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Shared Topic – Create a New Race

I’ve recently started participating in a bloggers site called Blog Azeroth, which is a nice little community for WoW bloggers.  One of the things they do over there is Shared Topics, which are out there for the bloggers to participate in and post their own take on an idea during a particular week. This week’s is creating a new player race, complete with class options, and racial abilities. The idea was brought up by Mia.

Since I’m not necessarily a fan of the “play either faction” methodology, I’ve come up with two new player races, one for the Horde and the other for the Alliance; complete with a brief history of how they came to join their factions.  So, without further ado… here are the new player races I’d love to see in game.

High Elves

Faction: Horde

During the aftermath of the cataclysm, more elves seemed to be roaming all of Azeroth. Most assumed they were members of the dragon flights in elven form, but in reality, they are High Elves, come again to the settled lands.

Eschewing their Night Elven brethren for turning their backs on the arcane arts; and trusting (at least in part) the stolid partnership of the Tauren; these newly returned High Elves have allied themselves with Baine Bloodhoof and thus with the Horde.  Vin’aleth and his followers have made their home in Thunder Bluff.

As a high elf, you can choose to be a mage, hunter, priest, warlock or monk. Particularly skilled in the arcane arts, the high elves get a bonus to their enchanting skill.  Additionally, they have the ability to regain 20% of their base mana, focus, or chi periodically.


Faction: Alliance

A young Nexus-Prince, Gamuul, has made his way to Azeroth. While negotiations between the Alliance and Horde to gain his support and technology, he learned of Trade Prince Gallywix. Bent on taking down the top dog in Azeroth, Gamuul has sided with the Alliance.

As an Ethereal, you can choose to be a hunter, mage, rogue, warlock or warrior. Due to their knowledge of the nexus between the physical world and other realms, they are able to use the ethereal shift, which can bring them immediately to their foes, or speed their travel rate as needed.  Also due to this ability to move between realms, the ethereal jewelcrafter is more likely to acquire higher quality gems when prospecting ore.