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4x5x34 LBD

Tonight, for the very first time, the Laid Back Dungeons pulled in a complete group. There was JD Kenada and his lovely wife (on Tumunzahar and Taelainne respectively); my dearest on Morai, an old friend from a previous guild on his lovely rogue Kyuusoku; and I rounded out the fifth spot on Gurdrid.  I joked that Kyuusoku would actually be tanking with his Fangs of the Father, but he behaved quite well. Must be all those years of being the tank.

We set to work on Glory of the Hero in Drak’Tharon, figuring with a group of five the hard part would be waiting for the gores for Share the Love; and we were right. Gurdrid got impaled twice, while Tumunzahar got impaled three times.   We completed all of the Drak’Tharon achievements, with varying numbers up to four of us needing at least one of them.

Then we moved on to Gundrak, since it’s right there.  We presumed these would all be quick, and were not disappointed. The only difficulty was Tael seemed to always be on the wrong side of Eck to get spat on. Not that I blame her one bit.  We all needed something here, and were not disappointed with our clear.

Gundrak down, we moved on to Halls of Stone. Last time we attempted this, we killed the wrong kind of oozes, and therefore didn’t get Abuse the Ooze, so this time we wanted to be certain. We did do a complete clear, since some of us needed to actually kill the Maiden of Grief (who did, in fact, die in less than a minute) to get the dungeon completion achievement. We managed another clean sweep here.

At this point, Morai and Kyuusoku needed to head off, so Tum, Tael and I went and did a quick Violet Hold. We were hoping to get Ichorus for Dehydration and were rewarded on the second boss. Sadly, we didn’t quite get it pulled off due to timing; but Tael did pick up the Water-Drenched Robes, and Gurdrid added a tick mark to Lockdown!

Quite a nice run, indeed, with a total of 34 achievements completed across all 5 toons.

Heartless, Hero, or… Nobody?

If you’re a Kingdom Hearts fan, I’m sure I just made you really, really curious.   Well, I’ve been recently playing Kingdom Hearts II for my sweetie’s enjoyment, and at JD’s Laid Back Raid tonight, Morai won Pauldrons of the Argent Sentinel.  She started playing around in Mogit when she was accidentally locked out of Magtheridon’s chamber; and came up with a design that, well, reminded her of Kingdom Hearts.

She’s pretty sure she’s got a very solid idea going, and is just looking for any tweaking suggestions. But first, let me show you some inspirational pictures.

Here’s Ansem, in Black and White. He’s an enigma to me, since I don’t yet know the whole story.

Image from The Keyhole

This next image is just to give you an idea of the weapon art, never mind that the man in black seems to be in his death throes.

Image from The Keyhole

Here’s a bit of armor art. Yes, I know, he looks kinda like a Power Ranger. I’m sorry if that brings back memories of Tier sets for anyone.

Image from The Keyhole

And finally, the Queen’s Headdress. You’ll understand in a moment why I think this one is important.

Image from The Kingdom Hearts Wiki

Ok, so now you have some idea of the art. Let’s see what Morai looks like:

Head: Helmet of the Steadfast Champion
Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Argent Sentinel
Chest: Exalted Harness
Hands: Stonegrip Gauntlets
Waist: Deathbone Girdle
Legs: Enchanted Thorium Leggings
Feet:  Battlechaser’s Greaves
Weapons: Shockwave Truncheon and Demonfork


The shoulders, as the inspiration for this piece, are very much desired. The legs, with the gold on black, just scream heartless to me. The weapons look like something a Nobody would wield, and, well, who doesn’t think a female Draenei death knight isn’t some sort of wicked witch?  While  the rest is up for debate, the shoulders, legs and mace are the essence of the piece.  The purposeful use of dark and light is so perfect for the Kingdom Hearts world that I just can’t help liking it. But we aren’t plate experts here, so we might have missed something just a little more fitting.

So now, my dear mogger friends, did she hit it, or do you have any possible suggestion for our lovely Death Knight? Who might just be Somebody after all.