Short and Sweet

OMG Pandaria is PRETTY!!! 

Shoryl went out with Sona right out of the gate, and it says a great deal that we both played for the majority of Tuesday. We had anticipated we’d get started, Sona would want to get away from her computer, and I would move on to Gurdrid, who would then blow ahead.  Not so much. Sona wanted to play, so we played together. I’m very pleased.

When Sona was taking breif breaks, I hopped on Breige to check out pet battling. While I’d been interested in the pet capturing aspect of it, I wasn’t so keen on the battles prior to trying them. It’s so very 8-bit! (Just listen).  I love it!

Laid Back Dungeons will not be happening tonight. I have real life things to do that didn’t get done during the WoWathon yesterday.  We’ll be back at it soon, though, I promise!


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