectly round just said something about the beginnings of the events.  Having selected my shield, I contemplated races, and the draenei immediately came to mind! After all, they are something of a gypsy race.  Oquae acquiesced to enter the competition, though it took her some practice to get used to hefting a small shield instead of the massive axe she normally throws about.

I particularly wanted to pick up the green and brown from the shield, bringing in bits of blue as highlights, rather than pulling it in abundance.

I think the boots only worked on this set because she’s hooved, and so the plain brown boots don’t show much, and rather just give a nice finish to the legguards.


Back to the Mogolympics – Hammer Throw!

There’s a long story about my entry into the hammer throw. It’s a seven year old story, and it includes the trials and tribulations of playing a Paladin. You see, I always thought retribution ought to be a viable play style. It wasn’t until Wrath that we saw that come to fruition; and we were pulled back quite a bit in Cataclysm. I know, a lot of folks will say “No, you could play ret in BC!”  Well, you could, and for that matter you could in vanilla, too. But. In vanilla, holy was the only spec that mattered for endgame, I built my own build around holy shock so that I had some viability in the world. And during BC, well, yes, again, you could play ret, and if you got the right mix of strength, Intellect, Critical Strike and Haste, you could play well. But therein lay the problem – we needed both Intellect and Strength to make a go of it.  Wrath changed that. Our go-to stat became strength. We didn’t have four to six stats to balance on our gear (depending on how much you min-maxxed), and everything was undead! We were in heaven.

Anyway, this isn’t a post about what’s been done to paladins, good or bad. This is a post about a certain human female who has wanted a particular trophy as her own for as long as she can remember. It’s something her missing elder sister wanted, too. Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros.

Now, you can’t mog legendaries (it’s really a pity, if you ask me!), but there’s an adequate replacement in Sulfuras, the Extinguished Hand for the purpose of carrying around a fiery brand of your own Retribution.

Before you look at my set, though, go take a look at what the others did, and enjoy the commentary. I’m quite pleased with my own showing with a respectable 355 points, and holding the bronze right up until that Tauren for the Frostwolves took the line right after me.  I was a little worried that someone else would mog my hammer, but there was only one other entry with it, and the dwarf went for the bright red and gold look to accompany the outfit.

Here, Shoryl models the Hammer Throw set:

I really wanted the hammer to stand out, but I thought the cloak added a nice touch of brightness to the rest of the outfit. Everything else was subdued, with only light touches of the colors from the molten hammer.

Interestingly, this is one of the few all high-level sets I’ve ever made. I generally like the look of Vanilla and BC era gear much better. I did struggle with trying to make sure I didn’t inadvertently include too much of a “set” in my choices, which led to some interesting selections, like the Sabatons and cloak.

Computers and Chairs

This is just a brief update on how things are going around here. The blog has been quiet the last week due to the lack of the computer with all the pictures for my planned posts on it.

That being said, my beloved computer is currently on the bench at the repair shop getting diagnostics done. It’s a sad state when I live in the headquarters city of one of the largest US computer dealers, and there’s a full week’s wait at the “little” places just to get diagnostics done. Yep, that’s how much we trust the big place to do it right…   So, tomorrow I will be doing one of three things, hopefully early enough in the day to be raiding on my own computer tomorrow night:  1. happily working away on a functioning computer because of an easy repair I felt I could do myself (this means bad fan, or bad memory being the culprit); 2. grumpily playing on Sona’s computer as we let the computer guys do more work on my PC; or 3. Trying desperately to get WoW up and running on a new PC.

As I mentioned before, While getting a new PC is always fun, getting it after a week of annoyed waiting (I’m sure I’ve been awful to live with) and two days before a major patch is not nearly as much fun.

Update: The PC was back in action for JD’s laid back raid last night. And I just need to mention that even at level 85 with level 60 content, sometimes you need to listen to your raid leader and/or main tank. I was personally a bit fed up with the 10+ minutes of taking down the puppy packs because people wouldn’t follow directions.  Especially when I warned folks beforehand.

I’m sure you’re all wondering what this has to do with chairs? Well, I’ve been waiting over a month for my replacement recliner to get here. It comes on Monday, and I’m exstatic. The thing about this chair is that it’s the only chair in the house that fully supports my back. Since I have significant back problems, this is hugely important… and I broke my old one a month ago; after a frantic 8+ hours of shopping for a replacement, Sona and I found one… but at the price of having to have it done up custom, which they said would take 8 weeks for delivery. It’s coming in at the beginning of week 7; only a few days shy of the target date.

These two things coming together, along with the Mists pre-patch on Tuesday have me pretty excited for the future, which is making me impatient this evening.

So, I spent some time leveling Sveala. She’s now level 81, so there’s a good chance she’ll make it to 85 before Mists goes live.  Her inscription is at 503, which is where she needs to be to start using Mists mats, as well.  The next stage, for times when I don’t feel like leveling my sixth toon to 85, is to work on getting alchemy up on Sveala, so I can switch Kerridwen over to mining (and herbalism) It just makes too much sense to have a druid as a dual gatherer.

