OLRG: What did I just volunteer for?

I’ve made it to two of the three OLRG events, and they have been a blast. I find it entertaining that we mostly talk about how pretty the raids are, and only bother with strategy when we die.  Might sound familliar?  I will admit that these seem a little less frenetic than other raids that have been done, and I do appreciate the slower pace.   Breige has been the one to lend her archery skills to these events, which has been just dandy.   She’s certainly the best geared (of my toons, not necessarily of OLRG participants. I only look at how nice everyone looks, not ilvls!)

At least she can hide behind her shield!

At least she can hide behind her shield!

At the end of the night, we discussed the possibility of hitting Firelands next week. And I… offered to tank. Um. So, about that. Hopefully, my dwarf will forgive me if she has to take an igneous rock nap or two. Hopefully so will the guild coffers.  But, to try and mitigate the trouble, Gurdrid is going to valiantly head out to Timeless Isle and try to complete her set. Since I refuse to tank in LFR (I do not need that abuse, thanks) this will be the first time I’ve tanked since… early in Pandaria, when I embarrassed myself in the Stormstout Brewery.  Hopefully killing a few rares (probably not elites, thanks) will assist in my relearning my buttons. And other important things like looking up my rotations and fixing my bars.

So, while I hope Matty remembers that I volunteered if she couldn’t find another tank, I’m still going to prepare. It would be rude of me to not prepare. Breige is always happy to shoot at things, but Gurdrid will put that giant shield to use if she will be more helpful.

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  1. I’ll be so glad when I can hear what’s going on now I’ve got a functioning headset for next week. I’ve never been to Firelands so I’ll try to study so I won’t cause you unnecessary trouble … probably will anyway but I’ll try not to, lol. Yay Gurdrid!

    • Haha! I’m not worried about threat (though watch me be a noob and fail to turn righteous fury back on). I’m more worried I’ll cause wipes by failing to tank properly! I’ve never raid tanked in my life!

  2. I’ve tanked a little bit of it, and you’ll be fine! No worries! Thel usually brings his tank, too, so do not fret. Heck, I’ll make my guildmate (who has no desire to tank or heal) do it (as if I can make anyone do anything). Bring the person for mob potential. I’m going for rep!

    • I’ll be available on either Gurdrid or Breige… What I want from Firelands is attainable on either, so it’s all good 🙂

  3. You’ll be fine. We all outlevel and outgear it, just by virtue of being 90 in a level 85 raid. That doesn’t mean we *can’t* die, but it severely reduces the possibility.

    • I’m glad someone has faith in me…. I’m always nervous about tanking – it’s fun, but I know I have giant blind spots…

  4. This seems like something Mrs. Amateur should be a part of. I wonder if she even knows about such awesomeness.

    And Shoryl, you’re a good tank. I used to always enjoy tossing heals in your general direction, so I’m sure it’ll just be a matter of getting back into the routine and improving the armor a little bit.

    • Yes!! The Mrs should totally come join us, as should you (if you want, of course)! You don’t have to be an old lady, just not fuss about the name. 🙂

      Thanks for the vote of confidence on tanking though… I’m not sure LBRs counted, half the time I never touched most of the mobs…

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