Laid Back Dungeons and other Lovely Things for Today

To start, y’all are going to have to wait at least until tomorrow to see my final mog set, because I want to write this post instead of that one. ūüôā

Laid Back Dungeons

This week Tyledres (on various toons, none of which were actually Tyledres!) and I tromped around Northrend once again, getting ourselves ever closer to our red drakes. For both of us, the shared achievements quite thoroughly helped us out with getting closer to our goals.


We started in Oculus, with only two of us we were focused on getting drake riding and void achievements. Tyl’s priest was closest to completing¬†Experienced Drake Rider, so she brought that toon, and hopped onto a ruby drake. I chose a green drake, which conveniently gave me¬†Amber¬†Void. ¬†After one wipe, when I was poorly healing, we were able to get the kill, giving Tyl her drake riding achievement, and me the emerald tick on my experience as a drake rider.

Violet Hold

Tyl changed to her shaman as we headed into the Hold to knock some stuff out. I ¬†had three achievements left to complete:¬†Dehydration, Void Dance and¬†Lockdown!¬† We didn’t get Ichoron, but we did get Zuramat, completing both¬†Void Dance and¬†Lockdown!¬†for me. ¬†Tyl’s Shaman got the achievement for completing the instance, as well as¬†Defenseless.

Halls of Lightning

We finished the evening in the Halls of Lightning, knocking off all four of the achievements for me, as well as giving me Northrend Dungeon Master.

Future Laid Back Dungeons

Tyledres is now only one achievement away from getting her Red Drake, and we totally would have done it tonight if we could have. The problem is we need a full 5-man group for it, because she needs¬†Share the Love. ¬†So I¬†beseech¬†anyone who has an alliance toon of at least level 80 to step up next Wednesday (9/12) so we can put together a full 5-man for at least that one achievement. If folks are able to get on, but not necessarily right at 6:30 central time, just toss a message here and we’ll try and work it out. Tyledres has been awesome in helping with strategies for the acheivements, as well as kicking serious undead behind on all of her characters, I really want to see this happen for her as soon as we can muster!

After that, I still need a run to the Caverns of Time, more time in the Oculus, and another shot at Ichoron; but I, too, am very close to getting my drake!

And once the drakes are acquired, there will be mog runs, or if we’ve all gotten to level 90, there will be Cataclysm achievements to get, too.

Other News

In other news, the Transmogolympics are over. You can see the Equestrian event, as well as Closing Ceremonies.  And to top it all off, JD has been diligently working on a site just for the Mogolympics, where we can see all of the entries, who put them together, and our scores.

In all the excitement, you might notice that Grizled won a Judge’s Choice award from Tome of the Ancient (or, well, maybe it was Catwynn who did that.) ¬†I’m more than a little excited! I entered the event just to give me the opportunity to stretch my mogging skills. I only entered 6 events, as well as providing my standard-bearer, because I wanted to go with quality over quantity. I believe I did quite well, considering I was rarely more than 3 points out from bronze, and sometimes much closer. ¬†The Judge’s Choice award is quite an honor, being picked above over 400 other mog sets is pretty small odds, even if it was a human male willing to show a little skin.

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  1. Alas, my LBD days have sailed…as I sit here at work. lol.

    I’m glad you guys have been able to run stuff, even in small circles. I’m hoping to get my login issue sorted out, because 0 fps really sucks on my old computer and I’d like to do some of this stuff, even quickly on a weekend evening when I can haul a couple of people in to make it easier (and successful such as Share The Love).

    • I’ve shown off my spectacularly noobish tanking abilities. Luckily, Tyl is a very patient person. (Very thankfully, after the Zulroic we ended up in the other day!)

      • Oh Dear Lord…I’ve been avoiding Zul like the plague, lol. I’d go with friends, not so sure about a random.

      • Yeah, I wasn’t expecting to get a Zulroic – but it’s what I get for agreeing to a random (I did* select out of Hour of Twilight, though! Ugh, I’m not ready for those!)

      • Patient? Me? I don’t think anyone’s ever said that about me before. You did good tanking though. Only had a few mix-ups but that could just be me not explaining very well.

      • Well, I do try to learn from my mistakes; I was a bit worried after the group at the top of the hill with the boulders that I was going to get kicked….. And you have shown utmost patience with my (lack of) knowledge of all kinds of things; including when you die because I can’t seem to keep AoE aggro as well any more. (I blame the new rotation)

  2. Congratulations on the Judge’s Choice award! ūüėÄ

  3. Even though Catwynn would never have let me hear the end of it had I not chosen Grizled he really was my favorite too!

    • Well, I’m still quite honored. My second account might have to pick up a human hunter in honor of your and Catwyn’s taste. Though Breige is going to get that outfit as solace for not being allowed to compete. Selfish Gurdrid wanted the Equestrian event!

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