Client Boss Soloed – Impales Imminent

I will admit, I was a little surprised when 6:30 rolled around and my current favorite Death Knight (no offense, Maurice, or Morai!) was nowhere to be found.   Magik arrived on the scene, and we were just getting ready to head into Azjol-Nerub to work on his red drake some when Tyledres made it online.  Apparently, she was having client problems.    That gave us 3 of the needed five to complete Share the Love.  We started into Azjol-Nerub, deftly completing the entire fleet of achievements (Magik needed Hadronox Denied and Watch Him Die). Meanwhile, Magik and Tyl looked for folks to join us, and I put another call out over RealID.

We were joined by Hottotemseks from Tyl’s guild, and decided that since Sonaira had said she would join us if we needed a fifth, but she was out getting stuff for our lunches, we’d hit up Violet Hold and see if we could get an Ichoron spawn. No luck, but by the time we were done, Sona was on and ready.

Off to Gundrak we went; picking up Snakes, Why’d it Have to Be Snakes for Hott, but missing on Less-Rabi for Magik. We’ll have to be more coordinated in our interrupts on that one for a future attempt.  It took a bit for us to get everyone impaled. It seems that he doesn’t like to impale the one with aggro, so it was handy that we had two tanks for the fight. Afterwards, I actually remembered to get a screenshot, so here’s the gang. If you can’t read the names, Tyledres is on the left, Hott is sporting his drake on the right, Magik is on the white hippogryph in the back, and Sonaira and Gurdrid are sporting the Cenarion Hippogryphs in the center.

Cheers, Tyledres!

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  1. I just have to say thanks so very, very much for helping me get this last achievement tonight and for helping me get the other ones that I’ve needed. Hopefully next week the VH boss that you need will finally put in an appearance.

    • This sort of thing is a big part of what the LBDs are all about! I’m glad we were able to get this for you; and hopefully more drakes will follow. I still need a couple of things from Occulus as well (including a fast kill, ugh!) But at least I have all of the Void achievements, so we can take the best mix of drakes each time.

  2. Damn, Tum needs those Azjol ones still, I think.

    I’m just happy to see LBD’s are continuing, and that Magik essentially picked up my spot!

    (*hint* no good comes from his featherfall spells…)

    • JD, all you have to do is catch me online. I’m more than happy to help you through any achievements you need – I hope you know that!

      Besides, I need at least two more occulus runs. I only have one of the three checkmarks for Experienced Drake Rider.

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