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All I Want For My Birthday

Birthdays have always been a big thing in my family, though they are becoming less so* as we get older.  That, however, does not preclude me from wanting to have a birthday party. Since I just held a party at home a couple of weeks ago, I’d like, instead, to have an Azerothian birthday party.   Because one of the things that I really want is a shot at a Violet Protodrake to call my very own. 

So here’s your official invitation to my birthday party:

Date: February 9 (the actual day of my birthday, even!)

Time: 7:00 pm Central (GMT-6) until I get too tired to tank!

Where: Azeroth, Alliance side

Who:  You! If you’re not already on Ysera or hooked up with me via battletags, you should do that – Shoryl#1300. Also, your friends are welcome – up to a nice 25 person raid size

What: Northrend raids, starting with Obsidian and Ruby Sanctums, then hitting up as many of the other raids as we can get in.  I’m thinking Naxxramus after that for a shot at some pets, and then Ulduar.

Note: I’m sort of kidding about the drake. Yes, I do want one. No, I’m not going to demand everyone else skip on rolling, or throw a temper tantrum if one of you lovely folks wins it instead. 🙂 

Typical loot rules apply – need on things you really want, greed on the other stuff.

*Except, of course, that in my household, birthdays are very important again, because we need more of them.