Only Hours To Go

In six hours, a new land will be discovered.

Let’s take a look at what I got done in preparation for Mists (Here’s a look at my initial plan):


Level 85 – check. Professions maxed – more or less. Tailoring is at 501 and enchanting is at 499, so I call that good.  Mog set… Check.  Oh, wait, you want to see that, don’t you? While my original plan was to go with lower level gear, none of it looked properly vicious enough for a Fury warrior with a wild bent. So this is what I came up with instead:

Deadly Gladiator’s Plate Helm, Valonforth’s Tarnished Pauldrons, Dragonstorm Breastplate,  Daunting Handguards, Titanium Links of Lore, Dragon Brood Legguards, Tempered Saronite Boots, and a pair of Runeblade of Baron Rivendare. (which is how a non-DK can have those blades).

Additionally, Oquae has her 25 dailies prepared for her 10-15% head start towards 86.   I am satisfied with where she sits.


Sveala also made level 85, though she quested most of the last 5 levels. I got plenty of dungeoning in on Sruith and in the Laid Back Dungeons and Raids, so I wasn’t as keen on finishing her up via dungeons. On the other hand, her second spec really made leveling fairly easy. Her Scribe’s skills have gotten nearly all the way to mastering the craft, at 508, and I did convert alchemy to her from Kerridwen. That’s maxed, but I wasn’t able to pick up my mastery thanks to 5.0 dropping before I was able to. The required items for the transmute mastery are not available in game yet. Feh.

She also got a fairly simple mog set. I wanted something that encompassed both of her specs, since it’s a fair bit of shared gear:


The Wavemender’s Mantle, Breastplate of the Fifth Hunter, Patterned Bronze Bracers (because they hide well), Handgrips of the Savage Emissary, Belt of Ten Storms, Infection Resistant Legguards, Sealing Heartstaff. I didn’t pick boots out for her because they wouldn’t really show under the kilt, and no helm because I adore the way her hair goes with this outfit. Neither of my Draenai sport capes because I hate the way they bend across the tail. That’s some serious starch they use!

Sveala only has a few quests lined up for turnin, but that’s okay. She’s not one of my front-runners to get out there and get going. She’ll continue to work with quill and ink for quite some time; and get out to heal as various teams need her.  I’m pretty happy with Sveala’s position.


Her Engineering has been at 525 for quite some time now, and she has once again been idling her time in Stormwind. She was quite happy when Gurdrid decided to share some of her rarer mounts and pets with her.

Shoryl’s got a new mog design planned, thanks to the Mogolympics.   Shoryl doesn’t have any quests set by, but she and Sonaira have noted that things are changing around the lakes in Stormwind, and plan to go find out what’s so interesting.


Kerridwen’s been switched over to dual gathering, though her flight form isn’t quite as advantageous as it was pre-5.0. That’s ok. The instant cast to get back into flight form is still a boon.  She can’t wear the Biker set I put together, since she’s (a) not an engineer, and (b) not a rogue; so she doesn’t get to play dress up just yet.   Her quest log is also full up, preparing her for launch like a champ.


Gurdrid has had her bags emptied, and three sets designed. I’ve been plucking away at completing those sets, and is farther than the others at any individual set, but none are completed. I won’t be mogging her until she reaches endgame anyway, as she will be the first out of the gate.

I decided not to preload her with quests, in part so that she could daily moving into Mists, but also because I want to experience the new content with her – so I’m not in that much of a hurry to make it to 90.


Breige has been selling everything my other toons could send her way. Bags from Oquae; ore and gems from Gurdrid, cut gems from Shoryl, Glyphs from Sveala, and even herbs from Kerridwen. All in the name of putting away a little nest egg. It’s not much, but I topped 50k, which is the most money I’ve ever had in game in my life.   Her quest log is full, and once she’s made it to level 86, she will be skinning her way to 90, with a few dailies thrown in. She’s probably also going to do a bit of pet hunting. It seems right up her alley.


My only 85 Horde toon will be waiting until Sonaira and Shoryl have made some progress in Mists. With Ardrhian by her side, they will see what they can do for Silvermoon City (we are not pleased with Garrosh’s sloppy methods).

Sruith and her Dwarven Friends

These guys will be continuing on starting up again next week. I’m planning to be asleep when we would be dungeoning, so they get to have a rest.

Margueryn and Nemain

My current pair of leveling toons will keep on keeping on when Pandaria is too busy.

The As-Yet-Unnamed Monk

She shall be a dwarf. (I know, you’re surprised) and she shall have a good Irish, Scottish, or Welsh name.  Because I don’t want a human male monk named Asim.



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  1. Oquae is looking GOOD.

    Have fun with the Pandas.

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