The Great UI Overhaul, The Start (Part 1)

Sona mentioned today that she wanted to overhaul her UI, with some very salient points about addons she doesn’t really use, and addons that she thinks might be causing her some issues.  I thought a bit about my own UI, and decided that it is perhaps time for an overhaul of my own.  I’m going to chronicle this process because, well, it’s a handy thing to do on a blog, now, isn’t it.

Where We’re Starting

First, let’s look at what I have. For this exercise, I’m using Breige’s UI, because it’s more thrown together than Gurdrid’s. (As in, less put-together, and more crap-I-need-to-see-my-pet)

Breige's UI, Standing on a Rock

There are several things I like about my UI:

I like the openness of the middle area, really allowing me to see the game I’m playing.

I like my four bars grouped above my rep/experience bar, laying out my abilities in a good order.

The location of the minimap works for me.

I like having my character, focus, and target (and target of  target) set up in a nice triumvirate.

Omen is there, but generally out of the way, which I also like.

There are several things  I need to fix about my UI:

The bags are over the top of a group of three bars that I use for out-of-combat buttons, it can also cover up parts of my quest log when it gets too big. This is definitely sub-optimal.

The bottom of my screen is a bit overcrowded, leading to a tendency to not see things coming up behind me.

Stuff feels like it’s just floating. I need something to draw the various elements together.

Most of my party (and my pet) are way over on the left side, this is not useful.

Addons Now

Here’s my surprising list of addons, along with a few comments:

Ackis Recipe List:  I use this as a checklist for when I want to go poking around for patterns. I find it useful to have on my crafting toons, though it is by no means a requirement.

Adibags: My bag addon that, now that it is updated, usually doesn’t lose things for me. The new mobile nature of the addon does sometimes give me fits when selling, though, as it will dynamically change the location of items I wish to sell mid-click, causing me to pay much more attention to my vendor clicking.

Auctionator:  This (or something like it) is a must-have for my bank toon. Most of my other toons don’t have it installed.

Bartender4:  The basis of my bar-moving functionality, I’ve been using bartender for a really long time, and really like it.

Battle Pet – Quality Notifier: Sure, the battles tell you the quality of the pets you’re fighting, but they don’t get compared to your list of captured pets, providing a handy (Upgrade) or (Not Owned) notation!

Castbars: Used to keep track of important things like healing spells that the enemy might be casting.  Also for timing interrupts.

Gatherer/Gatherer HUD: I like gatherer addons when I’m farming. They assist with route planning as well as things like the best zone for a particular resource.

Mogit: Do we really need to talk about the transmog addon?

Move Anything:* The addon does what it says, but… We think it might not be playing nice with other addons, like Tidyplates. 

Prat 3.0: My preferred chat addon

Raven: I use this on my casters for watching cast times and minimizing lag downtimes.

Sexymap: Used to skin and move the map. I likes me my square maps.

Silverdragon: For tracking Silverdragons, duh!

Slidebar: I don’t actually use this addon (It came with Gatherer), though I think I might start, it will make my map look tidier.

Tidyplates/Threatplates: This seems to be buggy as all heck for me. It works on some toons and not on others. Usually not on the ones I care about more. Go figure.

Vuhdo: I use this addon on healers and other classes with click-on-player utility. Like Sruith and Sveala.

WoWhead Looter: Because more information is good, right? Besides, I use WoWhead all the time, why not send them information to help their database.

* I forgot to include move anything when I originally posted. Sorry ’bout that.


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  1. Shoryl, I tried to get my cute draenei face on your community roll, but alas, I am having technical difficulties. But I am trying! Thanks for the UI tips – always come in handy!

  2. I showed up!! Never mind.

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