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More Mogolymics – Discus Throw

Khizzara is one of the judges that JD has pulled in for the Mogolympics, and she hosted the Discus Throw along with Kaylira.  This was another entertaining commentary piece, and I was only knocked out of medal contention in the last few competitors. This has been my best showing by far, but I don’t feel it was my best set (here’s hoping for my best set isn’t pitted against the tougher sets of other competitors!)

For this set, I wanted to go with the shield that reminded me most of an actual discus, and for that, I went to the Gypsy Buckler.  It’s multi-toned rings being not perfectly round just said something about the beginnings of the events.  Having selected my shield, I contemplated races, and the draenei immediately came to mind! After all, they are something of a gypsy race.  Oquae acquiesced to enter the competition, though it took her some practice to get used to hefting a small shield instead of the massive axe she normally throws about.

I particularly wanted to pick up the green and brown from the shield, bringing in bits of blue as highlights, rather than pulling it in abundance.

I think the boots only worked on this set because she’s hooved, and so the plain brown boots don’t show much, and rather just give a nice finish to the legguards.