American Politics and a Site Update

Yesterday Americans went to the polls to vote for their leaders, including the president.  If you’ll pardon the RL stuff for a moment, I just have to talk to someone, and we’re not allowed at work.

In Minnesota, where I live, there was a consititutional amendment initiative to ban same sex marriage. We became the first state in the nation to oppose such a ballot initiative.  Democrats also swept through and took many state offices. Sadly (to me) Michelle Bachman is still in office. I couldn’t vote againt her, I don’t live in her district.  

Edit: Also, as a nice segue into more WoW related news, a Maine Senatorial candidate; whom the GOP tried to slander by saying she plays WoW; won her seat! There is one of us publicly in office! Whoot! (Though she plays Horde, as I recall).

In WoW blogging news, I’m in the process of updating my site. If you haven’t been by recently, you might want to take a look. I think it looks brighter, and if you can’t guess where the background picture was taken, I suspect you’re new to the game.   I’m still in the process of converting a few things, like widgets, but if you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to add them here. I’ll take them into consideration as I continue the update process.

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  1. Good on Minnesota. I am very pleased to see that the tide has turned, and that this disgusting form of institutionalized hate and bigotry is now being dragged (albeit slowlywith much kicking and screaming) toward the trash pile of history, where it belongs.

    • A total of (I think) 4 ballot items regarding glb marriage rights (across the country) ended up with favorable outcomes; including adding to the list of states where it is now legal for us to get married. This election year has been the greatest testament that times, they are a-changing in my memory (and certainly in my personal voting history.)

    • Oh!I just realized you’d started another blog! Glad to see your words again, sir.

  2. So glad Mitt the Twit didn’t get voted in. I honestly was afraid he’d win and the country would spend the next four years regretting it. Not that I’m pro blue or anything, or pro red for that matter. I just vote based on what I believe. Also, it took three hours of Wolf Blitzer’s near aneurysm talking before I began to figure out how your electoral system actually works. Baffling for us outsiders.

    Amen that initiative effort got thrown out. Whomever brought it forward in the first place should be tossed in the same well. Or at the very least, anyone interested should get to stand in line to slap the ever loving shit out of him or her. (sorry…bit ranty there)

    As for the site, me like. Not certain about the font colour on the subtitle given the background image (it blends together a bit much at a glance…to say nothing of the mouseover of the title itself). It’s coming real nicely.

    • The electoral system isn’t exactly easy for us, and we get taught about it in school, starting around the age of 10. 🙂

      Sadly, I believe you may have heard of who brougth the initiative forward. If I remember correctly, that was one of the stabs of Michelle Bachman. Not that it matters. I’m annoyed that our democrats couldn’t stand against various block votes by the GOP in the state; but now the state controls both houses again. We rather seriously stuck it to the conservative side. (I generally lean blue. Unfortunately, this year I couldn’t vote my conscience as much as I usually do. Too many close races with too much at stake)

      Thanks for the tips on the site. I’m not sure I can change the font shading, since I’m not paying for the hosting; but I’ll certainly keep that in mind as I move forward. (I like the purple motif)

  3. I am so glad to hear that we will be represented in the senate, well Maine will be anyway! Yes, JD doesn’t know how worried he should have been, if things went the other way we were considering moving in with him and the missus up there.

  4. I like this new look Shoryl! The purples are good and it’s really clean. All you need is a shiny new banner and you’ll be set!
    American politics are beyond me. I know Obama won but that’s it.

  5. I was rather happy ( well not exactly happy, as it should have never been in issue in a sensible world) to be able to vote against institutionalized bigotry and that it was voted down.

  6. I’m Canadian… so I’m not sure I’m allowed to weigh in on American politics… but I was so relieved when Mitt wasn’t voted in… I will miss the Romney jokes though… particularly “romnesia”

    As complicated as your electoral system is… at least you can vote for your leader directly. Unfortunately I don’t get to actively vote against Stephen Harper and have to settle for voting against his Conservative colleague in my province.

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