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More Achieving!

We completed two achievements this week, and both were quite a bit of a big deal. The first was That’s a Lot of Quest Text. It was completed with 6 active members, and essentially what we did was all went and worked on leveling alts – but not really together. Our biggest contributers at the end were Ramias and Petalrose, alts of Jackoby and Yawondergirl, respectively.

Muirri also put in some significant time questing, getting her to 85, and the second achievement for the week: A Class Act.

I certainly learned something from the excursions of the past couple of weeks, and that’s if I point my guild in a direction, they try and get it done!  It feels good to have that kind of guild loyalty, to know that if I ask these people to do something, they will do it to the best of their ability. 

Now I just need to figure out where to point them next. The easy answer, looking at our guild progress page, would be to knock out that last Northrend dungeon – but it’s Heroic Trial of the Champion, which, at least at 85, couldn’t be duo’ed by people with low-average jousting skills. I think I’d rather have a 5-man team for that one.  Besides, having everyone there for that achievement would be very special, since I think every one of us worked on the achievement at some point.

The only other achievement we are within a stone’s throw of is A Daily Routine, which is likely what I’ll point the guild towards next. It should be fairly easy, most of us at least do one daily hub on the days we’re online.


When You Turn Your Back

I haven’t paid a lot of attention to guild achievements lately. This is, in part, because it takes us a long time to get many of them done.  Usually.

But I was just updating things today, and I have to make a shout out now to three of my guildies – Jackoby, Yawondergirl and Phinkbunny. They went and did all seven scenarios required for Scenario Roundup in one afternoon.  Awesome! 

There’s a few other things that we’ve been steadily working on, and I’m going to share them, because it’s just so cool that we’ve been getting somewhere. If you think we’re late to the party, well, that’s what a Tiny Guild gets you – slow, but interesting work.

A Class Act

We’ve been at 10/11 for a while. We didn’t get our priest prior to the achievement being changed, but that’s beside the point. Muirri is at level 82. And I think I’m just about to get the bug and push her to 85. Once she gets there, she may well become my bank toon. So we are really at 932/935 levels. 🙂 Doesn’t that just put a fire under the leveller?

That’s a Lot of Quest Text 

Last time I looked, we were at around 39,000, but now we’re over 49k.  10,000 quests in a couple of months (last update was in February, you see) Awesome. I know we have at least three toons being actively leveled right now via questing (the dwarves of the dungeon crawls don’t really count. Sure we do the quests when we have them, but we’re about dungeons, not questing).

A Daily Routine

Another achievement that got a shot in the arm – this is directly related, I believe, to people discovering what the different factions in Pandaria have to offer. Oh, and me hunting for Elder Charms and Valor. 🙂

Mighty Miners 

Mighty Miners is a focus of mine right now. We’re at 96% and can literally get 4 guild miners on at the same time. So that’s what we’ll be doing on Wednesday night – in Azeroth, where mining yields stone as well as ore. If anyone has any suggestions of good places to go hunting (I’m thinking about Un’Goro, Winterspring, and Badlands for sure, but wouldn’t mind 2-3 other good mining locations quality of ore doesn’t matter. Density is what I’m looking for)

Pandaren Embassy

We’re at 7/9 here, missing only the August Celestials and Shado-Pan. Unfortunately, I think the folks who have these available are less interested in finishing them out (except, well, me, but I’m frequently a Rep Hound)