We Are Mighty!

Last night while I was busily running an LFR that was quickly falling apart, my guildies were busy trying to get enough ghost iron and/or trillium to provide to the alchemists for Living Steel – specifically to get Yawondergirl a couple of crafted gear upgrades.

And in the process, they completed Mighty Miners.

In that LFR, however, Breige ended up saving the day against the Sha of Fear. At 1% (probably less) health, there were 5 raid members still alive. Breige and 4 healers. I popped Sionnach’s taunt on and went to town, blowing every  single unblown cooldown I had. I know I saw a couple of Smite/Holy shock type spells go off on the sha, and I did have to use Sionnach’s Heart of the Phoenix, but the Sha died, and we got our goody bags (for me, it turned out to be cash).  It was amazing fun.  I just need to figure out if there’s any way I can do a better job of getting Lei Shi while she’s hiding. As far as I can tell, as a hunter, it’s a crap shoot whether I put down my traps in the right place.


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