127 and Counting

I have been a mount collector since they took up bag slots. To be fair, at that point, I didn’t “collect” easily acquired mounts like the faction mounts. Instead, I would have one favorite that I would purchase to show the world I had done whatever it was that needed doing.  Then, thankfully, Blizzard gave us our mounts on a tab instead of in our bags. And I started collecting mounts in earnest. It didn’t matter to me how easy they were to acquire. They didn’t take up precious bag space, and so were worthwhile. The first mount that I ever pursued heavily was Rivendare’s deathcharger. It just felt right to have taken that mount as a trophy.  It wasn’t until Sona and Shoryl were pursuing Argent Dawn rep that I acquired it. Sometime late in Wrath, I believe.

When I first started writing this blog, I gave Shoryl a bit more backstory. She’s from a long line of paladins on her father’s side and priests on her mothers. Her parents both urged her to go into the priesthood after her sister’s strange disappearance (transferring to the Horde).  Her father has retired from his active role in the Argent Dawn and now runs a stable for both Paladins and teaching folks to ride. Shoryl keeps her vast selection of mounts in her father’s stable, allowing him to use them to amuse the children or teach others to ride flying mounts.

And she keeps adding to her collection.  When I completed the Tushui rep, I immediately bought the twelve turtles available. And realized I was starting to get within spitting distance of 150 mounts, which would make me the proud owner of a jade kite. I covet the kites, and sometimes regret that I’m currently splitting my primary time with two toons, instead of one in Pandaria. But while the tank is fun to play, and a paladin; my hunter has been a blast to play (finally), and ranged DPS is easier for me in the new movement significant combat style of Pandaria. Add to that, Phinkbunny collected everything I needed for the Geosynchronus World Spinner except the mysterious orbs, I was bit by the mount collecting bug again.

At 125 mounts, I started looking for easy ways to pump my numbers. Three obvious things came immediately to mind:

  1. Purchasable mounts I haven’t picked up yet.
  2. Crafted Mounts I haven’t crafted yet. Almost all of my professoions are at 600 (waiting on Tailoring and probably First Aid)
  3. Argent Tournament.
  4. Netherwing.

There’s a reason why I haven’t picked up most of the purchasable mounts I don’t have. They’re expensive. Yeah, I know, except the Grand Expedition Yak, none of them beat the 54k I dropped on the World Spinner. But that wasn’t just about being able to get it, that was also about a guildy doing something sweet for me. Living Steel and Spirits of Harmony aren’t “cheap”, either.

There’s a few crafted mounts I haven’t either made or acquired. The jeweled panthers will be the hardest, since my jewelcrafter is not yet 90, so cannot yet get cloud serpent rep to get those patterns. But I’ve missed two of the tailoring patterns and one engineering schematic.  Those should be easy to pull together, they don’t use Pandaria mats…  Yeah, ok. the list of raw materials is, um. Extensive. Though not impossible to acquire.  Then, of course, there’s also acquiring a raptor (Stupid RNG), an Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank, and Sandstone Drake from archaeology, and the Sea Turtle from fishing.

I’ve only got Shoryl up beyond the Valiant stage of the Argent Tournament, but I do have characters in four of the five races that I could pretty easily get up to split that work up some… and that’s 11 mounts (14, really, but I’ve already bought the Swift Grey Steed and Argent Hippogryph.)

And Kerridwen was already well into friendly with the Netherwing, making them ripe for the picking. Especially since she’s a dual gatherer, and so can save time by gathering both nethercite ore and nethercite dust while she’s out and about. I’ve learned that she generally has a full turn-in of one or the other by the time she’s done with the dailies.

So, let’s see… That’s 7 through professions that don’t require Mists materials; 12 from the Argent Tournament and 6 from the Netherwing. 25 mounts would, in fact, be enough!


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  1. I’m around the same number as you. Just went and bought all the Netherwing Drakes I didn’t have. I think there may be quite a few rep ones I can buy but that gets expensive all at once. I was trying to think of something and you listed it. Oh no, oh no. Back to the tournament, jousting, I don’t know if I can do it, lol!

    • I made a spreadsheet of all the mounts I don’t have according to Warcraft Mounts. Then I looked up how to acquire all of them, and then I ranked them by how difficult I think it would be for me to get one. There’s a list of about 30 mounts that I think would be relatively easy, but many of them rely on the RNG (I’m looking at you, Attumen) and so aren’t as much under my control as these mounts.

  2. Good luck with the mount grind. I’ve been meaning to make the other panthers but it may not be until the end of the x-pac.

    • It’s going to be quite a while for me, as well. Needing a total of 10 Mysterious Orbs means I need to actually try to make money again. Of course, the most enjoyable way I’ve found for me to make money is by leveling alts. 🙂

  3. I keep finding ones that are easy that I don’t have. Like that red drake that you get from wyrmrest. Or a dragon turtle. In fact I still don’t have those but I”m just lazy and strapped for cash atm 🙂

    • I exhausted all of those that were easily affordable, but cash has actually become a bit more of a concern. I’m down to a bit over 10K, making the Cata and Mists purchasable mounts a bit more difficult.

  4. Do you already have the nether rays from skyguard rep in outlands? It’s a fairly easy, although tedious, repgrind that should take less than a week if you keep at it.

    • I actually picked those up and got Mountain o’ Mounts. I posted about that in the post titled “Goodnight Terokk” back in November. 🙂 But it’s a good thought – you can grind rep on the mobs in the area, so it’s just a matter of patience. I actually finished it out during the time when we had the 8% rep buff from the Anniversary; so I would highly recommend setting aside time during a Darkmoon Faire week when you can get the carousel buff. It might not seem like much, but a point every 1-2 mobs when you have to grind thousands of mobs is well worth it!

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