What He Has Does Not Make Mine Less

Folks are all a-twitter about the Black Market Auction House, and I will admit that I’m intrigued by it. One of the big complaints is that there might be items that are currently available in the game on the BMAH – things that have been eluding many players for years already.  Another complaint is that people will go and buy gold to buy from the BMAH.    These things have been chattered over quite a bit, and are interesting to think about.  But that’s not quite why I’m here.

Another complaint that has come over the years, again and again, is when achievements get changed; or when new content makes achieving the old content “irrelevant”.

I have two Loremaster toons. Neither of them achieved Loremaster before Cataclysm; but I made a point of getting Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor before the Sundering on Shoryl – to experience it.  Do I feel that Kerridwen’s “easy” version is any less relevant? Absolutely not. They were both journeys, and I am proud of them.  By the same token,  I don’t particularly care, when I see the Loremaster title, how someone got it. They went to the effort to get it, and it is a part of their character’s journey.

It’s much like the nerfs given to various raid tiers – some raiders will get their achievements before the nerfs, some after. No, we can’ t tell who is who unless we keep a timeline of the nerfs and compare the achievement dates, but does someone getting the achievement before a nerf somehow have a sullied memory of that kill because someone else needed the nerf?

Back to the Black Market Auction House for a minute: JD talked about about how he probably won’t buy RNG based items from the BMAH; which is absolutely his choice. Though I might remind him of his luck with certain Mounts. 🙂  I will probably be of a different mind on different items. But all in all, it’s a matter of choice. Does having the item change having a story to tell about it? Is being able to purchase something from the BMAH not also a compelling story for someone who doesn’t play the player-based AH; or, for that matter, someone who does?

Wait, what did I just say? Yes. Does it not mean something to the individual who doesn’t have millions on hand to actually be able to take a shot at winning something?  Is that not in and of itself a goal? If there is nothing the acheivement system and transmogrification have taught me about WoW, is that the end of the journey is sweet. Whether it’s that special achievement ding; the acquisition of a coveted item; or  a spectacular hunter tame – each of these things is in its own right is important to the player. And what he, or she, or you have makes mine no less sweet.  Even if you did it first, even if I needed (or didn’t need, but got anyway) a nerf or an alternate way of acquiring the item.

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  1. Let’s analyze JD’s luck.

    Guaranteed mount in 10-man OS? Tum rolls high.

    Random #@&@*^% dragon in Deepholm? Never heard of it.

  2. I’m going to IGNORE JD’s whining, for if anyone saw his last post he JUST GOT RIVENDARE’S MOUNT.

    So, he has mount luck. And don’t talk him into buying stuff from BMAH because otherwise I won’t know what to get him for his birthday.

    • No, no, that was his wife who got Rivendare’s mount. 🙂

      I’m not trying to convince him to play his game in any particular way. This post was aimed, in all honesty, at all the people who complain that we don’t all play the game exactly the same way (or who complain that Blizzard makes things easier for other people, and that it somehow “nullifies” their prowess in game.)

      I think it’s totally cool that JD is going to make considered choices on his BMAH bidding. I like that there are people out there (funny, many of the bloggers I know); who think that diversity of interest is essential to a game like WoW.

  3. Couldn’t agree more. It’s our journeys we should be concerned with, not worrying about others having the same stuff.

  4. I logged in today to see what was new with the Black Market but she wasn’t there any more. Not sure where she’s moved to. I wouldn’t say I’d never buy anything on offer but it would really depend on what it was.

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