All I Want For My Birthday

Birthdays have always been a big thing in my family, though they are becoming less so* as we get older.  That, however, does not preclude me from wanting to have a birthday party. Since I just held a party at home a couple of weeks ago, I’d like, instead, to have an Azerothian birthday party.   Because one of the things that I really want is a shot at a Violet Protodrake to call my very own. 

So here’s your official invitation to my birthday party:

Date: February 9 (the actual day of my birthday, even!)

Time: 7:00 pm Central (GMT-6) until I get too tired to tank!

Where: Azeroth, Alliance side

Who:  You! If you’re not already on Ysera or hooked up with me via battletags, you should do that – Shoryl#1300. Also, your friends are welcome – up to a nice 25 person raid size

What: Northrend raids, starting with Obsidian and Ruby Sanctums, then hitting up as many of the other raids as we can get in.  I’m thinking Naxxramus after that for a shot at some pets, and then Ulduar.

Note: I’m sort of kidding about the drake. Yes, I do want one. No, I’m not going to demand everyone else skip on rolling, or throw a temper tantrum if one of you lovely folks wins it instead. 🙂 

Typical loot rules apply – need on things you really want, greed on the other stuff.

*Except, of course, that in my household, birthdays are very important again, because we need more of them.

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  1. Sounds grand! I tend to only ninja sexy shirts and staffs, so the drake is all yours. (Think I have it–but that’s not the point?!) With my own old feeble mind I’ll try to remember, but nudge me, too!

  2. I thought the violet proto drake was from doing all the holiday stuff. But still lots of other mounts from all those raids

    • Maybe I’m mis-remembering which drakes it is that I can get from raids – since I don’t have *any* of them, (I have the ones from dungeons, except Ashes, but not raids) they won’t be lost on me. 🙂

  3. I hope you get the beautiful Twilight one from OS25 for your birthday,it seems only fitting!

  4. Oh, hey. I’m on your server, and on the same side too. I’ll try to set aside time on the 9th for this run. =)

  5. Happy birthday in advance! I wish I could make it, but best of luck on getting something awesome to drop on your birthday! 😀

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