Computers and Chairs

This is just a brief update on how things are going around here. The blog has been quiet the last week due to the lack of the computer with all the pictures for my planned posts on it.

That being said, my beloved computer is currently on the bench at the repair shop getting diagnostics done. It’s a sad state when I live in the headquarters city of one of the largest US computer dealers, and there’s a full week’s wait at the “little” places just to get diagnostics done. Yep, that’s how much we trust the big place to do it right…   So, tomorrow I will be doing one of three things, hopefully early enough in the day to be raiding on my own computer tomorrow night:  1. happily working away on a functioning computer because of an easy repair I felt I could do myself (this means bad fan, or bad memory being the culprit); 2. grumpily playing on Sona’s computer as we let the computer guys do more work on my PC; or 3. Trying desperately to get WoW up and running on a new PC.

As I mentioned before, While getting a new PC is always fun, getting it after a week of annoyed waiting (I’m sure I’ve been awful to live with) and two days before a major patch is not nearly as much fun.

Update: The PC was back in action for JD’s laid back raid last night. And I just need to mention that even at level 85 with level 60 content, sometimes you need to listen to your raid leader and/or main tank. I was personally a bit fed up with the 10+ minutes of taking down the puppy packs because people wouldn’t follow directions.  Especially when I warned folks beforehand.

I’m sure you’re all wondering what this has to do with chairs? Well, I’ve been waiting over a month for my replacement recliner to get here. It comes on Monday, and I’m exstatic. The thing about this chair is that it’s the only chair in the house that fully supports my back. Since I have significant back problems, this is hugely important… and I broke my old one a month ago; after a frantic 8+ hours of shopping for a replacement, Sona and I found one… but at the price of having to have it done up custom, which they said would take 8 weeks for delivery. It’s coming in at the beginning of week 7; only a few days shy of the target date.

These two things coming together, along with the Mists pre-patch on Tuesday have me pretty excited for the future, which is making me impatient this evening.

So, I spent some time leveling Sveala. She’s now level 81, so there’s a good chance she’ll make it to 85 before Mists goes live.  Her inscription is at 503, which is where she needs to be to start using Mists mats, as well.  The next stage, for times when I don’t feel like leveling my sixth toon to 85, is to work on getting alchemy up on Sveala, so I can switch Kerridwen over to mining (and herbalism) It just makes too much sense to have a druid as a dual gatherer.

As far as blogging goes – as soon as we know what’s going on with the PC, we’ll know more about what I’m going to need to do to get going with the blog. For now, I’m hoping that starting on Monday or Tuesday, I will be catching up with the Mogolympics posts I haven’t yet made.

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  1. Yeah, the one that caused the grief that started the puppy fiasco apologized to me after he left the raid. A fresh Rogue and he loved farting around with Tricks of the Trade and such and basically didn’t think through the effects that was having.

    Actually, I believe it was “sorry for being a dick tonight. I hope I didn’t ruin it for anyone.” While I would have liked to see that said in raid chat, it was still better than nothing. I also think that’s why he didn’t come to Blackwing Lair, as he recognized the mistakes he made and thought it for the best.

    • While he may have started it, I saw plenty of non-rogue damage being dealt after we repeatedly asked people to stop. Next time we have a group that big, I think it might be fun to try and take all the packs at once – the trick, of course, will be to have everyone remain patient until they’re all collected.

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