As far as blogging goes – as soon as we know what’s going on with the PC, we’ll know more about what I’m going to need to do to get going with the blog. For now, I’m hoping that starting on Monday or Tuesday, I will be catching up with the Mogolympics posts I haven’t yet made.

Updates – WoW and computers

It’s been pretty hectic around here, mostly at home, but I can provide a few updates on the WoW front, non-the-less.


Has dual-specced, and is now questing as well as dungeoning.  To be honest, it’s partially because I’m not getting the time to play at once, taking snippets of time to do one or two quests has been easier than grabbing time for a dungeon. Especially if I’m up and down from my computer.  She’s level 78 now, and if things go right; will make it to 85 in the approximately 6 weeks we have left before Mists.

Laid Back Dungeons

The LBDs have been going well. We’re still bullying our way through various Lich King dungeons, trying to get our red drakes. Hopefully, I’ll be able to run on Wednesday. You’ll read more about why when we get to the computers part of the post.


My mog for the Hammer Throw hasn’t been posted here yet because of, well, that section down below. I promise to put it up just as soon as I am able.  Which will likely hopefully be tomorrow or Tuesday.

A Second Account

Among other things I’ve been up to, I took advantage of the insane sales on WoW to get a second account set up. You see, I’m a guild loyalist, and I feel guilty playing on toons that don’t belong to the guild. My solution is to use a second account. Besides, this way I get a recruit-a-friend mount for my main account.

The secondary account is going to primarily be used for levelling up toons for the various Classy achievements for the guild. I suspect I will rotate through several toons, and I’m even willing to delete some 85s 90s when the time comes that I’m out of room on that account.  All those toons will be dual gatherers, to help along the gathering achievements and make money for my main stable.  My hope is that I won’t get attached to any of those toons. We’ll see how well that works…


If I’m on your RealID, you’ve been seeing some cryptic messages for the past week or so. Well, it’s because last Monday, my desktop shut itself off in the middle of a Dwarven Dungeon Crawl.  I opened up the case, and we finished the run without further incident; but that led to some testing, cleaning off the heat sync and otherwise visiting a can of air upon the inside of the case…. to no avail.

The annoying part is that it seems to only happen when I play WoW. Now, to be fair, besides playing WoW, I’ve watched some Xenosaga stuff from Youtube (I’ll get you the link Soon); posted here; read other peoples’ blogs; and played some little flash-style games that don’t take a whole lot of horsepower.  You see how WoW might just be taxing the computer more than the other things, and therefore I’m not convinced that it’s specifically the playing WoW that’s a problem.

Anyway, so right now, I’ve got our laptop (which was purchased to be a music server) set up so I can play at least some. But I have most of the graphics set really low, and of course, none of my beloved addons are set up right. I don’t know that I’d even be able to play Gurdrid on this setup, and I’m pretty sure any kind of dungeon or raid just would not work.

The Desktop is headed in to the shop tomorrow; and Sona has said that if it’s not back by Wednesday, I can borrow her computer for the LBDs. If  I’m doing that, you’ll probably get to read me complaining about things missing from my bars. Lets just all hope that the best solution is not to buy a new computer. While I’d like a new one, I’d also like it to be on my terms, thanks.

Update on the computer front:

They’re keeping my PC for a week! Just to find out  what’s wrong with it. With that knowledge, Sona has graciously said she will let me use her PC for LBDs and LBRs.  Once we know what’s going on with my PC, we may well fix it ourselves (my problem is not fear of opening up the box, it’s not having the diagnostic tools any more). 

Guilty Secret

So, this past week, I finally got around to listening to a Twisted Nether Blogcast. I am ashamed to admit that I meant to when I heard about Tome of the Ancient‘s; and then I meant to when I heard about Navi‘s; and I was intrigued to hear what Kamalia had to say as well… but it was JD‘s that finally kicked me into getting them downloaded. I downloaded all four of those for starters; and listend to JD’s first.

To be fair to myself, I listened to JD’s first because I ended up with the opportunity to listen to the beginning of it live. Unfortunately, the ads popping up at inopportune times, causing me to be unable to hear some of the conversation; as well as my exhaustion since I hadn’t planned on being up that late originally; meant that I got cranky and didn’t listen to the full interview.   But, having heard part of it, I wanted to hear the rest.

I’ll hand it to Fimlys and Hydra, they do an excellent job of interviewing, even if some of the standard questions are pretty clearly being read from their notes/script/whatever it is. Once the conversation is sparked, they’re great to hear interacting with my favorite folks.

And you four guests were all terrific! I really enjoyed listening to what you had to say. For all four of you, I really got a solid sense of where your written voice comes from as well as how much of yourself you put into each of your posts.  I feel more connected with your blog now, thanks to those interviews. (And Navi, I’m totally going to learn to PvP from you someday! I need somebody out there protecting me from the meanies!)

