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Light vs Lich!

Tumunzahar and Gurdrid braved Icecrown Citadel; and made our way through both the Forge of Souls and the Pit of Saron.  Tum scored the Blood Boil Lancet from the Devourer (and Tum – freaky voice, not cool voice. K!)

We made our way into the Halls of Reflection with our hopes high. After all, we’d not even gotten close to wiping on the way.   Falric, Marwyn, and their buddies minions were no match for the daring duo; and Gurdrid found a satisfactory chunk of the door to take as her souvenir.

It could be a good Cathedral!

Unfortunately, while saving Jaina from the Lich King, we killed the minions a little too far away, and glitched Jaina actually melting the last bit of ice. We were a little too tired to take another go at it, so we finished for the night.