About Shoryl

Shoryl the character is a human paladin on the US server Ysera.  She’s the guild leader of Higher Authority.

Shoryl the person is the player behind the character. Along with Shoryl, she has five additional level 85 toons – Kerridwen (druid), Breige (hunter), Gurdrid (paladin), Oquae (warrior),  Sveala (shaman) and Taoiseach, a Horde paladin.  She’s an accountant by day.

About the Blog

This blog is Shoryl’s musing regarding WoW, running the particular brand of guild that we have, and some fanfic about her characters, sometimes including other guild characters.

About Higher Authority

Higher Authority bills itself as a guild for players who want to take charge of their own play time. We foster an environment where anyone can organize activities, and where resources are fairly equally available. While we are always open for new membership, Higher Authority is not a recruiting guild. We do not do stealth invites (well, okay, unless you’re a RealID friend of an officer, anyway). We can be found on Ysera.

About the Dwarven Dungeon Crawl

The Dwarven Dungeon Crawl is a group of 5 players who get together most Mondays to take their dwarves (and a night elf) on an adventure in a dungeon. We have a warrior as our tank; rogue, hunter and preist for DPS, and a shaman healing. We run any week we can get at least 3 of the toons on to play, usually one or maybe two instances in the week.  The dwarves are currently level 56.


  1. Hey Shoryl,

    Is there any way you could contact me via twitter (@zwinglisblog) or email (zwinglisblog@gmail.com). I want to do something nice for a mutual friend.



    P.s. Please delete this after you read it. So that s/he won’t see it.

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