How To Completely Miss the Target

Several people have already complained about the Theramore event. I’ve read a few of them, because I wanted to have a realistic expectation.  I won’t get into the event scenario until (maybe) Wednesday night. And likely, in all honesty, not at all, because I was hoping to do it with Sonaira on Shoryl.  The problem is, it requires and item level of 352. Gurdrid, my best geared toon (by far, frankly) is only at ilvl 357.  Shoryl and Sona are both in the 340s, with no real way to get quick gear upgrades.

Blizzard has been talking about making things better for the casual player. Gating content in this way is not it.  This is especially not the way to do it for those players who picked up the game recently during the fabulous sales, and may just be getting to level 85 now. There’s no way they’re going to have high enough ilvls to play the scenario.

I understand about gating endgame content. But pre-expansion content (whether it’s a world event or not) shouldn’t be gated at all! I don’t see any reason why, with phasing, they couldn’t have made a really awesome event that any player on any level toon could participate in at least some of it.

Look at the pre-Cataclysm event, with portions of the Gnome and Troll start area quests being available at very low levels, and the max-level things requiring nothing other than showing up! 

So this wasn’t supposed to be a world event, apparently, but we were all expecting one – and Blizzard did nothing to make us think otherwise. There’s a lot of dissappointment out there – for good reason. 10 minutes of gated content does not live up to the hype that Blizzard allowed to happen. Blizzard never once denied that we were getting a pre-expansion world event. At least, not until the last minute, when we learned it was a scenario.

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  1. I think I mentioned it elsewhere, but the Vicious PvP set pieces are ilevel 377. That’s how I got Saintvache high enough with his tanking set. Or rather, will when I replace his helm. If you have gold, or even just the blacksmith, you’re set.

    I’m still pissed they gated it in the first place, but I just wanted to let you know the chance to get in isn’t quite so dire.

  2. Hrm. We’ll have to look and see if we kept a PvP set around for Shoryl and Sona…. but I think the gating and the nearly universally bad reviews have made Sona decide she doesn’t care enough to go through the work. We’ll see how the weekend unfolds.

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