Outside Azeroth

I’ve shared with several of you over the past 48 hours, but I haven’t seen everyone online to share. Yesterday, Minnesota officially became the 12th state to legally recognize same-sex marriages.

That means that Sona and I are getting married on August 1st of this year.   While we will not be having an in-game wedding (I’ve got things to plan outside Azeroth, and a mere 10 weeks to do it in); we will likely be having an in-game something to commemorate the event.  I’ll certainly keep you all posted.


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  1. It’s nice to see Iowa is having a positive influence on its neighbors. Congradularions!

  2. Mazel tov!! Much love and joy!

  3. Congrats! May more good things come your way in the future. =)

  4. Thank you all very much! At times it’s hard to believe we really get to do this. Not even a full year ago, we were afraid our state would be added to the other side of the line on this issue. But we’re very excited, and plans are moving slowly forward as we learn what we have to do and by when to get it all done.

  5. Very happy for both of you 🙂

  6. Congratulations to both of you! I’m glad to see more and more states and countries becoming more tolerant.

  7. Sheesh, I thought I commented when you posted, me and that iPad don’t get along. A big belated congratulations to you both and a big yay to Minnesota!

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