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Random Laid Back Running

I’ve taken a couple of days of vacation – originally not for moving, though today has been lots of things toward that end.

However, I hopped online and saw a few of my favorite laid back folks on; and decided I might like a go at one of the old raids.  I put the call out, and Tumunzahar answered it without hesitation, requesting Blackwing Lair. With a little coaxing, we also got Flagsworth (on his rogue Duenan) and my long time friend from my vanilla days of raiding, Farron.

Sadly, the rogue wasn’t attuned, so he went and burned through UBRS while the rest of us tackled Razorgore. Talk about easy-peezy with the nerfs to the mechanics. We also got the Unscathed Egg from Razorgore, which I won! There was also an ingot that dropped, so Gurdrid is a tiny bit further on her way toward making the Hand of Ragnaros for Shoryl.

Unfortunately, Tum had to depart right after we defeated Vaelestrasz; but Farron, Duenan and I finished with relative ease. No more pets dropped; and Duenan complained about the utter lack of rogue gear.

Fun was certainly had; and Tum reminded me to poke Farron to come along on Laid Back Raids in the future, which I will most certainly do!

It Really Isn’t All About Me!

Tonight we had a foursome for the Laid Back Dungeons. JD Kenada took a break from judging the Transmogolympics to join us, and Mrs. Amateur came along as well. Our fourth was Tyl, whose full name I would butcher if I tried. (Ok, I tried. Silly me, I got offline before I wrote it down.)

The plan was to start with Utgarde Keep and Pinnacle, which we did. Giving Gurdrid all the achievements, and also giving Tael Incredible Hulk. After that, we were planning to head to Dragonblight, but Tum talked us into going to Occulus instead. Everyone was game, since we all needed achievements there.  On our way through, we stopped in at the Violet Hold, picking up two more of the required six bosses for Gurdrid’s Lockdown; but sadly not picking up Either A Void Dance or Dehydration since the bosses weren’t there to be fought.

We were unable to quickly dispatch the Ley Guardian for Make It Count but we did get both Ruby Void and Emerald Void by all riding Bronze drakes. Sadly, Tum and Gurdrid did not pick up the Bronze drake for Experienced Drake Rider because we’d taken too much damage during the fight and weren’t on our drakes when he died. So there will be trips back into the Occulus to finish that up.

Since we were there, we dropped down into the Nexus, Getting Split Personality in what may well have been the fastest time ever. I think  I clicked 2 buttons, so less than 5 seconds from start to finish? We tried to get Intense Cold for Tum and Tael, but an inopportune freeze made another miss there.

Tum, Tael, and Tyl all picked up mog pieces, as well.

4x5x34 LBD

Tonight, for the very first time, the Laid Back Dungeons pulled in a complete group. There was JD Kenada and his lovely wife (on Tumunzahar and Taelainne respectively); my dearest on Morai, an old friend from a previous guild on his lovely rogue Kyuusoku; and I rounded out the fifth spot on Gurdrid.  I joked that Kyuusoku would actually be tanking with his Fangs of the Father, but he behaved quite well. Must be all those years of being the tank.

We set to work on Glory of the Hero in Drak’Tharon, figuring with a group of five the hard part would be waiting for the gores for Share the Love; and we were right. Gurdrid got impaled twice, while Tumunzahar got impaled three times.   We completed all of the Drak’Tharon achievements, with varying numbers up to four of us needing at least one of them.

Then we moved on to Gundrak, since it’s right there.  We presumed these would all be quick, and were not disappointed. The only difficulty was Tael seemed to always be on the wrong side of Eck to get spat on. Not that I blame her one bit.  We all needed something here, and were not disappointed with our clear.

Gundrak down, we moved on to Halls of Stone. Last time we attempted this, we killed the wrong kind of oozes, and therefore didn’t get Abuse the Ooze, so this time we wanted to be certain. We did do a complete clear, since some of us needed to actually kill the Maiden of Grief (who did, in fact, die in less than a minute) to get the dungeon completion achievement. We managed another clean sweep here.

At this point, Morai and Kyuusoku needed to head off, so Tum, Tael and I went and did a quick Violet Hold. We were hoping to get Ichorus for Dehydration and were rewarded on the second boss. Sadly, we didn’t quite get it pulled off due to timing; but Tael did pick up the Water-Drenched Robes, and Gurdrid added a tick mark to Lockdown!

Quite a nice run, indeed, with a total of 34 achievements completed across all 5 toons.

Arthas, We Brought Friends

Ratters and Mrs. Amateur joined JD and I on tonight’s Laid Back Dungeon.  Unfortunately, due to bizarre turns in conversation, we ended up not having Mrs. Amateur in our return to the Halls of Reflection. With extras along, we switch to heroic mode, and  Kinnaevieve, Tumunzahar and Gurdrid lit the place up, easily grabbing We’re Not Retreating, We’re Advancing In a Different Direction for both Gurdrid and Tum.

Gurdrid also picked up Falric’s Wrist Chopper, which will be the basis for her axe transmog set.

After that, we kibitzed about whether we would do a drake run or attempt Zombiefest! in the Culling of Stratholme. Zombiefest! won out when we realized all four of us had the bronze drake somewhere in our stables.  Unfortunately, we misremembered how to actually accomplish the achievement, and did things in the wrong order. But fun was had by all, and Danea picked up Plague-Infected Bracers.

While we were in between activities, Tum also gave us a teaser, saying that he’d built a set around the Blood Boil Lancet he picked up a couple of weeks ago; but he doesn’t yet have the shoulders. Hopefully we’ll get to see that set soon!

And, of course, I failed to take pictures. Feh. Maybe Tum got one of the Iceblock, Judgement and some sort of glowing thing all hitting Arthas at once. He said it looked neat from his angle. I don’t remember seeing it myself.

Side note: We were discussing getting Mrs. Amateur from CoT to Northrend via mage portal, and I mentioned that I didn’t have a mage. Tum pointed out that it wouldn’t really help, but I responded that all you have to do is port into Stockades together, and it’s all good. Ragefire Chasm would work nicely for Hordeys.  I’m sure my smart blogger friends have already thought of it (JD, you’re forgiven. 4:30 am comes mighty early); but just in case you haven’t, there you go.