Where oh Where Has the Spirit Gone?

This was not a rhetorical question a couple of days ago.

You see, on Saturday, I saw Navi get online, and I greeted her (I also noticed she wasn’t on Dath’remar, but I won’t give away where she was… just in case). She said hello, and hopped offline, then got back on almost immediately. I took a peek at my friends list, and she was on Ysera.

She told me I had to stay put while she farmed a little money.  I told her I could easily meet her, but she said that I wasn’t allowed to work for it.

So I waited. Well, truth be told, I completed an achievement, which was what I was working on anyway, but that is neither here nor there.

Then it dawned on me that she was farming money to send me mail. At about the same time that she said I would have to wait an hour. Well, none of this waiting business… I immediately invited her to join the guild, which she accepted.

What was in the mail, you might ask?  Well, she sent me a Pandaren Earth Spirit!  I was very excited! What a lovely Christmas present! I went about clearing out the rest of my mail, deleting the messages as I went…

And then I opened my bags, and I could not see the Pandaren Earth Spirit.  I run a bag add on, so I was able to perform a search, but it showed me nothing.  I was certain I had deleted the Spirit.  So off I went to put in a ticket.

Daestra, the GM who got my query, explained that when you delete a message from a friend that contains an item, it just gets mailed back to the friend.  I was relieved. So off I went to Dath’remar to send Navi a message. There’s now an orc Warlock named Shoryl. I’m sure it’s Shoryl’s (the Paladin) dark side. 🙂  Navi wasn’t on, so I farmed a little cash, and sent her an ingame mail explaining the situation.

When Navi did get on, she rushed back to Ysera to discover… she didn’t have the mail.

I created a second ticket, and Bahkteva told me this: I do show one being sent from Navimie on the 22nd, however that spirit was received by you and pulled out of the mail not deleted. It is currently in your inventory in the 18th slot of the Embersilk bag in the second bag slot.

I picked up this email at work, so as soon as I got home, I logged in, turned off my bag addon, and looked. There she was. And now there she is, appropriately named:


Notice the horns not unlike those of a tauren

Thank you, Navi!



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  1. Wow. Glad you were able to find your pet. It’s strange how hard it is to find things in those bags.

  2. Thank goodness there was a happy ending! 😀 /hug

  3. What a great gift. Glad you found it after a bit of work after all 😛

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