Of Pets, Battles, and New Years

The holidays brought about a whole lot of time doing things other than playing WoW, and the new year has brought about extra work and extra things to do… not to mention a burst water main taking most of my evening away yesterday (no one was reported as being hurt, and I just didn’t have water at the condo for several hours).

But, during the time I actually have gotten to play, some interesting patterns have developed.  I got Gurdrid through a big chunk of the Klaxxi story line, achieved Exalted status with both the Golden Lotus and the Lorewalkers, then… haven’t even been on her to farm for a week.

Muirri has gotten a bit of love as well, having made it to Outland, but I think my next big focus is going to be on Breige.  You see, I don’t want to tank raids, but I think I’d like to do some LFR dabbling. I’ve noticed while playing Muirri and Sruith that in situations where I have to *see* something, being right under the boss isn’t helpful, so I won’t be trying to run as a retribution paladin.  I’ve also been having a lot of fun playing her, and being able to snag tips from both Mr. Bear and everyone’s Godmother will definitely be bonus. (I’m prepared to not get a decent weapon.)

The Year in Review

I took a look at my annual stats, which I’m not going to share greatly. My most prolific commenters are JD, Navi, and Cymre; with Tome liking quite a few of my posts (I think of the “like” button as a thumbs up, I’m all for thumbs.)  I also saw that the zone-by-zone achievement guide I wrote was quite popular. Perhaps I should go back to doing those.  I was also kinda surprised that I surpassed 5,000 visits. Might not be much in comparison to others, but I’m not part of the “famous” crew. 🙂

My in-game year has been wonderful. I got up to 7 85s before Mists dropped, and even though I still only have one 90, I’ve been working steadily on the professions.  I’m pretty happy with where my game time has gone.

More Winter Veil Presents

I logged onto Shoryl for the first time in a while, and discovered that I had mail from… Tyledres. I was a bit surprised, what with her being on a different server, so this would have been a character created just for the purpose of visiting, and we chat briefly quite regularly.  The mail was not one, but four pets. Very excited was I! So excited, talk like Yoda did I! (Um, no, not really).

Other Pet Related Things

On Wednesday night, I did a little pet battling, and acquired my first flawless battle stone. It was a beast stone, and I used it on my Winterspring Cub, whom I had leveled to 10 before I realized his lack of rareness would be an issue. Well, no more!

Then, on Thursday, I realized I was only a few pets shy of Eastern Kingdoms Safari, so I went to hunt down what pets I could. Since I’ve not got a team ready for Twilight Highlands, the only three pets I could look for were the Mocassin, Irradiated Roach, and Baby Ape.  I decided to head south first, and arrived on Jaguero Isle in sunshine. But, as I turned to fly away, it started to rain. Suddenly there were about twenty people on the island, but I still managed to snag one baby ape (a poor quality one, darn it all for spending my battle stone the day before!).  The mocassin and roach were pretty easy, though I had to actually go down the elevator shaft in Gnomeregan to find one, there were none outside.

I was really excited about it, and knew just who to tell… and she admonished me to “update your blog already, woman!” but was still happy to hear of my successes.  So here you go, Navi, a proper blog update. (BTW, go look her up on Warcraft Pets! She is a pet collecting Fiend!)


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  1. Yay for rain on the island! I had a skinner parked there so long for the Baby Ape she made about 300 gold selling the leather when she finally got him.

    Yes, “likes” are a big thumbs up and in my case usually means I’m on my iPad and I’m afraid it will autocorrect my comment into nonsense or worse.

    Not one but four pets! Now that’s the way to start the new year!

  2. Grats on the baby ape – that can be one of the more frustrating ones to find. And don’t worry about the stone – you’ll get more of them (just picked up the same stone off a tamer today, and used it on my baby ape 😉 )

  3. Yay a blog update! 😀
    I was SOOOOO pleased you got Baby Ape. That, Minfernal, Scourged Whelplings and baby Giraffes must be the worst pets to get in the game, I reckon. I always get excited when my friends get rare pets – I wish I could help them out sometimes but I haven’t seen any decent rare pets in a loooong time.

  4. Grats on your accomplishments and pets, esp that baby ape. I did the waiting game not once but twice! The first time was on the beta so I could show you guys in those Wild Pet posts I did. I must say I’m a fan of the ‘Like’ button at times, so even if someone doesn’t want to leave a comment, you still know they visited.

  5. Nice on the Ape!

    I really consider myself lucky to have gotten one now. I was in Booty Bay one day and someone randomly said in the zone that it’s raining on the island if anyone needs an ape. Like yourself, I ended up with a poor one…but in hindsight I haven’t seen one since (and I’ve camped the spot for Tome on occasion).

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