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More Achieving!

We completed two achievements this week, and both were quite a bit of a big deal. The first was That’s a Lot of Quest Text. It was completed with 6 active members, and essentially what we did was all went and worked on leveling alts – but not really together. Our biggest contributers at the end were Ramias and Petalrose, alts of Jackoby and Yawondergirl, respectively.

Muirri also put in some significant time questing, getting her to 85, and the second achievement for the week: A Class Act.

I certainly learned something from the excursions of the past couple of weeks, and that’s if I point my guild in a direction, they try and get it done!  It feels good to have that kind of guild loyalty, to know that if I ask these people to do something, they will do it to the best of their ability. 

Now I just need to figure out where to point them next. The easy answer, looking at our guild progress page, would be to knock out that last Northrend dungeon – but it’s Heroic Trial of the Champion, which, at least at 85, couldn’t be duo’ed by people with low-average jousting skills. I think I’d rather have a 5-man team for that one.  Besides, having everyone there for that achievement would be very special, since I think every one of us worked on the achievement at some point.

The only other achievement we are within a stone’s throw of is A Daily Routine, which is likely what I’ll point the guild towards next. It should be fairly easy, most of us at least do one daily hub on the days we’re online.