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New Site!!

This will be the very last post in Tiny WoW Guild.  Since I am no longer a guild leader, and while I am still in two tiny guilds, one probably won’t remain that way. The other, well, time will tell what happens with Drunken Fish. It may become a bloggers’ home away from home kind of place, or it might remain a handful of people with lots of toons.   That’s up to Zeptepi.

But, I didn’t want to hang up my hat as a blogger, so I decided it was time to change titles, and also become more true to the direction of my WoW playing. You will find my ramblings at Dwarven District!   (For those of you interested, the Clan of Three Hammers series has been reposted there, and there’s a new part (or two)!

I’d like to thank all of you, my followers, my commenters, and my friends, for sharing this ride with me, and I hope you’ll transfer to the new site.  For those of you who follow me on twitter, I will be linking the same twitter account to that blog, so you will continue to get updated when I post something new.