To Have or Not To Have

Some of my fellow bloggers have posted about the sha touched weapon (or weapons in general this expansion). In particular, hunters, and the utter lack of weapons available to us as upgrades from the blue 463 ilvl drops. I’ll admit I haven’t looked much into any other class than hunter, but I will say that across 5 LFRs, there are what feels like a dozen options to get a belt, but only two weapons, and an equally abysmal opportunity for rings and trinkets.  

Can we have a little balance here, Blizz?  I have but one waist. Yet two hands and two… ears? (I’m not sure what that empty slot image is supposed to represent.) Certainly, I have more need of options for trinkets and rings than I do for belts. Really now.

But anyway…

Breige got 5 belts running LFR over the last two resets (an average of nearly one per queue). And one trinket. No rings. To be fair, she did also get two tier pieces, and her sha touched weapon. I find it interesting that my first seven extra rolls all yielded cash. My 8th provided me with the weapon, and the 9th the trinket.  And I’ve gotten several other new pieces of gear, even when I was only rolling for slots that were seriously lacking.

I’m at ilvl 476 already, but still need to gem, enchant, and balanced all the gear (And figured out which darned belt I actually want to use, I have three to choose from) again. Raiding is expensive. Especially since I don’t like listening to guns, so even if I mog nothing else, I gotsta be carrying a bow.

I also find it interesting that I have a total of 7 of the 20 required sigils to move on in the legendary quest line. I’m not particularly worked up about that, though, as it means I’ll have to PvP, and potentially get good at it.  I’m sure the folks who PvP a whole lot aren’t all that excited about those raiders who are just after their legendary in the queues. Unless, of course, they’re on the opposing faction. Although, from what Navi says, winning a hair-raising battleground seems to be much more enjoyable than face-rolling the opponent. But again, I digress…

In a big way, I’m relieved that I got the weapon; but at the same time, I realize that I’m missing out on a certain amount of excitement that comes from finally getting something after weeks of attempting it without fruition. On the other hand, Attumen still owes me a pony, darn it.

And looking at my profile on the armory, I realize that the very first thing I’m going to do when I get home tonight is move my trinket to the other slot, so I can have myself not one but three achievements.

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  1. I promise you: when it came to that weapon, after 30+ attempts, all the extra rolls, etc., there was no “excitement” when it finally dropped. It left a bitter taste in my mouth for the game, one I cannot wash away. I said when I wrote my sad post about it, I feared that that may be a contributing factor to my ‘falling out of love’ with WoW. I turned down raiding chances, and changed the way I play or hoped to play because of that debacle. To me, getting a pony or pet is a very different excitement than something that is necessary to play. It’s like being a football player and not getting a helmet, but plenty of cold Gatorade on the bench: it’s pleasant and refreshing, but doesn’t prevent concussions. I am glad you got your weapon, that is for sure–players who are successful after a few (sorry, anything under 30 is a few to me – haha!) runs can now go and enjoy the rest of the madness. Oh, and since the patch, three times I have gotten loot, rolled a bonus coin, and gotten the SAME EXACT PIECE. Ridiculous. Yes, I’m being a Debbie Downer. Oh, you reminded me to go see if I can get that pony…:)

    • Ponies and pretty dresses! That’ll cheer a shaman right up!

      And it’s ok to complain about RNG on my blog. Have I yet told the story about the Lawbringer Boots? I need to tell you that story. It will probably cheer you up. 🙂

      (also, for those of you who noticed that I edited the post after Matty commented, all I did was change an egregious spelling error and add a link to The Daily Frostwolves, so Navi can know I’m talking about her again – even though she’s already read the post.)

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