But that’s not really my guilty secret. My guilty secret is that now that I’ve heard how relaxed you all were (even though some of you were very nervous), I want to be on the show. I think it just sounds like a blast.  But at the same time, I’d be scared stiff that no one would care that I was on…. I just have this little tiny blog to go with my little tiny guild, after all. 🙂

Mogolympics: Cycling

First off, congratulations to the Winners!  To see all the entries, you can watch a lovely video here!

Since I play Alliance almost exclusively, I decided to go with the Chopper. Since it’s a lovely batch of blues and yellows, I wanted to pull that into my gear. To mix things up a little bit, I didn’t want to go with black accents, so I went with brown instead. I did originally design this on a human female, but ended up with leather, and Kerridwen wanted it for when she gets her bike (come Mists), so I did the finalization on my lovely Night Elf druid.

So, blues and yellows. Well, nothing says biker to me more than a nice sturdy pair of jeans, and goggles. So those were some obvious starting places for me. I definitely wanted some buckles on the gear, to go with those lovely packs on the bike.


This picture didn’t manage to make it to the judges, for which I am sad. I might have a had a slightly better showing. But, who knows for sure.

Kerridwen is wearing:

We won’t mention that between the quest rewards and the Engineering goggles, she’s not ever actually going to get this set, now, shall we?

The Mogolympics has begun!

If you’ve been following the Mogolympics, then you’ve already seen the Opening Ceremonies and the Cycling competition.  If not, you should go take a look, and start following it.   I’m a contestant, and after each event is completed, I’m going to be posting my submission here, with some thoughts I had while creating it, and also pictures and a gear list. I’m up against some tough competitors, and I’m very new to the mogging scene, so I honestly don’t expect to take any gold home. Heck, I’ll be happy with just one bronze!

But the medals are not the spirit of the games, it’s the competition. Giving your best. I didn’t enter all 9 events, because I didn’t want to just slap things together. Each of my sets was thought through and futzed over.  But, without further adieu, here is my standard bearer:

Representing the Stormpike

Here’s Breige. I chose Breige over Gurdrid as the standard bearer because her hair went with the outfit better. Also, I wanted to do a hunter, because I wanted to use a polearm for the weapon, and since this will be the last of her non-bow weapon chances, she was really up for it. Besides, she doesn’t get out of Stormwind much this days, spending so much time in the Auction House.

Stormpike Ho!

The required piece for this was the Stormpike Battle Tabard. I wanted to play heavily on the red and yellow, and I used the golden hues, as well as the black and white to accentuate the outfit.  I particularly like the way the polearm echoes the Stormpike arms.  To show their honor, I chose not to show the cloak, and a low-profile gauntlet would be used under the larger gloves to hide them as well.

Chestguard of Rampant Fury
Stormpike Battle Tabard
Conveniently, Breige already owns the Longrifle, and much of the gear is from soloable content. Since she won’t be able to wield the ranseur in Mists, there’s no worry about farming that out of Firelands.
You can see my entry into the Cycling event tomorrow!

It’s Too Dang Hot In Here

Just a head’s up for folks – I am likely not going to be able to make it to the 8/15 Laid Back Dungeon run. My computer appears to have overheated last night; and a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity to support a group of folks who want to help me be able to get married despite what their highest religious leader says is happening at the same time. We’ll get together the same time on the 22nd!

(And JD and Tyledres, I believe you’re now RealID connected – no reason not to run just because I’m not there, feel free to have at!)

It Really Isn’t All About Me!

Tonight we had a foursome for the Laid Back Dungeons. JD Kenada took a break from judging the Transmogolympics to join us, and Mrs. Amateur came along as well. Our fourth was Tyl, whose full name I would butcher if I tried. (Ok, I tried. Silly me, I got offline before I wrote it down.)

The plan was to start with Utgarde Keep and Pinnacle, which we did. Giving Gurdrid all the achievements, and also giving Tael Incredible Hulk. After that, we were planning to head to Dragonblight, but Tum talked us into going to Occulus instead. Everyone was game, since we all needed achievements there.  On our way through, we stopped in at the Violet Hold, picking up two more of the required six bosses for Gurdrid’s Lockdown; but sadly not picking up Either A Void Dance or Dehydration since the bosses weren’t there to be fought.

We were unable to quickly dispatch the Ley Guardian for Make It Count but we did get both Ruby Void and Emerald Void by all riding Bronze drakes. Sadly, Tum and Gurdrid did not pick up the Bronze drake for Experienced Drake Rider because we’d taken too much damage during the fight and weren’t on our drakes when he died. So there will be trips back into the Occulus to finish that up.

Since we were there, we dropped down into the Nexus, Getting Split Personality in what may well have been the fastest time ever. I think  I clicked 2 buttons, so less than 5 seconds from start to finish? We tried to get Intense Cold for Tum and Tael, but an inopportune freeze made another miss there.

Tum, Tael, and Tyl all picked up mog pieces, as well.