Random Laid Back Running

I’ve taken a couple of days of vacation – originally not for moving, though today has been lots of things toward that end.

However, I hopped online and saw a few of my favorite laid back folks on; and decided I might like a go at one of the old raids.  I put the call out, and Tumunzahar answered it without hesitation, requesting Blackwing Lair. With a little coaxing, we also got Flagsworth (on his rogue Duenan) and my long time friend from my vanilla days of raiding, Farron.

Sadly, the rogue wasn’t attuned, so he went and burned through UBRS while the rest of us tackled Razorgore. Talk about easy-peezy with the nerfs to the mechanics. We also got the Unscathed Egg from Razorgore, which I won! There was also an ingot that dropped, so Gurdrid is a tiny bit further on her way toward making the Hand of Ragnaros for Shoryl.

Unfortunately, Tum had to depart right after we defeated Vaelestrasz; but Farron, Duenan and I finished with relative ease. No more pets dropped; and Duenan complained about the utter lack of rogue gear.

Fun was certainly had; and Tum reminded me to poke Farron to come along on Laid Back Raids in the future, which I will most certainly do!


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  1. I’m still trying for the third one from MC, I went into Naxx and the only thing I accomplished was to get hopelessly lost, lol. Grats on that egg!

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