More thoughts on patch 5.0.4

Pet Battles

I’ve been wandering around the old worlds quite a bit lately, thanks to first leveling alchemy on Sveala, and now leveling mining on Kerridwen.  This means that the first of my stretch goals (getting Sveala to 525 alchemy before Mists) is done, and the second (getting Kerridwen up to dual-gathering)  is well on its way.   I’ve been noting the new critters around various places, and thinking about which ones I’d like to add to my menagerie (most of them!)

But there’s one that I don’t want to add.  I don’t remember who it was who brought it to my attention initially… there are a few suspects, and I can’t find the original blog post; but someone mentioned the Infested Bear Cub, and it makes me sad! I do not want pets to make me sad. The player population does enough of that already.  Of course, I certainly don’t have to, but looking around at the other pets, like the adorable rhinos and clefthoofs (clefthooves?) that make me squee with delight, and the fun achievements like taming a pet from every zone, I may have to do some careful considering as I think about taming in Hillsbrad.

Zone Merging

And I’ve been thinking about a few other things that are coming in Mists, or, more to the point, that are already here, and I can only think that Blizzard are putting in the things they need to set WoW up to have very little maintenance once they’ve written the last chapter expansion. One of those things has been the zone merging. At first, I had my little list of pros and cons, but as time goes on, I only have one pro: I can now see the people I’m grouped with from other servers when I’m out in the world. That’s totally cool.  But the list of cons is greater than that one pro.

First is a concern that can (hopefully) be fixed with some tweaking on Blizzard’s part: lag. The amount of lag I have changes depending on which zone I’m in. Currently, if I’m in a zone with people from Azuremyst, I get periodic lag spikes. If I’m in a zone with mostly people from my home server (and coincidentally, the same time zone as my home server, which Azuremyst is not) I get little to no lag.   This would bother me less if the lag spikes weren’t, frankly, pretty extensive and pervasive. A little lag every hour or so is totally livable for me. A spike that gives me stop motion (or not motion) for a perceptible length of time every few minutes is not.

Second is more annoying, and something that Blizzard is likely not going to “fix”, and that’s when I’m in Sholazar, or Uldum, or a host of other places farming, I’d rather just be fighting with one or two people from my home server for my nodes than a dozen from several different realms. Not to mention the bots.  But I suspect that this is something that Blizzard doesn’t particularly have high on their priority list for reasons to change things.

Could Have Beens

Another thing that I’ve been thinking about, thanks to leveling two professions to 525 in a matter of days, has been ways to make professions more interesting. Now, I may be asking for something that’s coming, as I haven’t been paying a lot of attention, but it would be nice if all of the professions had some kind of a daily; and I’m not talking about inscription research. In fact, I think the randomness of inscription research is rather annoying.  Here are some of my thoughts:

Crafting professions: Like jewlecrafting, have a few quests that use a small amount of current, easy to acquire materials. Requiring that the items be made while you have the quest is just fine with me.  These are super easy!

Gathering professions: These are a bit tougher to make interesting, but having a special drop of a node/skinned beast would be one thing. Maybe include things like turning already acquired leather into something else for skinners.

All professions: Make these darn things possible as soon as you take the profession. Maybe have an item that you can buy with your tokens that allows you to increase your actual profession skill, or make what you do incur point increases when it’s not the “standard” thing that you would do to gain points – or even gain a point from turning in, just make them beneficial for low-level players alike..  For crafters, maybe make some lost patterns from the game available to be purchased again.

And while we’re talking professions, can we maybe change the points you get for crafting items a bit? Maybe make it so all blue-quality items give 3 points (while orange) and all epic items give 5 points regardless of when you can acquire them? 


I still hate the extra flight points in all the 1-60 zones. I find it ironic that Wetlands has something like 6 flight points and Twilight Highlands has 4, even though it’s about twice the size.  It’s only somewhat irritating to me that we get all the flight paths as we level, too – mostly because I would only get a couple in each zone if I had to do it manually.  The easy way around this, to keep the ease of movement for lower level characters, would be to provide ground mount transportation within the zone from the 1-2 flight points. After all, every town doesn’t get an airport, but you can rent a car/taxi to get to where you’re going once you’ve gotten to the right airport!

Another thing I’m sad about is not being able to move freely between the capitols. This still confuses me. Surely the mages of the Alliance and Horde would want their heroes to be able to move easily between areas, why are they not supporting portals?  Even just a portal to/from Stormwind for every friendly capitol (including Shattrath, Dalaran, and whatever the new one in Mists shall be) would be nice. There is no reason that I can think of that we would be able to take a portal to Uldum, but not to Darnassus as an Alliance hero. It’s just ridiculous!



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  1. This is what I get for sticking my head in the sand about the expansion. I remember reading about profession quests in the upcoming expansion but I don’t remember if it was real or someone’s wish list of things they’d like to see implemented.

    Yeah, no poor little sick bears for me either!

    • Yeah, I’ve been somewhat purposely not paying a lot of attention to the details yet. I don’t like taking *all* the discovery out of the game – so I read just enough to get some anticipation going, and then I settle in and ignore the rest. 🙂

      I’ve been thinking that I’m going to start my pet collecting in Outland, because I think most people aren’t going to start there. Also, little baby clefthoofs!

  2. I don’t recall seeing anything about profession quests, but my net is not as wide regarding WoW as it once was.

  3. I am a huge hater of the cross realm thing.

    Honestly if they do not give me a option to disable it so I do not end up on another server and others do not end up on mine it might very well cause me to quit.

    I refuse to pay to be on a small server and get forced on to a big one. I am on a small server for a reason. Leave me be, I paid to be here.

    • As I mentioned, I do like that when I group with people from my battle-tag/realID, I can see them in the world; but being randomly flung around different servers is really annoying.

      Especially when I’m being flung onto a west coast server rather than an east coast server – I think the fact that I’m (potentially) being sent to a server geographically far away from me is an indicator of some of the lag problems.

      We have chosen medium population servers intentionally as well. If I wanted to be on a large server, I’d still be on Thunderhorn, for goodness sake!

      And don’t get me started on the profession bugs that seem to be related to not being on your home server….

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