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Arathi Highlands Achievement Guide

The Arathi Highlands are located just north of the Wetlands on the Eastern Kingdoms continent. For the intrepid adventurer in the Alliance, you’ll land at Refuge Point if you fly in, or likely cross the bridge at Dun Modr from wetlands. Don’t try this if you’re nervous about the denizens being between levels 22 and 29.

The history buffs among you may be interested in Rise of the Blood Elves or Sargeras and the Betrayal, though both volumes are within the Horde town of Hammerfall, so other locations might be a better bet for being able to fully enjoy your read.

Do you love the small creatures of Azeroth? If so, you may want to take some time out to cuddle up to a cat, cow, prairie dog, ram or small frog.  There are rats around, too, which you might find too pesky and in need of a good swat with your sword.

Hungry or Thirsty?  Caretakers Alaric, Nevlin and Weston still have a supply of Melon Juice and Dwarven Mild, despite being blockaded into Stromgarde by the Syndicate. I’m not quite sure why they don’t have any Muenster. Additionally, Vikki Lonsav has Melon Juice, Moist Cornbread, Moonberry Juice, Refreshing Spring Water, Soft Banana Bread, and Sweet Nectar for sale right in Refuge Point.

Those trying to rid the world of evil will find the opportunity in 26 quests. The denizens of Refuge Point will get you started, and only 18 of them are required to complete the zone’s quest achievement.

For those bent on destroying the Horde, the Arathi Basin is contested, and its main entrance is located here. (I know, there are plenty of mages happy to send you directly from the comfort of any Alliance capitol, but what fun is that for the true hero?)

For journeyman and even expert Herbalists, there are several herb types to collect, including Bruiseweed, Fadeleaf, Goldthorn, Grave Moss, Khadgar’s Whiskers, Kingsblood, Liferoot, Stranglekelp and Wild Steelbloom.  The journeyman or expert miner will be able to hone their skills on ores from tin all the way through truesilver. Harrison Jone’s students will find one Troll and one Dwarven dig around the area.

During Midsummer, the Horde has a bonfire to be desecrated just south of Hammerfall, while the Alliance bonfire can be honored north of Arathi Highlands.

Enjoy your trek through Arathi, and if you’re the exploring type, every hill and valley should be searched!