Laid Back Dungeons

Last year, I started up the Laid Back Dungeons as a way for folks to get together and have fun in a relaxed environment, much like the Amateur Azerothian Laid Back Raids. In fact, it was JD who suggested I go ahead and run those.

For a number of reasons, I’m shutting down the LBDs for the foreseeable future.  There’s been less interest since Mists of Pandaria opened up new content and made some of the previously unsoloable content, well, soloable. There’s e been less interest with raiding getting back into full swing.

Additionally, my guild has become more active again, and so I am turning my focus inward in that respect. We have seven people with level 90 toons, enough that on any given night we may need to pick up only one person to do current 5-man content, or go do small groups in Cataclysm 5-mans. Enough that if we’re all on, we can go do some of the older 10-man raids as a guild.  Enough that the likelihood that there are 3 of us on to do Scenarios on any given Wednesday is much higher.

I’ve enjoyed running the LBDs, and helping various folks get their protodrakes while working towards getting my own. When this expansion starts to taper off, I may pick them back up. But rest assured, if you’re on my friends list, you may see a call go out for a healer, DPS, or even a tank. I’d rather run with friends than strangers.

And truth be told, my guildies and I are not the most adept players. We try hard, we learn slowly, and we try to have fun while we do those things. That means the impatience of strangers can be difficult, a thirty minute run can take the better part of the evening, and we aren’t even always able to finish what we start.  That being said, we are still a guild, and it’s time for me to take up the mantle of being a good guild leader and lead by example. So I will be playing with my guild mates.

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  1. That’s sounds like a wonderful guild! It’s nice to have enough people to do something together without fear of the “impatience of strangers” which always makes me stupider than I was to begin with, lol.

    • Doesn’t it just? It’s not terribly much of a boast to say that Sona and I are probably the most skilled members of our guild. I think we research a bit more, but more importantly (at least for me), we play a lot more, and a lot more classes.

  2. If you still new a warm body and I can help don’t hesitate please; sometimes I like to have one hoof in Azeroth and one in the real world so even if it looks like iv there I may just be on follow…

    • Oh, you know I will, Matty. I don’t assume that people are available, but I never assume you’re not unless the notation of your location is an instance/scenario. 🙂

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